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Crossing to Safety #(2022)

Crossing to Safety

Crossing to Safety

  • Title: Crossing to Safety
  • Author: Wallace Stegner T.H. Watkins Terry Williams Terry Tempest Williams
  • ISBN: 9780307430861
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook
Crossing to Safety By Wallace Stegner T.H. Watkins Terry Williams Terry Tempest Williams,

[PDF] Download ↠ Crossing to Safety : by Wallace Stegner T.H. Watkins Terry Williams Terry Tempest Williams - Crossing to Safety, Crossing to Safety Introduction by Terry Tempest WilliamsAfterword by T H Watkins Called a magnificently crafted story brimming with wisdom by Howard Frank Mosher in The Washington Post Book World Crossing to Safety ha

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Does it seem ironic that a book I ve awarded a full pentad of stars is also the cause of great frustration Not when I tell you that my problem has nothing to do with the novel itself, but rather in conjuring the right words to do it justice You see every account I run through my head makes it sound boring than it is I guess I should just start by telling you it s about two couples who met during the Great Depression Sid and Charity Lang live well on inherited wealth Larry and Sally Morgan strug [...]

There are some books that seem to have tiny leaks in their spines and covers and pages and release almost unnoticeable misty, smoky particles of their story well not so much their story but the mood that is created by the story out into the real world And when reading these books you find or at least I find I should shift my point of reference to me not you that I am seeing things in my daily routine through a sort of cloud that at first I don t recognize but then suddenly it dawns on me that it [...]

How do you make a book that anyone will read out of lives as quiet as these Stegner did it We follow two married couples from their bright eyed 1930s youth to their retirement years There s no razzle dazzle, no shocks or mysteries, no scandals or horrors Their hurts are subtle and familiar.The writing is solid and reflective and downright beautiful.I found the story to be mostly about acceptance Loving people even when you don t like them Finding satisfaction in life even when your plans fall th [...]

The narrator of this novel, Larry Morgan, at one point says to his wife, But if I m going to set the literary world on fire, the only way to do it is to rub one word against the other Not only did Wallace Stegner likely set the literary world on fire with this book, he set me on fire Can you imagine reading an entire book about the long friendship between two couples and being left gasping at the end, longing for The characters in this book primarily Larry and his wife Sally, and their friends [...]

The warm shudders I experienced as I sank into each night with this book on my lap, the stunning imagery of diminished time against an unchanging landscape, and the quiet story of academic couples faced with tragedy, makes me certain that Stegner will be an author I grow with this year This year I made a pact with myself to become familiar with the works of authors I love Now here I am, back to visit Stegner, The Dean of Western Writers, after having admired the program he started at Stanford a [...]

This defines the termcharacter driven novel, multi faceted and deeply defined Steigner hones each with a surgeon s precision A story of two couples, the joys and challenges of their marriages and enduring friendship and a life cocooned within Ivy League s walls Larry Morgan narrator workaholic, driven, rags to riches college professor author extraordinaire I was a cork held under, my impulse was always up Sally Morgan ah Saint Sally I had to live, out of pure gratitude Sid Lang repressed poet ha [...]

My review of Stegner s Angle of Repose in which I was fairly critical of the book, several readers objected and insisted I read Crossing to Safety Well, I listened to the audiobook during a long 7h drive today and found it interesting than Angle and yet not in my upper echelon of American 20th C novels Crossing reminded me of Richard Russo s style that it did of Updike both of whose writing I prefer I liked the descriptions very much as I did in Angle , but had a hard time really liking Larry [...]

As I am waiting for Angle of Repose to arrive for me to read, I started going back through CTS and skimming through it These years later the passage that has remained closest to me is this You can plan all you want to You can lie in your morning bed and fill whole notebooks with schemes and intentions But within a single afternoon, within hours or minutes, everything you plan and everything you have fought to make yourself can be undone as a slug is undone when salt is pured on him And right up [...]

For me this book is difficult to review On the one hand I needed two weeks for 280 pages which is not a good sign, on the other hand I enjoyed reading it a lot In the end I did not know how to rate it Instead of deciding spontaneously I listened two the both voices in my head yes, I hear voices , the Good Guy and the Bad Guy I will give you just a short summary of their dialogue You must be kidding Three stars for this excellently written masterpiece BG I don t object that part, it s well writte [...]

