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A Villa #(2022)

A Villa

A Villa

  • Title: A Villa
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9789898032577
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Capa Mole
A Villa By Nora Roberts,

[PDF] Read ↠ A Villa : by Nora Roberts - A Villa, A Villa Sophia a herdeira do neg cio de vinhos da pr spera fam lia Giambelli Sob ordens da sua av ela tem de aprender todas as etapas da produ o de vinho O seu tutor Tyler MacMillan um jovem atraente com

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I like this A lot then I thought I would I usually try to avoid Nora Roberts because she s written so many and a lot of her books tend to be series trilogies but I was recommended this one and as someone who has been to the vineyards of Napa Valley, I was much intrigued.And this story was perfect Before starting I didn t realize that Sophia and Tyler had known each other since they were kids, since their grandparents married 20 years ago I didn t know that this story was going to have then one [...]

Still good one Great descriptions, steamy love scenes and mysteryRecommendations

This is my only Nora Roberts read thus far Since of her works are part of a series, I wanted to try out a stand alone novel of hers The Villa is a story of three generation of strong women and the courageous struggle they go through to secure, advance and manage their flourishing family business Nora Roberts has a simple and easy writing style her characters, both main and supporting are believable and the plot was interesting enough Although I could not say it is a great write, somehow it got [...]

Yiiiiiiiiiikes There s a lot of plot here, and a lot of craziness happening at the same time, and in a way I wish there were less, and that Tyler and Sophie got time This is engrossing it really is a complete world but I just didn t like that world as much as others Roberts has created.

This book was like a 80 s soap opera, and I couldn t stop reading The beginning is a little overwhelming with the background and casts, but once the storyline gets underway, I devoured it Tyler, like all NR heroes is amazing I also appreciate the role reversal of Sophia and Tyler I continue to love all things NR.

Cumple perfectamente su funci n Entretenido, ligero y ameno, por lo que es ideal para leer entre libros m s densos.

No se por donde empezar,me ha encantado,No quer a terminarlo Una historia bien contada,que no solo se basa en un personaje concreto si no en varios,hace que tengas ganas de seguir leyendo para ver que sigue pasando.Tiene momentos preciosos,otros que te dejan con la boca abierta como el final y un descubrimiento que no me esperaba para nadaMe enamorado del personaje masculino de Tyler y Maddy es muy tiernaSophia es igual que su abuela Teresa que a pesar que parece muy recta y secaando la abre la [...]

Good story.

1 de 5 estrellas.Lo mejor El entorno entre vi edos, paisajes de California y paisajes italianos Lo peor A esta novela le sobran como 150 p ginas Es como ver un telefilm de antenta 3 de los domingos pero de los que aburren Al final tiene un peque o punto de imprevisibilidad pero en general es super l neal, llena de t picos, unos romances emapalagosos y con muchos aires de telenovela venezolana El personaje que m s me ha gustado Por decir uno, digo Ren , es la mala pero es la qua pone algo de intr [...]

It s very rare for me to find a Nora Roberts novel I don t like, but this is one I didn t like the female lead character, Sophia, at all Tyler was okay, but Sophia really grated on my nerves I don t think she and I would ever have been friends in real life o Then there was Sophia s mother, Pilar, who remained a pale, flat character for most of the book David was too pushy for my taste He was good with his kids, but when he was with Pilar I just thought he behaved too agressively Normally, charac [...]

I was really itching for a solid romance novel with a good plot and good character and this delivered It has everything Italian family dramatics, shady business drama, murder , family dramatics, two really good relationships that are developed and explored, a family where the women run things I almost wanted from Sophie Tyler, because their UST was so good, that I wanted the same for RST, but that s honestly the smallest of personal quibbles I have It was a really satisfying read Also on the tw [...]

Nora Roberts, me has decepcionado.Me esperaba much simo m s de Las vi as de Napa Valley, sobre todo porque me he acostumbrado a que todos los libros de Nora Roberts me encanten, que la sinopsis no pintaba nada mal y que el tema de los vinos me resulta interesante Parec a que iba para una nota de 5, y sin embargo se ha quedado en un 1 5 La primera parte de libro me encat , de verdad que s Pero luego me aburr a, porque el libro se centra mucho en la relaci n con Claudia y David y, sinceramente, su [...]

It s hard to like a story when I am irritated at the audiobook narrator.The story would be better if reading the physical book Don t do the audiobook The narrator Laurel Merlington ruins it She didn t give any warmth to the characters It was as if they were giving orders all the time Tyler was not sexy I was tired of listening and just wanted it to be over Aside from the narrator, the characters, events, and how things resolved were not as good as they could have been.ABOUT THE NARRATOR Laurel M [...]

As a wine lover with a sister who lives in northern California, I was naturally attracted to the Napa Valley setting of THE VILLA, my first from Nora Roberts The merger between two winemaking families, Giambelli and MacMillan, seemed a smart and inevitable business move How the players plan to work together and embrace this change is another issue Sophia Giambelli and Tyler MacMillan have known each other since they were kids, their family s vineyards as the other s backyard The formation of Gia [...]

