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The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat #(2022)

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

  • Title: The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9781405203999
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat By Enid Blyton,

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat Best Read || [Enid Blyton] - The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat, The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat Who could have robbed the theatre s safe The theatre safe has been robbed and Boysie the pantomime cat is top of the list of suspects But could his best friend and fellow actress Zoe be the real t

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This was a fantastic novel Very interesting I wish I could be a find outer too because their mysteries are so amazing and this one was one of my favourites Really a nice one In the starting it was really difficult for them to solve this mystery but off course it was young bets who suddenly had a brainwave and as usual fatty used his clever mind to solve the mystery along with the other four and the dog Also I wish Enid Blyton was alive so she could write books like these

This is quite a grown up style mystery, but the children manage to solve it One of the best books from Blyton s Mystery series.

Findouters Challenge Book 7 The second of the Findouters books with a cat in the title and theme In this one, Goon is going away on holiday and is being replaced by a much friendlier PC Pippin who is in every way Goon s opposite However, when it starts off Pippin is quite eager to please Mr Goon though he doesn t quite believe what he has to say about the children But Goon s behaviour towards the children, and particularly Buster soon changes his mind The children in the meantime have decided to [...]

This mystery really has them stumped, and of course it s little Bets who nails it She really is a clever little thing, and what with her soft spot for Fatty I can see them married and solving crimes together But I get ahead of myself, about the book It was a good mystery, serious than the usual Enid Blyton mystery After all, being drugged and robbed is a little harsh But there are lashings of food and fun, so you know it will end well, and the baddie seems repentant in the end Goon makes an idi [...]

Mr.Goon is on holiday, a new police name Pippin are replace him Elisabeth Hilton Bets very, very like Pippin She give Pippin a name card

The most baffling part of this mystery was how nobody in the entire cast realised that a costume can be taken off from one person and put on another There were a couple of funny lines, though And I actually liked most of the setup So I m gonna go with meh rather than ugh.

A extremely enjoyable blast from the past, I can remember reading all the Five Find Outters 30 plus years ago, and it s still as enjoyable

This book is a prime example of all Enid Blyton s shortcomings as a crime writer Her nonsensical ideas about the operating methods and professional boundaries of the police force have never been apparent or less believable, and the Five Find Outers show themselves yet again to be devoid of any real detective skills.I knew I didn t like this series, and now I can clearly see why The horrendous mismatch of Enid Blyton s writing with the detective genre is actually worse here than in the Secret Se [...]

this is one of the first books of enid blyton I read as you see, I am not such a great fan of enid blyton I did not develop interest in her books at all after reading one chapter of famous five I did not like the book at all one of my friends is a great fan of her unlike me however I love this series mind it, only this series and maybe children at green meadows written by her it is full of mystery just the way I like it this was the first book I read of the series I liked the funny nick names sh [...]

Fatty masih terus bertahan sebagai tokoh favorit di buku ini Peristiwa peristiwa kebetulan yang di setting pada awal cerita ini masih terkesan agak dipaksakan, tapi masih sanggup mengecoh saya dengan ending nya Karena saya sebenarnya tadinya berharap Enid bisa membuat ending yang lebih complicated Tapi mungkin karena saya tanpa sengaja masih saja belum sanggup mempertahankan pikiran bahwa buku ini adalah konsumsi anak dan remaja I think I m already too old for Enid Blyton, huh Lol.

Akan selalu ada soft spot bagi saya untuk para anggota Pasukan Mau Tahu Pip, Beth, Larry, Daisy, dan Fatty barangkali yang sudah menemani saya semasa kecil, tetapi mereka masih terus berumur dua belas tahun, sementara saya akan terus bertambah tua Meski demikian, saya tidak akan pernah melupakan mereka.

This is a good book, but to me, it was rather boring Don t judge me I ve guessed that the thief used Boysie s costume when he said that wasn t him, it was obvious he was innocent But to me it took too long for the kids to realize that I m not hating on the book, I love Enid Blyton s Books, but this one just isn t for me.

Such fun This is the first of the Dragon series I have read by Enid Blyton It was such fun Couldn t put it down Now I know why so many people requested books by this author when I worked at a now defunct bookstore If you have a chance to read them, I highly recommend them to both children and adults.

I am one of those weird Enid Blyton fan who ve read at least one of ALL her other characters except The Famous Five But I particularly remember the Five Find outers these were where she made me laugh and my mother worry The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat was probably my second book from the series and one that I intend to read again as soon as I can

Mooi opgebouwd verhaal Klassiek verloop Valse sporen Goede agent, slechte agent Controleren van alibis Doorstrepen van verdachten Arrestatie van onschuldigen Ingeving van Betty Grote revelatie Een echte klassieker.

I enjoyed this book.

Good read.

Very nice book

Liked it

I didn t love the Five Find Outers quite as much as the Famous Five, but it was close A lot of the stories were interesting to me, but I just didn t like the characters quite as much.

This book is very interesting Of all the mystery books this the best oneis book is all about using your brains I liked reading it.

Considering this is a kids book, its not bad Not dumbed down much, but sme things are repetitive.

This was a fantastic novel Very interesting I wish I can be a find outer too and will like to work with the 5 find outers Really a nice one.

awesome book

Spannend Y

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The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat