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Sully's Kids #(2022)

Sully's Kids

Sully's Kids

  • Title: Sully's Kids
  • Author: Dawn Stewardson
  • ISBN: 9780373706914
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
Sully's Kids By Dawn Stewardson,

Free Read Sully's Kids - by Dawn Stewardson - Sully's Kids, Sully s Kids A Matchmaker problemLauren Van Slyke and Jack Sully Sullivan are total opposites Lauren works for her family s charitable foundation a foundation that has just cut off financial support to Sully s

Recent Comments "Sully's Kids"

This was a light read, perhaps a bit too light It had a lot of potential dealing with differences in class, past histories as well as two criminal plots But in the end it kind of flopped for me There wasn t enough struggle or suspense to really build off the potential there Lauren was a bit old to be so under her father s thumb, but she was feisty with everyone else Sully isn t explained very well, but he s a man with a heart of gold I m still concerned at the concept of an ex con being able to [...]

What a delightful read Lauren comes from money and is the director of a foundation that has just denied Jack money for his program for kids with a rough home life Jack has no money, but inherited an old fishing lodge which he has turned into a boys home Add to that, he s an ex con, so he must be a bad guy.The story has plenty of action with 5 rambunctious tween boys and some cats and a dog And then there s the mystery of who wants to buy part of Jack s property This was a fun sweet romance story [...]

This was a fun lite read.

  • Free Read Sully's Kids - by Dawn Stewardson
    186 Dawn Stewardson
Sully's Kids