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Eugenia #(2021)



  • Title: Eugenia
  • Author: Clare Darcy
  • ISBN: 9780451112743
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
Eugenia By Clare Darcy,

☆ Eugenia ☆ Clare Darcy - Eugenia, Eugenia Miss Eugenia Liddiard was utterly charmed with her solution to the marriage muddle Since she must find a husband in her first season to wait longer would be to disoblige her guardians she made the p

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Eugenia has just finished school in Bath and is on her way to her guardian s estate when she is forced to stop at an inn due to bad weather She discovers a young man she believes is her cousin Gerald also staying at the inn He denies knowing her and then collapses He is suffering from the after effects of a fever and Eugenia feels it s her duty to nurse him The young man reveals he is her cousin but not Gerald This cousin is Richard, the son of Eugenia s Uncle Charles To the family s knowledge, [...]

After Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, Clare Darcy is my next favourite author of Regency romances, and Eugenia is one of her best We re used to seeing inside characters heads, but the opacity of CD s male leads is one of the intriguing things that makes me reread her novels once she reveals that they were smitten from the start and only acted coolly because they were undeserving Then the nuances of their behaviour, so deftly captured, make me wring out the imagery from every word I love that I [...]

It was one of the best books of Clare Darcy that I have read by now It was really funny, the plot was sometime predictable, but not always A love story was as I like There were also good secondary characters.She gazed triumphantly at Richard and Gerald, who, in the manner of men, were both looking extremely skeptical about a plan they had not thought of themselves.This book is very near to Heyer s narration from her witty Regency romances Again, I don t know why my reviews of some book disappear [...]

1.5 stars view spoiler EUGENIA was my first book that I have read by Clair Darcy I believe she is the Queen Of The Run On Sentence.A case in point Eugenia, glancing over her shoulder to survey them with equable interest as she set her foot upon the lowest step of the staircase, saw a dejected looking middle aged man who might have been a clerk, a burly farmer in stout, muddy boots and a brass buttoned coat and then her eyes fell upon the third passenger, a dark, enigmatic looking young man in hi [...]

Along the lines of Georgette Heyer, this book was humorous and a fun read Nothing too serious and quite predictable But I feel like knowing the plot didn t matter What mattered was enjoying the ride A lot of descriptive detail in the book At times I found myself skipping it But you have to be careful doing that because the author puts in a few pertinent information in the middle of the descriptions 3 3.5

I thought for a few dozen pages that this book was going to commit the sin of consigning the Dear Best Friend to the Wastrel Cousin, but I was wrong I do wonder, though, why Miss Darcy saddled poor Amelia the Dear Best Friend with the nickname Muffet , used throughout the entire book Come to think of it, Dear Muffet didn t end up engaged, either, but I suppose we may hope she will be.The male lead was actually appealing this time He had no glaring character flaws gambling debts, mistresses, etc [...]

There seems to be some snobbery in the comparisons between Georgette Heyer and Clare Darcy, but I find Ms Darcy s voice and style really excellent One difference they share with many Regency romances of recent years, is that they give almost no explicit insight as to what the hero is thinking or feeling It has to be deduced from their words and actions, which are often rather cryptic, influenced as they are by the dictates of gentlemanly conduct.Personally, I think Richard Liddiard is one of my [...]

Miss Eugenia Liddiard was utterly charmed with her solution to the marriage muddle Since she must find a husband in her first season to wait longer would be to disoblige her guardians , she made the practical choice of Tom, her childhood country playmate and her best friend s brother She and Tom would suit famously and live amicably ever after But on her way to proposing to the unsuspecting intended, Eugenia was waylaid by the predicament of one Richard Liddiard, a newly discovered and darkly ha [...]

This book is in the mode of Georgette Heyer Eugenia and Richard are destined for one another, but it takes one mishap after another to bring them together What bothered me is that at the end of the book Richard says, I fell in love with you when we first met Yet, there was nothing to indicate his growing affections for Eugenia Perhaps, Ms Darcy expects the reader to interpret Richard s indifference as love, but it does not come off as such The reader arrives at the end of the book to have Richar [...]

This is a great Recency book in the tradition of Georgette Heyer The humor is superb and it is also suitable for young people to read as there are not many allusions to the immoral style of life in London and profligacy among the main characters This story focuses on Eugenia, a vigorous young lady who knows what she wants and goes after it Then she discovers she has a new cousin, denied by the Family, who is identical the scapegrace Cousin Jerry Her life becomes a wild race of indiscretions and [...]

If there is a book that shouldn t be judged by its cover at least from the one I read , this is it If you like Georgette Heyer, you will enjoy Darcy Clare s Eugenia Like Mrs Heyer, Clare has great sense of humor and is able to tell an engaging, highly entertaining story without profanity or sex.

My daughter and I read the first two chapters together, made our predictions, and turned to the last chapter It was great fun and no challenge to see our predictions played out exactly All turns out well This author isn t as deep to read as Heyer, but nearly as fun Not a long nor a difficult read, and helpful for keeping cheerful.

This was very fast paced and enjoyable.

Fun, fast read.

  • ☆ Eugenia ☆ Clare Darcy
    420 Clare Darcy