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No Souvenirs #(2021)

No Souvenirs

No Souvenirs

  • Title: No Souvenirs
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781605049489
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
No Souvenirs By K.A. Mitchell,

No Souvenirs Best Read || [K.A. Mitchell] - No Souvenirs, No Souvenirs A vacation fling No complications No connections And no regrets Trauma surgeon Jae Sun Kim has just lost the job he wanted than anything else in his life Looking for a way to hit the reset button he

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holy shit, that was excellent.fun, and sexy, with some solid body blows in the emo department.i especially liked the tasteful disposition of angsty tropes, which somehow, in their elegance, failed to make me feel like an objectified monkeyturdian MC and the sex is, like, nuclearere s too much of it unless you read this over a period of days halfway through i was wondering whether to switch to another book until my dick stopped feeling so fapped out.but it felt organic heh and integral mmhmm it f [...]

I have to laugh because when I first spied this book on , I read the blurb and frowned Hmm, doctor Not interested Scuba diving Know nothing about that It takes place on a ship No, no, not for me Then I looked at the cover, and well, Jae Sun Kim s image kind of got to me I am so glad I purchased it, because I would have missed reading what I believe is one of the best male male contemporary romances ever written I love this story and have read it no less than eight times I m having a hard time pr [...]

To say I absolutely LOVED this book just doesn t say enough as to how major awesome this book was, especially after the epic FAIL of the last book I read featuring an Asian male character I am now adding Kim and Shane to my slowly growing pantheon of favorite couples No Souvenirs is M M romance done RIGHT The characters are men, not thinly disguised stereotyped females The characters have flaws, but they are also humorous at times There is real emotion and chemistry between them I especially lov [...]

KA Mitchell has a pretty devoted following and her writing is an easy explanation for why This offering fits well with the backlist as a solid story but not the best No Souvenirs starts poorly with a sluggish beginning, too much sex and not enough plot, but soon picks up with trademark great writing and breathes life into the somewhat anemic characters to finish with a strong ending The beginning is difficult to get into as the plot limps along, the characters have sex but rarely speak, and the [...]

Jae Sun Kim was introduced in Collision Course as Aaron s doctor friend that flirted with Joey a bit I actually liked Kim in Collision Course as a peripheral character because he kept Aaron on his toes, and helped Aaron to appreciate Joey In No Souvenirs, Kim is on vacation after a fellowship that he was interested in didn t come through On this trip, he rooms with dive master Shane McCormack I m not really into redheads OR southern accents, but I just thought Shane was adorable But again, KAM [...]

This m m romance is what I wish all erotic romance would be full of the hawt hawt sexy time that is part of a realistic and believable STORY.I m sorry, but with the exception of KA Mitchell and Megan Hart who is not strictly an ER writer, I maintain that her books are genre defying , I have not read a whole lot of erotic romance that is strong in the believability department Hot, yes But the story inevitably sounds immature, like a Playboy story, a porno narrative, or somebody s fantasy not like [...]

3.5 StarsJae Sun Kim is a trauma surgeon and all around arrogant prick On a diving vacation in Belize he strikes up a sex fest with the dive master, Shane McCormack Both have issues with love and commitment but neither can deny their irrepressible attraction to each other both in and out of bed.This was another satisfying sequel to the Florida Books series True to form, this installment had a lot of hot sex, a tiny bit of angst, and very light romance I enjoy K.A Mitchell s books but sometimes I [...]

I realy liked this story Cool and unemotional trauma surgeon Jay has his entire life planned out by the second But then not only do his professional plans come apart, his personal life receives an unexpected shock as well when he meets Shane Shane is almost the exact opposite a drifter who has a different profession every few weeks, and who feels worthless, despite the fact that he has multiple advanced degrees.When they go through a life changing event together, both men change Shane accepts it [...]

