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Sweet Briar Goes to School #(2021)

Sweet Briar Goes to School

Sweet Briar Goes to School

  • Title: Sweet Briar Goes to School
  • Author: Karma Wilson LeUyen Pham
  • ISBN: 9780142402818
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
Sweet Briar Goes to School By Karma Wilson LeUyen Pham,

Sweet Briar Goes to School Best Download || [Karma Wilson LeUyen Pham] - Sweet Briar Goes to School, Sweet Briar Goes to School Sweet Briar s parents think she s the sweetest thing in the world but Sweet Briar is a skunk and all the other kids make fun of her How can Sweet Briar show them that there s to her than just her sc

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Wilson, K 2003.Sweet Briar Goes to School New York Penguin GroupBeautiful watercolor Illustrations by LeUyan Pham.A wonderful story of a young sweet skunk that goes to school and everyone in class makes fun of her because she smells like a skunk The other animals in the class sing terrible songs about her, do not include her in recess, and move their desks away from her Her teacher attempts to stop the bullying when it starts but it gets worse when she steps out of the classroom and during reces [...]

This is such a very adorable book My 2 year old granddaughter and I completely enjoyed not only the story but the illustrations as well This is a great book for a child starting school being insecure and scared But also a very great book for being bullied Sweet Briar is a skunk Her parents love her very much and named her after the most sweetest thing they knew and that was the sweet briar roses that smelled so sweet and was so pretty Sweet Briar grew up happy and became old enough to go to scho [...]

A wholesome story on the importance of kindness and friendship Little Sweet Briar is quite surprised by the mean classmates at school But after a dangerous situation all the kids learn that even the most undesirable amoung us are important A good lesson and adventure in acceptance and friendship.

Ok I admit it I picked this book off the library shelf because it had Sweet Briar in the title, the name of my beloved college It s an adorable and fun story and I love it My little sisters loved it too.

My 5 year old liked this book It tries to teach that you should be nice to everyone but as a parent, I found it a little annoying that the students really weren t nice to Sweet Briar until she d done something to prove herself.

I like just about everything Karma Wilson does, and this is no exception and LeUyen Pham s illustrations are pretty great, too It s not my favorite Karma Wilson book, but it s a sweet story about a skunk who has trouble fitting in at her new school until she helps get rid of a troublesome wolf.

A sweet story about a skunk going to school and gaining acceptance by her classmates We really enjoy reading Karma Wilson s books.

Such a sweet skunk story

Sweet Briar the skunk has trouble fitting in at school until she is able to show the children that her unique qualities are useful.

Poor Sweet Briar goes to school to find that no one likes her A nice story about acceptance.

  • Sweet Briar Goes to School Best Download || [Karma Wilson LeUyen Pham]
    122 Karma Wilson LeUyen Pham
Sweet Briar Goes to School