So I got stuck in a library on a Girl Scout mission in a remote farming community this past week Now I m not generally one to complain about being stuck in a library, but my job was to sit there and field questions for 3 hours from girls who were interested in joining Girl Scouts GREAT I know everything ever that needs knowing about Girl Scouts and I m really going to entice these girls to join a troop Yeah, no girls showed up And the library only had 5 books.One of which was Nora Roberts The Vi [...]

I liked the book because it s not formula Roberts it s a complicated story with a large cast and the plot unravels in a way that manages to not be too predictable You know early on who the villain is, but the mystery is in his motivations and who he talks into being his accomplices My only complaints I didn t really like Sophia that much, which is a problem given she s the primary heroine She was abrasive It s possible to be a strong woman without being bitchy, you know I thought also that some [...]

Ugh The Villa is not the best work by Nora Roberts The main characters, Sophia and Tyler, well, I would not be interested in sitting next to them at a dinner party Perhaps it was all the information about vineyards, but I felt like I was reading the script of a 1980 s mini drama Well, you win some and you lose some Go Cards L1C4

UAU Eu adoro a Nora Roberts, mas ela consegue sempre surpreender me Que hist ria espetacular

Como f da Nora Roberts normal que j tenha lido in meros romances desta autora Gosto de ler este tipo de livros, pois por mais que por vezes as hist rias sejam semelhantes ou por vezes mesmo iguais mudando apenas os nomes das persongens a autora tem sem d vida o dom de contar hist rias e se quero ler um livro que n o puxe muito por mim, os livros da Nora s o os ideaisEste A Villa um livro que enche perfeitamente as meididas que qualquer leitora que goste de um bom romance A autora pela primeira v [...]

I am an old time Nora Roberts fan who in recent years had pretty much stopped reading books written under her Nora Roberts name, but continued my devotion to her JD Robb books But slowly I started to pick up some of her titles again As I began to read her stand alone titles, I remembered why I had let my reading of her NR books peter off There was a sameness to the tone and rhythm of each book that began frustrate me as I read.Luckily this book seemed to break the pattern It is the story of a bi [...]

It s not my favourite Nora Roberts potboiler, but it was readable enough I didn t care for the characters all that much aside from my being bored by richy rich soap families especially ones who rant at creepy lengths about blood lines yeech , these people just weren t that likeable The Hero was okay, but generally dull the B Plot Hero was better, overall, but unattractively aggressive when it came to his B Plot Heroine , who was dishwater The Main Plot Heroine was, frankly, repulsive in many asp [...]

This book is one that I do re read quite a bit, just because it s pretty fluffy but does include some great motifs like blended families and having to let go of people who don t treat us well.Sophia is the granddaughter of a famous winemaker Her grandmother is a grand dame known to all as La Signoria About twenty years ago, La Signoria married a rival winemaker With him, came his grandson who has also carried on the MacMillan family business, working in the fields Tyler has little need for the b [...]

Nora never disappoints Loved the romance between the coupleloved Ty s character, especially The action intrigue was excellent in this one and the side characters were also very strong Maddy was so cool Only Nora can be so vague in a love scene but still make the couple hot I think it s so sort of weaving of emotion with sensuality thing Then you add in the actions.le touches, verbal sparing, etc.outside the bedroom and you end up with a satisfying love story within an well woven plot fraught wit [...]

Maddy made this a 4 for me, and she s not even one of the heroines

Wine making dynasty and what happens when someone tries to sabotage their business

Opini o no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspNeste livro Nora Roberts brinda nos com uma saga familiar, tendo como pano de fundo a cultura do vinho Aqui aprendemos todo o processo da ind stria vitivin cola, desde as t cnicas de cultivo da uva at venda do produto, englobando as vindimas, a produ o do vinho, as sess es de prova, os r tulos e a publicidade No fundo, uma abordagem completa e bem explorada acerca de uma tem tica muito interessante.A narrativa alterna entre a Calif rnia EUA e a It lia, se [...]

Loved it It is now one of my Favourates

Foi a minha estreia com Nora Roberts O livro est bem escrito e n o aborrecido, parece me que a autora sabe bastante de vinhas, as personagens fazem sentido e at consegui uma certa empatia com elas A intriga est bem constru da embora, depois da primeira morte, j n o me tenha surpreendido mais nem o pequeno twist agridoce no final Porqu tr s estrelas Porque a partir de meio comecei a suspirar e desejar que acabasse e longo e porque me fez lembrar, o tempo todo, de algumas s ries que passavam na TV [...]

I have just completed a reread of The Villa and I love it as much this time around as I did the first time The story holds up very well and doesn t show that it is 13 years old The plot gives us several wonderful suspects and holds onto its secrets until the very end That is something that I really like This is one of my favorite Nora Roberts books It is on my all time favorites shelf and will definitely stay there I am partial to NR s romantic suspense books and this one is awesome.Sophia Giamb [...]

It was a bit hard to keep the characters straight at first, but then flowed into an interesting take on a wine making family and all of their drama.I must say that I found the romance between Pilar and David Cutter to be way realistic and enjoyable than that of the main character, Sophia The growing up together as almost siblings was strange and she just came on way too strong and both their reactions felt fake or unrealiistic Pilar and David s romance definately saved the book It was sweet and [...]

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A Villa