Life is a process of gradually narrowing choices You learn this early in life, often when playing sports You know you re not going to be a Major League Baseball player because you can t hit a curveball, or a fast fastball, or, in fact, the ball off a tee Later, in school, you discover that your eyesight and fear of heights is going to keep you from being a jet pilot and that your biology score is going to keep you from being a doctor, or passing biology and that you aren t ever going to be a lig [...]

Since I finished reading this book about three weeks ago, I ve thought a lot about what its central subject actually is The friendship between two married couples, with different expectations and backgrounds, over decades is certainly there But in a sense it feels as though that is the surface, and that there are deeper, less obviously expressed themes throughout the book.One, it seems to me, is a slow examination of what makes up charity The dominant female character is Charity, wife of easy go [...]

This novel is a sensitive reflection on the intermingled lives of two couples As captured by Stegner s skillful writing it becomes an emotional meditation on four lives well lived The characters in this book are of a generation that began their married and professional lives in the late 1930s, thus they preceded my own boomer generation But Stegner s reflection on their early dreams and subsequent lives emotes similar feelings within myself when I recall my early hopes and compare them with what [...]

Achingly beautiful and deeply moving this is the closest any book has come to bring a tear to my eye, the friendship between the Langs and the Morgans was so strong and heart warming it has profoundly affected the way I look at life and that of my loved ones Impeccably written by Stegner who I believe was in his late seventies at the time, this really is a timeless novel that would break even those who carry a heart of stone.

SWOON My first Wallace Stegner I m in love Can I have a literary crush on someone who s been dead for fifteen years Is that comme il faut It s hard to find anything to say about this book that wouldn t just muddy up the waters Just giving a plot summary would make it sound like a plain old ordinary book Stegner s writing is justWOW The book is about friendship and generosity and youthful extravagant hopes and finding ways to be happy when fate betrays us and our dreams don t come true Read it Th [...]

Seen in geological perspective, we are fossils in the making, to be buried and eventually exposed again for the puzzlement of creatures of later eras.Welcome to Wally World No, not the one with Chevy Chase and a stiff relation on the car roof, the one that is a place of real literary wonder Wallace Stegner is one of our great national treasures, and Crossing to Safety is a very rich read, a surprising look at the friendship between two couples, four friends Stegner opens with Charity, a wealthy [...]

This author was recommended to me recently by a friend on I had not heard of him before This book was his last book and am not sure why I started with this one, only to say I was intrigued by the blurb I really enjoyed reading this book It is classic American literature at its very best The story is about the friendship between two married couples over 4 decades This is a quiet book, no thrills or spills, no murders or mysteries to solve It is a powerful book, with in depth analysis of the chara [...]

I had the pleasure to spend some time with Larry and Sally and Sid and Charity Two couples who meet early in their adult lives, shortly after marriage, as so much about their futures is yet to be determined A bond forms, they feel lucky to have found each other But no individual is perfect, and few if any marriages are perfect Just as each of the foursome comes to learn about their self and their partner, so the couples will come to learn about each other Stegner does another excellent job of cr [...]

When I closed this book and laid it aside, my hand was shaking The shaking was coming from deep inside my body and soul, where Wallace Stegner had infused me with words and images that caused me to tremble with recognition Stegner understands relationships and he also understands the part of the individual that is never given away to anyone else He paints that so clearly that you see yourself in it as if it were a mirror If you cannot see elements of your own marriage in this portrait, you can s [...]

The stars I gave this book are for the writing quality It is very good writing The author was very good at metaphor, and a carrying the metaphor throughout the book I also like his blunt analogies.The author paints a picture by jumping from present to past, to not so far in the past, back to the further back past, back to the present, etc It s kind of interesting I m not sure I like it, but I guess I don t hate it either The story itself, was kind of boring I m not even sure what the book is abo [...]

This is a wonderful novel It is the story of two couples set from the years of the depression until the 1970s it drifts along at a sedate pace with little violence, little action, but a great deal of human warmth It is an analysis of friendship and marraige from the beginnings at a college where Sid and Larry are employed Their wives Charity and Sally meet and all four become friends The friendship lasts a lifetime and the novel takes us right to old age and death Stegner writes very evocatively [...]

