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Clash of the Sissies #(2021)

Clash of the Sissies

Clash of the Sissies

  • Title: Clash of the Sissies
  • Author: Graham Parke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
Clash of the Sissies By Graham Parke,

[PDF] Read ¸ Clash of the Sissies : by Graham Parke - Clash of the Sissies, Clash of the Sissies Barend and I met as kids This was years before he became famous for inventing the easy foldable map and infamous for the large number of bodies he decided to bury in his back yard What do you do when

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From the licensing page Imagine The licensing page , I had a pretty fair idea that this writer would amuse me This book is distributed under the Creative Commons License Attribution, Noncommercial, NoDerivs.This means it may not be sold or used in any type of mystic ritual that is not to the benefit of the author and or his family, or to the detriment of his sworn enemies.Good Anyone who considers their sworn enemies very early on has both my attention and my respect One must always consider one [...]

I m fairly certain that I m going to end up spending time writing this review than I spent reading Clash of the Sissies This micro novel contains a story joke, an excerpt from No Hope for Gomez , and a twisted short story that are all equal parts funny, weird and disturbing The experience doesn t last very long, but it certainly stays with you It reads in much the same way that a roller coaster feels minus the two hours of waiting in line to get there and the attendants halfheartedly checking y [...]

A quick, witty read I read Version 2.0, which contains five stories Kind of Really three stories Two stories Really two stories And part of a novel And some information Which was kind of tedious to read through Thus it was not counted in the rating of this novella.Clash of the Sissies Version 2.0 begins with a licensing statement Usually I skip this Stanza didn t like it when I tried I now love Stanza even .Next, a very short story based on a dream They say that there s nothing boring than list [...]

The thing that strikes you at first is the natural set of events, like everything is normal, nothing is wrong, and the one and only danger is dad coming home The reality here strikes like a simple child s play, something like first trying ciggaretes I guess everyone remembers or at least knows some stories about like people dare others to try at least a smoke Well, to put it bluntly, here s the same thing, it just deals with lives instead of tobaco leaves This isn t the only story in the book, b [...]

Although very short, Clash of the Sissies was well written and very funny I m a big fan of humor, the off the wall the better but it s not often I find an author who can write funny without forgetting how to write well So, I was impressed I ve marked No Hope for Gomez as to read and I m eager to do so after reading this brief bit from this author Speaking of writing well, I m sorry that last sentence was so horribly constructed I recommend checking out this free read check out the link on the b [...]

Entertaining and funny It leaves you wanting for , so I hope the author delights us soon with something else.

HONESTLY I just don t know what to say this is really different well i have seen many writters using irony, wieredness,metaphores but seriously graham is the best man is a genious.The way he has wriiten this I was really moved it s simple and at he same time wierd comedy and also a littel intelect you can read a whole novel but can never find a perfact match of all human interest but you can read this short story and experience a life beyond.You can see crime in your pressence fell the joy of cr [...]

Graham when does this come out Love to read it Grady

  • [PDF] Read ¸ Clash of the Sissies : by Graham Parke
    466 Graham Parke
Clash of the Sissies