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Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional #(2021)

Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional

Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional

  • Title: Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional
  • Author: Neil T. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780830728909
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional By Neil T. Anderson,

Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional Best Read || [Neil T. Anderson] - Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional, Who I Am In Christ A Devotional God never gives up on us He remains steadfast in His desire to bless us even when many of us are tempted to doubt His love The great tragedy is that so many of us spend our lives trying to earn somet

Recent Comments "Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional"

This book contains precious truth that every Christian should know and own They are often well illustrated In the end, though, the book was fatally flawed to me as there was too much of Dr Anderson, Dr Anderson s programs A firmer statement of reliance on the Holy Spirit and examples from further afield would have added much.

This excellent devotional of 36 short chapters covers many of the basic Christian teachings regarding our wonderful position in Christ Practical, inspirational and easy to read Highly recommended.

Good book for refreshing your identity in Christ One of, if not the most, important aspect of our walk with the Lord, and living a life of victory.


This book is an excellent biblical reference on our identities in Christ.

I used this book as part of my daily devotional time, using a chapter at a time There are several excellent chapters out of the 36 chapters , and I would ve like of them Now the following criticism may be due to cultural bias or denominational bias I am an Australian Lutheran Pastor , but it is how I found the book The Introductions and sometimes the Conclusions of many of the chapters come across as a sales pitch for the Author s courses and or books The quite long letters of praise to the Aut [...]

The message behind this book is a wonderful reminder of what we are entitled to when we call on God as our Savior I found encouragement in the biblical context, however I was a bit annoyed at the personal context of the book This is the first book I ve ever read by this author and basically in each chapter a reference is made to another one of his books I just found that really distracting especially when the reader has no idea what he is referencing I found it odd the way he talked so much abou [...]

First step into freedom I never realized how many years I was believing and fed lies in my life No one taught me any differently and explained with such honesty in light of God s Word I had many of these lies that I now know how and when to renounce It will take reconditioning of my mind daily but I will believe the truth because I want to be able to tell this eye witness account of how God brought me out of captivity of fear into the courage of His truth and my new identity.

Accepted in ChristI am acceptedAs God s adopted childChrist calls me friend Through Him, I m justifiedI am united with the LordAnd one with Him in spiritI ve been bought with a priceAs God s possession, I inheritDirect access to the FatherThrough the Holy Spirit I am redeemed,A forgiven saintIn Him, I am now complete Secure in ChristIn Christ, I am secure,Forever free from condemnationAnd from the love of God,I will find no separationI know that all thingsWork together for goodBy the hand of God [...]

I hadn t read any of Neil Anderson s books before even though I was well aware of his works I ve been on a journey this past year coming to understand who I am in Christ I ve discovered that it is only in discovering who God is and who I am in His Christ that transformation of your mind can begin to take shape Rom 12 2 Anderson s concise and Scripturally sound work is a powerful addition to the Who I am volumes of work that are found in both Christian and secular bookstores It comprises 36 3 4 p [...]

A great book to bring to light 30 some truths we are as Christ followers I would recommend a read through at least once of this My biggest dislike of this book is that the author continually used examples of people having been set free but from reading his other books It gave me a feeling that I might be reading the wrong book or that he was promoting his other books or that I needed to attend one of his conferences If the author writes an update, I would love for him to remove those examples or [...]

Every believer in Jesus Christ needs to read this book In order to enjoy all that Christ has purchased for us, we need to know who we are in Christ It is like owning a Lamborghini and only knowing what it is to drive in either first or second gear There truly is so much to experience the profound peace and rest that is available because one KNOWS that all of what Christianity holds is already purchased for us completely by the blood of Christ We do not need to perform to get of God s approval. [...]

This is by far one of the best devotionals I have ever read This book offers hope, answers questions and reminds us over and over again that we are accepted, a saint and complete This would make a great gift for anyone but especially someone who has recently become a Christian.

Great reminders of who we are in Christ I found the many references to his other books and the schmaltzy poetry as disruptive to the meat of the book, but those aside, a very affirming book of all that Christ has made me to be.

I have read this book many times over It is always good to rekindle and remind ourselves who we are in Christ

  • Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional Best Read || [Neil T. Anderson]
    355 Neil T. Anderson
Who I Am In Christ: A Devotional