Two wonderful protagonists For Jae Sun, arrogant control freak, rendered almost autistic by an old trauma, everything is about skill and knowing all the answers Feelings don t figure into his conception of the world Shane, hedonist and drifter, has a propensity to get into trouble because he is used to follow his instincts He hides his vulnerability behind a the facade of a dumb hick and his insecurities behind his seemingly careless swagger How can those two match They do in fact, they re perfe [...]

2.5 starsNo Souvenirs redeemed itself in the second half of the book The first half was boring and moved along too slowly I also didn t really feel the attraction between Shane and Kim at first Kim was detached and unemotional The only thing that saved him was his streak of arrogance By the second half of the book I started warming up to Kim The plot picked up and I found myself wanting to know about Kim I was glad to see him open up at the end but of course he took his feelings a little too f [...]

3 Stars becauseMan of War.I loved that part so much But, I freaking had a hard time loving Kim

I read book 2 in the Florida series, Collision Course, back in June of 2012 I liked it a lot, and I remember I d planned on getting to No Souvenirs soon after I didn t get to it until February of 2016.Well, better late than never I suppose.It would be very easy to get fed up by both of the MCs and their actions Jae is emotionally stunted, the result of his rigid upbringing and suppressing his desires On the other hand, Shane isn t very mature, and has never been able to settle on anything in eit [...]

I have said this before but it still holds true KA Mitchell writes very compelling characters that have realistic baggage and issues that must be overcome That is standard for books that I have read by her This one is no different She also writes very well with fantastic imagery and some great lines of thought I loved this book Both Jae Sun Kim and Shane are interesting and I cared about them both quickly I wanted them to be happy and to find what they needed in each other The book is balanced w [...]

Reread moved my rating from 4 to 5 stars I think I enjoyed it even the second time around I can see this becoming a true comfort read.Loved this series And, I hope that there will be .Jae Sun s romance with Shane was a great read I loved how Jae Sun opened up, especially after reading about him in Collision Course And, while Jae s still sort of stiff at the end, he still grew, while not having a personality transplant Which was good, because I liked him the way he was One thing that I really li [...]

Kim and Shane meet on a diving trip in Belize and there is an instant sexual attraction The bond between them is strengthened after they experience a life changing event together Things are still uncertain for them when, on impulse, Shane travels to Florida to visit Kim It s hard not to love Shane He s like an open book and he throws himself out there with boundless enthusiasm Kim is a harder character to warm up to and his inability to communicate is incredibly frustrating at times Both men hav [...]

I really wanted to give this 5 stars I love K.A Mitchell s writing, I m a total fangirl, and she did an awesome job with this book as always Her sex scenes are the best in the genre, hands down And her stories are never formulaic She s awesome at keeping her characters and her plots and her storylines fresh I really really really enjoyed this book.I think the only thing keeping it from being a 5 star read is that the end just wasn t as satisfying as I wanted it to be Which is actually kind of co [...]

I don t even know why I waited like three years to read this book, but I just re read Collision Course, so I felt it was a good time.This is like a 3.5 star but I m rounding down because I felt it was a little bit repetitive and the characters were so emotionally constipated I wanted to start bitch slapping every single character in the book.We know that KA can bring it with the smut so no issues there, but it was kind of frustrating at times Other than that it was quality erotica and an entert [...]

I liked this Shane is sweet and uncertain, even if he is totally an in the moment person who can t stay in one place too long It was great getting under Dr Kim s carefully structured surface But given how the characters personalities are, I can t help but wonder what would happen after 3 years And with the ending suggesting what it did, how that would even be possible I m willing to forgive a lot here though, just because I like the two of them together so much.

Beautiful, sexy and intriguing love story

K.A Mitchell continues in her light BDSM series it s light since it s a type of BDSM that can be right for a wide audience, and above all, it s not in your face The type of BDSM in these stories are not the type you see inside dungeons or private clubs, but it s a thing of power play inside the relationship Jae Sun Kim is the very interesting and a bit aloof doctor that in Collision Course was the antagonist of Joey s love interest, Aaron It was clear that the love story was between Joey and Aa [...]

