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Where Aspens Quake #(2021)

Where Aspens Quake

Where Aspens Quake

  • Title: Where Aspens Quake
  • Author: Tory Cates
  • ISBN: 9780340351420
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
Where Aspens Quake By Tory Cates,

[PDF] Read ✓ Where Aspens Quake : by Tory Cates - Where Aspens Quake, Where Aspens Quake Kristin Jonsson was ready for a new life but not a new man She would save her emotions for her photography her pictures would never disappoint her the way people could When she met Grayson Lowry she

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From the title to the cover to the blurb of this book, I had high hopes for it being a good emotional read Once I started reading, however, I had the feeling maybe this was a debut book Not so, I found out Having not read any of Tory Cates previous books, I couldn t put my finger on anything other than the fact the characters fall short of being sympathetic, no matter how likable they may be, and the story doesn t live up to the blurb at all.First, the book is told pretty much in the heroine s p [...]

Where Aspens QuakeWhere Aspens QuakeOffered by Simon and Schuster Digital Sales IncPrice 7.593.0 out of 5 stars A 1983 Re print, March 25, 2014 Starring system ranks differently on than here This review is from Where Aspens Quake Kindle Edition According to the copyright on my ARC this is a reprint of a novel previously published by Silhouette Books by the same name.As can be expected of this genre and from being 31 years old, it is a typical romance of its time period It is a sweetly written an [...]

Let s just say Gray and I had a love hate relationship in the book, I really hated to love him especially in the beginning Gray you must be joking There were no advantages taken here I wanted you to touch me, to kiss me Kristin shivered as humiliation cooled the fires that had raged within her.He eyed her as if rechecking his decision Kristin couldn t guess what he had seen in her face, but, whatever it was, it cemented his decision He rose to his feet Take my word for it, he said, extending a h [...]

This book is reprint, the original was published in 1984 and I have to say that maybe this story worked then, but now, you just think how much of masochist can a girl be.The story focuses on Kristen and Gray.Kristen is film photography artist which tangent here is a great medium, the complexity and depth that film can capture is incredible especially black and white, it acquires a trans dimensional quality, at least in my opinion who flees from Albuquerque after her one woman show is massacred b [...]

ARC given by netgalley for an honest review 3.5 starsKristin, an aspiring photographer, on the verge of success, only to pummel downstream She takes time off to explore and rediscover her muse, so off to Aspen to become a ski instructor her 2nd best thing There meet the hero, Grayson a mysterious and enigmatic resorts owner The sparks btw them threaten to scorch the room but, with the past clouded their budding relationship or lack of thereof , can they overcome the roadblock and carve the futur [...]

Kristin shows up to meet the owner Gray Lowry He is a harsh man until Kirstin gets to know him What she wasn t expecting was a handsome boss Gray wasn t expecting such a beautiful woman Together they help heal each other along the way but will it be enough for their relationship to work The author did a wonderful job with the setting During the read you felt like you were with Kirstin in the snow or in the lodge with her pup Pupin The characters were well developed and intriguing I was taken in [...]

MORE melenasreviews.wordpress Tory Cates created a beautiful tale of second chances at life and love The love between Kristin and Grayson was a little confusing at times One minute Grayson doesn t want her love then the next minute he wants her I don t mind the cat and mouse chase but when he changes his mind on every chapter it starts getting down right disappointing I loved that no matter how many times he denies the love Kristin is determined to make him see her love is real Other than that t [...]

This is a reissue of a 1984 romance, and as such it has stood the test of time quite well Though a bit dated, it is a sweet story with likeable characters I wish that when books are rereleased updates would occur, but if you just keep in mind the era of romances when this book was originally published, and don t expect as graphic a story as currently exists, you might be pleasantly surprised The story is strong and well plotted, the settings quite detailed, and the happily ever after satisfying [...]

loved it

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Where Aspens Quake : by Tory Cates
    438 Tory Cates
Where Aspens Quake