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The Hustler's Handbook #(2021)

The Hustler's Handbook

The Hustler's Handbook

  • Title: The Hustler's Handbook
  • Author: Bill Veeck Ed Linn
  • ISBN: 9780671662226
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
The Hustler's Handbook By Bill Veeck Ed Linn,

The Hustler's Handbook Best Read || [Bill Veeck Ed Linn] - The Hustler's Handbook, The Hustler s Handbook The Hustler s Handbook is a rich hilarious flagrantly outspoken lesson on how to operate as a hustler in the corporate jungle of modern baseball

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Bill Veeck, as I may have written elsewhere and I ll never tire of iterating was one of my all time favorite Americans, one of the Charter Starting Nine hmmJulia Child, catcher, making sure no one reaches the plate without eating EVERYTHING on it Duke Ellington, ambassadorial at firstbase Dorothy Parker, demurely ceding all secondbase responsibilities to shortstop Miles Davis Hunter S Thompson, doggedly manning the hot corner when not under attack from giant lizards Harvey Milk, a ball of energy [...]

I liked the book, though it is not for the casual baseball reader or even someone who hasn t read about a few of the players of old from other books Since I was born in the 70s and am reading this book in 2014, many of the names, inside jokes, and tales are either completely foreign or take some digging through to appreciate In other words, without some previous background on some of the topics, this book could be challenging to read through The early chapter about promotions and baseball parks [...]

This book, a collection of essays about 1950s and 1960s MLB, contains some gems of baseball bureaucracy Some knowledge of Major League Baseball from that era will definitely help Veeck s autobiography is better, but this is also a good book for those, like me, who find Veeck to be very interesting.

a great, if bloated and overlong at times, series of essays on baseball from an insider who was a decided outsider too bad this isn t an audiobook

This book was required for one of my classes I m not big on baseball and found it quite boring, but I can see how a baseball fan would really enjoy it.

  • The Hustler's Handbook Best Read || [Bill Veeck Ed Linn]
    225 Bill Veeck Ed Linn
The Hustler's Handbook