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Bad Karma #(2022)

Bad Karma

Bad Karma

  • Title: Bad Karma
  • Author: Theresa Weir
  • ISBN: 9780061012969
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
Bad Karma By Theresa Weir,

☆ Bad Karma ✓ Theresa Weir - Bad Karma, Bad Karma If Cleo Tyler were honestly capable of seeing the future she would have known that love was heading her way The acclaimed fortune teller whose so called gift is style than substance is asked to hel

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Bad Karma wasn t a easy read It had characters that were tortured especially the heroine Cleo and they didn t always do the right thing At the end of the book I wasn t really convinced all of Cleo s problems were solved.Cleo calls herself a psychic fraud, she says all people need hope so she gives that to them But you see she isn t really a fraud but she works hard to make herself seem like one So when is she is called to a small town to find a key, she agrees, she ll take the money and do some [...]

If it weren t for some issues I had with the premise set up and the suspense portion of this book, I would have rated it a 5 Star instead of a 4 star The heroine Cleo is terrific She s flawed and damaged and floundering in her life Totally relatable The hero Daniel is equally complex although I felt like I got inside his head less The suspense plot is not very believable and the villain is pretty cartoonish but if you can overlook that, Cleo and Daniel s chemistry and attraction shine through Th [...]

couldn t finish

I suspect that what the author aimed for with Bad Karma was something along the lines of Twin Peaks there is the small American village whose quaintness might just be facade for its sinister aspects, and which is populated with likeable, quirky characters who just might be serial murders in their spare time The novel has humour, it has supernatural elements, it has suspense, it has a few moments of bizarre surrealism and it has main characters who hide a heavily damaged psyche behind the smooth [...]

Samhain Publishing s reissue of Bad Karma is a chiaroscuro of romantic suspense with a nice contrast between Cleo s and Daniel s dark, even tragic pasts and the lighter goofiness Daniel s brother Beau and Police Chief Jo bring to the story.Weir has great pacing there s never a good place to put the story down but I also adore her talent for description that doesn t feel like description I feel myself in the scenes, experiencing the textures, the smells, and the emotions of the characters He star [...]

Cleo Tyler is a fraud Hired by the Chief of Police in a small Missouri town to use her psychic abilities to find a missing key, Cleo hopes to give them some vague directions, grab her paycheck and head out of town She s not a psychic and can t explain how her dreams helped solve the case of a missing child in California.Officer Daniel Sinclair believes Cleo is a scam artist He wants to keep an eye on her so she doesn t embarrass the Chief who believes in her abilities That includes tracking her [...]

Let s see Cleo, a supposed psychic gets a job in small rural town There she has to work through lots of issues, hers, a detective s, and the police chief s Toward the end she has a weird run in with a serial killer I wish the author had done a little with Cleo Cleo could have been very interesting and very cool to watch, but I felt like an editor cut out fifty pages I would reccommend as a read for when you ve got nothing better to read And it s been on sale on kindle, which it has However, I w [...]

Really cute story with scam artist heroine and mistrustful cop hero We definitely learn about Cleo, the psychic scam artist, and I could have done with insight into Daniel, the cop who suspects she s not what she seems she s not, but not the way he thinks I read this because I d heard the h had an eating disorder and I was curious to see how Weir handled it However, it s not a huge part of the story The last third takes a suspenseful turn I didn t really expect and it was sort of out of left f [...]

It was quiet a dark book but a good read but I was left quiet dissatisfied,i was not convinced that Cleo and her issues were solved,she had yet to go a long way,liked Beau a lot.Overall the book was good

One of my absolute favorite romances Beautifully written High angst I love her older romances like Cool Shade and American Dreamer another favorite but this one is fantastic.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book I loved the suspense and romance this had.

good fast read

Not a bad book, but I ve come to expect from Theresa Weir.

  • ☆ Bad Karma ✓ Theresa Weir
    367 Theresa Weir
Bad Karma