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Never Sleep with Strangers #(2021)

Never Sleep with Strangers

Never Sleep with Strangers

  • Title: Never Sleep with Strangers
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780778321330
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
Never Sleep with Strangers By Heather Graham,

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Never Sleep with Strangers Best Download || [Heather Graham] - Never Sleep with Strangers, Never Sleep with Strangers She almost looked as if she slept exceptThe trident had pierced through her And the snow white gown was turning ever crimson Four years ago while vacationing at their country estate in Scotland Jon

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I look down at the page of review and see many with few stars I don t what they wrote and don t care I enjoy Heather Graham s writing I believe I ve read all of her books The plots are light and fast moving The characters are interesting and relatable The story keeps my attention and I m happy.This book I enjoyed than the others because of the murder mystery party My fantasy has always been to attend one of these Instead, I had a Murder She Wrote party in my house Not the same This party was cr [...]

Sabrina is a guest at a Mystery Murder game.Everyone is given an assigned role, and gatherings are planned as the week ensues The host, Jon, lives in a centuries old castle, complete with a dungeon and a crypt Each of the guests, except Sabrina, was present four years earlier when Jon s late wife died in a suspicious fall during another Mystery Murder game

This is my first Heather Graham book and I found myself actually surprised by it I knew when I picked it up that it was a mystery romance, I just wasn t prepaired for how much it tended toward the mystery aspect My romance book club selected it for our next read so I expected it to be romance with a little mystery thrown in for spice.The plot is very Agatha Cristy, taking place in a castle in Scotland The guests are mostly all mystery horror suspense authors and a critic thrown in for spice Th [...]

Gosh, I m wondering how this book got 4 stars But then we are all different This was my first and last Heather Graham.This book had every device of a soap opera Nothing happened for 50 pages at a time except one person having sex with another or the others trying to figure out who was shacking up together currently and or 3 years previously Or, I suppose, in the 3 year interim.I remember watching soap operas with my grandmother as a teenager On one drama the lead was taken to the hospital to hav [...]

This is my third Heather Graham book, and the best one by far Full of suspense and intrigue, a real who do nit I suspected the killer near the end but was never actually sure until it was revealed The setting is a huge castle in Scotland with a dungeon and secret passageways Three years before, Jon s wife, Cassie was thrown off the balcony during what was referred to as a mystery weekend Now, three years later, Jon is determined to find the killer by having another party and inviting the same pe [...]

An old Scottish castle A gathering of mystery and horror writers A charity murder mystery party And among them is a real murderer Never Sleep With Strangers is one of my favorites by Heather Graham It has an original plot with plenty of murder suspects on the eerie Scotland moors The romance is dreamy and heart touching, then you wonder Is he behind the murder Every one had a secret and a reason to want the woman dead So, who did it It kept me on my toes and guessing until the very end.

Mystery 1998 This book has it all going for it a possible murder and a cast of characters all well defined, love, lust and lots of red herrings to keep it moving At times, the villain seemed easy to spot, but red herrings were plentiful to throw one off track Engrossing enough to read through quickly, not so deep that it required than light reading A good summer book.

I ve read a lot of Heather Graham books and usually really like them This was definitely not one of the good ones I couldn t get invested in any of the characters and didn t feel the supposed chemistry between Jon and Sabrina at all I also figured out who the murderer was almost from the start Lacking in suspense.

I had a hard time finding this as it was out of print I really looked forward to it, and then I read it The basis of the plot was great, you have to love a murder in a secluded castle Suspects limited I even loved who did it But the character development fell short Actions seem forced They leads did not seem like a couple.

I always have trouble with older books by authors I m currently reading The heroes tend to arrogant alpha males that I just can t imagine any woman wanting This one wasn t as bad as most He just had moments.

Unfortunately, the author introduced too many characters at once and it was a little hard to keep track of them in the beginning But the story did flow and kept me guessing til the end All in all I would say it was a good read.

I love Heather Graham This book was a ok one It left me a bit wanting I would have preferred if it had suspense and less character history between Sabrina and Brett and the other characters.

This book would make a great movie

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This is one of my favorite Heather Graham books It is packed with suspense and the setting is completely gothic.

3,5 stars

One of my favorites A real page turner in my book I couldn t seem to put it down when i needed to and despite that its an older book of hers, I absolutely loved it

Loved the intrigue, the characters, the mystery and the setting

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  • Never Sleep with Strangers Best Download || [Heather Graham]
    233 Heather Graham
Never Sleep with Strangers