I ve been thinking the last few days that s what Stegner does best makes one think , what IS it about this novel that s so incredibly profound Why does this fine piece of literature affect me on so many levels It s curious because there s not necessarily a rich plot, hardly any action to speak of, or even a real stand outish climax per se just a beautifully written story with relatable characters living life and facing its challenges as they come I believe Stegner s real gift is the way he uses [...]

I m not really sure how I feel about this book I liked it less than I expected to At first it seemed to be a simple, fond memoir of a friendship between two couples In the middle of the book, however, Stegner reveals a dark secret the controlling nature of the female protagonist, Charity Her fun loving nature masks her deep need to orchestrate every aspect of her life with her husband, and indeed her friends She comes across as a shrill, madcap Katharine Hepburn even in the deathbed scene.Stegne [...]

Deserves 5 stars, no rather 6Too good to be true Actually as perfect as a novel can be think Stoner but poetic, McEwan and Yates yet epic, Franzen with even depth But so fresh, christal clear and beautiful And what a sparkling atmosphere It s the best book under 400 pages I ve ever read Do you know the feeling that you read the first sentence of a book and you just hope the writer will keep that quality That after the opening scene you almost prey that he or she will hold on without losing fo [...]

This is a beautifully written insight into marriage and friendship There are two couples, Sally and Larry and Charity and Sid, the couple they meet and become friends with The characters are all portrayed realistically, both the good and the bad I liked the way at the beginning Sally and Larry see Charity and Sid as almost perfect Over time their imperfections are revealed but that does nothing to deter the friendship that has sprung up between them Charity is manipulative and bossy At times I w [...]

This book is loaded with things to love The friendship of four people, two young couples early in marriage and then much later, the husbands blossoming writers and college instructors, the wives giving moral support and advise Sometimes unwanted and unwarranted advice that Charity was something else for those times, but what a wonderful character I slowly began to realize that the things I didn t like about her were those traits similar to my own that I try to be watchful of Anyway, I also loved [...]

So I read this book in Boise just before moving to Madison to start grad school I had purchased it at Pioneer books in Provo I think that s what the place with the millions of books and the tall strange owner who wears sandals with socks a few years ago and then had never read it I was at my parents house one day when I decided to go out to their garage and try to find a couple of interesting books to read I just felt like I should read this book, and I did I felt like I had been purposefully di [...]

How do you make a book that anyone will read out of lives as quiet as these Just like this Gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful Read this book, especially if you re a fan of Gilead or Jayber Crow It has the same paced, steady feel Warning I bawled through the last quarter But then it was over and I wanted to start back again at the beginning Just read it

I could give all to Time except exceptWhat I myself have held Robert FrostTurn to the first page and there lies the first challenge in this book What is that I have held that time cannot take away My memories My friendships My relationships My worthiness Rather than a continuous narrative, the novel is like a memoir, an eclectic collection of memories It is also allegedly semi autobiographical So how much of it is authentic The characters seem pretty real and probably based on real people The s [...]

Crossing to Safety is a beautiful novel It has an unassuming, quiet appeal that resides in its verbal felicity and its thoughtful definition of the worthy life It celebrates the best of friendship marked by an expansive magnanimity under which folks unrelated to each other may dwell secure The Langs and Morgans, two young couples, met at the beginning of their academic careers in Madison, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression and became firm friends The Langs were well connected and lived in Ga [...]

This is one of my FAVORITE BOOKS ever Angle of Repose also by Wallace Stegner , is also one of my favorite top 10 books this is the first time I can say I really really can claim to have read TWO books by an author that will be forever LIFE TIME FAVORITES I m only sorry I waited this long to read Crossing to Safety its timeless.Beautifully written Vivid engaging story telling at its best.Another GREAT book club discussion book why hasn t our book club picked this one to read A quote to remember [...]

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Crossing to Safety : by Wallace Stegner T.H. Watkins Terry Williams Terry Tempest Williams
    231 Wallace Stegner T.H. Watkins Terry Williams Terry Tempest Williams
Crossing to Safety