I have had a draining week, and I m trying like hell to work on my own writing, but I m bone weary of the world, and it s like wading through a bog I decide I have deserved a break and finally act on Sarah Frantz s insistence I read No Souvenirs God damn, but I m so fucking glad I did.I think this book was perfect for me because it was so much catharsis It d be good on any day, I d think, but for me this week I really, really needed to watch Kim s order get broken down by love I don t know preci [...]

This was a great novel I liked it even better than Collision Course, the previous book in K.A Mitchell s Florida series In No Souvenirs, the emphasis was a little on the story and the development of the relationship than in Collision Course, where the sexual content took up space While Mitchell writes a hell of a sex scene, I enjoyed seeing her characters coping with a few external situations and problems in this book.Mitchell is very adept at creating complex and fascinating characters She i [...]

This started out rather weak and I thought it was going to be nothing than mild erotica Neither protag was appealing and I had to think back to which K A Mitchell book I enjoyed that made me look forward to this one I m not sure but I think it featured another Asian guy.Anyway, to my delight, NS picked up and I ended up liking both men because they pushed past their own weak spots when they realized the other meant , much , than a vacation quickie Shane is not the rough, devil may care dive mas [...]

I liked this story much better than Collision Course, the previous book in the series I never read book 1 because those MC s were seen in book 2, and I didn t care for them Nearly the same thing happened here I didn t care for the book 2 characters role in this story, but that s really the only thing I didn t like This is the story of Dr Jae Sun Kim, the ER doc in book 2, and his love interest Shane, who he meets when he takes a vacation to Belize to be recertified in scuba diving The chemistry [...]

Wow talk about a lengthy story and this is it in a nutshell Not my favorite book in all the ones K.A wrote mind you, but it was ok This one for me was not as emotional and left me a tad detached from it A little less info and detail wouldn t have done this story any amount of damage and a little less wouldn t have been a bad thing Not really I think with all the medical lingo and jargon a dictionary would have been handy for those of us not medically inclined For me at least.If asked what was th [...]

A surprise And a good one.KA Mitchell has turned the usual stereotypes over and has Jae Sun Kim, a do things right semi nerdy Asian doctor tops Shane, our taller, muscles and white hero , a sea diver jock type I liked that Mitchell makes Jae Sun rather not perfect He seems rather unknowing about people and relations, and also too wanting to have things his way He does find a way forward, he s very toppy over Shane, and makes Shane and us like that, and how he does it Shane is a good guy, even i [...]

I have come to realize that K.A Mitchell has a unique talent for writing people that at first I d like to punch right in the mouth Now I don t take this as a negative really, it s not bad writing I mean I liked the stories in this series but I just have moments of wanting to be able to shake the characters and yell at them to stop being a prick But this is all part of the plot and tension so I guess I m going to have to just deal with it.So I d give the story four stars with a tendency for me wa [...]

Well this was a pleasant surprise I ve never read this author before, but this book was lovely I adored Kim and Shane, Kim especially This is a pretty low angst, very sexy, smart and funny story There were several moments I feared drama cliches were about to go down, but they were avoided Instead, the plot was carried by awesome characters and good writing Alright, the insanely hot sex scenes helped too edging and chair sex yes please I also appreciated that these two were able to fall in love w [...]

This was good at about 25 30% I put it down several times until that point Then I read through Like the other KA Mitchell books I ve read, I think it ends somewhat abruptly There are boatloads of issues, they build up, they resolve, and The End It s not that I think there s that NEEDS to be told I suppose it s that I like to see some of the development after they break through But that s not this author s style, as far as I can tell, and there s not anything wrong with it Overall, good book wit [...]

For some reason, K.A Mitchell s writing seems to always click with me, and this was no different.The story is about Jae Sun Kim, a trauma surgeon who has his carefully placed plans for the future falter and reacts by taking a random vacation, on which he meets Shane, a divemaster who acts on impulse and is quite the opposite of Kim s carefully maintained personality.Though I spent all day, a lazy day, reading this, it felt like time flew by I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic of the two and would e [...]

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No Souvenirs