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Madigan's Wife #(2022)

Madigan's Wife

Madigan's Wife

  • Title: Madigan's Wife
  • Author: Linda Winstead Jones
  • ISBN: 9780373271382
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
Madigan's Wife By Linda Winstead Jones,

[PDF] Read å Madigan's Wife : by Linda Winstead Jones - Madigan's Wife, Madigan s Wife SHE WAS NO LADY SHE WAS HIS WIFE Ray Madigan The sexy cop turned P I was tall and lean with a smile that tripped hearts and shoulders tailor made for resting a head on The kind of guy Grace could fa

Recent Comments "Madigan's Wife"

I really loved Madigan s Wife, the emotion and love these two ex husband and wife had for each other was very evident.Grace Madigan left her husband six years ago, she couldn t deal constantly his being shot, she loved him too much and every time she saw him hurt she lost a little part of herself She tried to live without him but couldn t so she has come back to finally get over him Grace and Ray have become friends ever since she has returned to town but she is careful to keep some sort of dist [...]

Setting small town of Huntsville her house, his apartment, their neighborhood for jogging , his PI office, motel, charity danceTheme Love, the pain of love, not understanding the other, separation, mystery who killed, by whom, why protectionCharacters Ray Madigan ex undercover police officer, current PI, handsome, closed, comfortable wherever, hurt because believed she didn t love him enough to stick through the hard times and protecting his heart He was trying to save the world because his olde [...]

I was leaning for a three star rating for this book, but I ultimately decided the story was good enough to deserve four stars The only reason I waffled is because I didn t much care for the fact that Ray, the hero, was married to the heroine first Then after she divorced him, he went on to marry two women And even after he got divorces from those two women, he s still friends with them and his first ex wife I love Ms Jones books, but Ray having three ex wives was a little too much for me Especi [...]

Madigan s Wife was an enjoyable story I liked the relationship between Ray and Grace I also liked the mystery.

  • [PDF] Read å Madigan's Wife : by Linda Winstead Jones
    187 Linda Winstead Jones
Madigan's Wife