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Sea Change #(2021)

Sea Change

Sea Change

  • Title: Sea Change
  • Author: Kate Cann
  • ISBN: 9780439944281
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
Sea Change By Kate Cann,

[PDF] Unlimited Ê Sea Change : by Kate Cann - Sea Change, Sea Change Hi Abby Bet I m the last person you expected to get a card from The island is hot and beautiful and brilliant but you were % right about Davinia No % right She s totally self centered and she s

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Reviewed by Amber Gibson for TeensReadTooKate Cann writes a scrumptious tale of a dream vacation that features twists and turns than a roller coaster in MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAY, a coming of age story that never fails to entertain Chloe, a British teen, is trying to regroup and adjust to living with just her dad, after her mom leaves the family for her lover She decides to refrain from all contact with her mother and does her best to avoid even thinking about her When stunningly beautiful and spoi [...]

According to my mother I seem to say that about each one every summer But its always true Each summer they just seem to get better and better I couldnt put this book down at all Kate Cann s writing totally took me over and I just fell in love with Chole And now all I want is just to go out on my own holiday and find freedom and love If you loved the other 3 books then of course you ll love this one Chole is a 17 year old girl who is dealing with her mother moving in with her lover and her dad ha [...]

I wanted to like this book, but it was like all the characters wanted to do was have sex I mean they were sorta on vacation in this totally awesome place, but they kept looking for places to hook up in And the romance wasn t even that great, I hated how much they cussed and how rough they were But I guess that is how they are in Europe I don t honestly know but I didn t really enjoy this book as much as I had hoped to.

Really good book Y

Picked this up by mistake really Was ok nothing special.

cute, i love all of these books but they re kind of predictible.

Really boring and had no plot

La storia dell amica alternativa che rende pi frizzante la vita della protagonista superficiale e inconsistente Credevo fosse un romanzo sugli amori estivi e invece un elogio alla stupidit Infantile.

This is a tough one to review, especially having previously read just what Cann is capable of seriously, Leaving Poppy was AMAZINGbut I digress I started off thinking that I wasn t going to like it because it was your typical girl is a social outcast, girl meets perfect blonde seriously, said blonde was so perfect that said girl was calling her own sexuality into question , girl becomes friends with perfect blonde, girl realises that perfect blonde isn t so perfect after all scenario I ended up [...]

This book is about a girl Chloe, who becomes a little obsessed with the new girl at school Davina, and ends up going on holiday with her, to find that she is not as perfect as she thinks However, a short way into this book, Chloe meets a girl who is basically Davina s doppleganger, that is to say, Chloe actually mistakes this other girl for Davina because she basically looks and behaves exactly like her, and Chloe says that she should have taken this as a sign that there was something wrong abou [...]

It was better than I expected Worth a light hearted read.It is way better than Cann s other girly books cos this one didn t keep me depressed, like the protagonist, till the very end.It is worth the read It s a good book to break up the tone between other genre books, i.e I like horror, and this breaks my horror book routine, making the next even scarier fresherRead it, one of the best of Cann, if you like her or romances not a comedy though

S d lig bok Verkligen en av de segaste och mest meningl sa b cker jag n gonsin l st Egentligen h nde det ingenting och det som h nde var bara tr kigt Karakt rerna var riktigt d liga, de nda jag gillade lite var tjejerna som drev restaurangen minns inte vad de hette och kanske Alex, men bara liiite Om ni inte m ste l sa boken s tycker jag inte ni b r g ra det, ni l r bli besvikna och uttr kade.

Another escapism holiday novel, and like Footloose I can t help but love it I m a huge fan of Kate Caan anyway, but I just love reading all the description she does and the romance is great It actually has a pretty complex plot too for what it is, so it s not complete fluff An enjoyable story with interesting characters, and absolutely perfect for any holiday

Se non hai mai avuto un amica come Davinia non potrai mai capire questo libro Se non ti ha avuto un amicizia malata, squilibrata e completamente sbagliata, allora non si pu capire questo libro Io purtroppo ne ho avuta pi di una e mi ci sono ritrovata in pieno in questo libro che parte come una lettura estiva stupida e leggera e che invece pi profondo di quanto si pensi.

Kate Cann manages to get the summer feeling over to the reader in all of her books I have read three but this is without a doubt my favourite The books all seem to follow a similar story line but still very entertaining and romantic.

This had some similar plot details to Fiesta Spanish Holiday and I didn t like Alex as much as Juan too angry , but it was good.I don t know why Cora and Zara had to turn out to not be lesbians, surely their sexuality was entirely irrelevant though


I loved it, even though it s too old for me and has some Choice words It s awesome Hailzee

loved it

Didn t get exciting til the ending.

Bra, fast jag hatar huvudpersonerna

It was awsome i loved this book.

It was ok, not bad not great A simple and easy read

Nothing special

Really terrible Immature inner dialogue These girls are out getting drunk and only 17 What is with the author s obsession of young girls getting naked

I still would say I like Kate Cann s writing style, but I did not care for these characters at all One can only take reading about a spoiled rotten bestie and her insecurities for so long.

I love this series Really good book to read if you like to read books about young people in love and such.

Loved It

Found this for 50 cents at a book sale and enjoyed the quick, cheesy summer read while commuting to work.

Was a little weirded out when I started reading it I thought it was a lesbian relationship Turned out to be not so bad and I kind of liked it

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ê Sea Change : by Kate Cann
    485 Kate Cann
Sea Change