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The Silver Ship and the Sea #(2021)

The Silver Ship and the Sea

The Silver Ship and the Sea

  • Title: The Silver Ship and the Sea
  • Author: Brenda Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780765315977
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
The Silver Ship and the Sea By Brenda Cooper,

The Silver Ship and the Sea Best Download || [Brenda Cooper] - The Silver Ship and the Sea, The Silver Ship and the Sea The colony planet Fremont is joyous riotous and very wild Its grasses can cut your arms and legs to ribbons the rinds of its precious fruit can skewer your thumbs and some of the predators are big

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I m not sure how to discuss this book If I had an outline of the plot in front of me before I read it I probably would have passed But as it turns out, I thought it was pretty awesome It s like a cross between John Scalzi s Zoe s Tale and Vernor Vinge s Children of the Sky A few centuries earlier a group of colonists found a wayward planet that no one was using and colonized it These folks were kind of checking out of the larger society of humanity because they held the backwards belief that gen [...]

Powerful, interesting story of racial conflict on a distant colony world of Earth The first colonists to reach this world were unaltered humans who opposed the idea of genetic engineering which caused major problems when a second colonist group of engineered humans arrived The resulting war destroyed or drove off most of the engineered people, leaving a small group of orphaned engineered children behind The colonists, not heartless, adopted these children but as the children now approach adolesc [...]

Yet another one from my personal bookshelf that I did not finish Admittedly I didn t give it a whole lot of time, not even a quarter of the book, but I just wasn t in to it I couldn t really connect with the characters and it seemed to be slow going at first And then they threw in a love triangle because it s totally necessary Or maybe it won t be I stopped reading soon after that when my other book came in.

Seemed YA than adult The characters weren t very interesting and the plot was slow moving I thought it would be science, but turned into bad teen angst.

I have read one other book by this author, Mayan December, and enjoyed it,so I picked up this one with some of my holiday gift cards and started it last week This book is definitely science fiction, although it s of the future society on a different world type and not so much the flying and fighting in space type, and due to the setting it does have some fantasy elements as well The mix works very well, in my opinion, and the issues and conflicts that happen in the book cover a wide range of ar [...]

Fremont is a colonized planet, a dangerous planet that always hides predators behind its wildness Chelo is one of the six altered humans left on this planet but none of her community of first colonists trust her at all I didn t like this book because it didn t feel real It was just too hard to immerse myself into this world, into this plot, into the characters None of the dialogue rang true to me The interactions felt fake and I didn t believe the colonists s hatred towards these six children I [...]

While not classified as YA by my library, I think it would work as well, if not better, in the YA section.A slow moving plot places the emphasis on the characters and their emotional lives, but the character development isn t up to the task Basically the story devolves into a confrontation between the altered children and the colonists Cooper places the story in 3rd person limited, but then doesn t take advantage of the chance to provide insight into the colonists position I was left with very b [...]

I really enjoyed this book Joseph reminded me very strongly of Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs, both in terms of his genius and his emotional immaturity Chero, his older sister, reminded me of Don, though not as strongly as Joseph reminded me of Charlie Much of the book focused on their relationship.I thoughtBrenda Cooper did a good job of showing how mistakes have a way of being repeated Humans don t trust the altered, there s a war, humans raise the altered children but don t trust them because of [...]

The emphasis is all on the central character and her friends, and how they fit in or don t with the world around them It s mostly about relationships, with the action a minor throw in here and there.Think Anne McCaffery with a somewhat harder sci fi background setting.Other reviews mention it s hard to figure out the motivations of some of the characters To me that s actually a plus It puts you in the main character, trying to figure out the best thing to do.It didn t thrill me, but I didn t hat [...]

The story involves a human colony that is transplanted to another planet and left to survive on its own sounds familiar, doesn t it The author focuses on the psychological drama of human beings and genetically engineered humans living together, and as in the story itself, the plot doesn t always mix well The story starts off slow and tedious and assumes that I actually care about the main characters at the get go I don t I d rather have been hit with complicated scientific technologies rather th [...]

What happens when genetically modified humans try to colonize on the same world where humans violently opposed to gene mods already live And then what would life be like 10 12 years later for child survivors of the war that followed This is where The Silver Ship and the Sea starts off A fun book that is very well written, I read it and hated to put it down and hated when it ended The characters are believable and fully formed and their motivations make sense And I liked how the write dealt with [...]

This book was alright It just felt like there was to explore, and it was left unfinished I don t know if there was ever a plan for a second book, but while the world was interesting, the book seemed unwilling to fully explore it Paw cats as the only predator They were the only ones mentioned by name, but it seemed to imply there were We were never given an explanation of why the second continent was never touched upon It was an interesting read, but not one I d really want to revisit.

Definitely a slow start but the pace and investment in the characters picks up quite a bit I also agree it s a good YA book which I enjoy I m wondering if there will be to follow Many directions for the author to pursue in possible series I find it difficult to locate science fiction books that are TOO hard scienc y and this one struck a good chord for me good description of this different world but lots of info about characters and motivations.

Chelo is altered, one of six young people on the planet who have extraordinary powers They are just learning to figure out what those powers are though, the humans are scared It turns into a survival coming of age story and all the young people are forced to make life changing decisions The landscape is described beautifully and the plot moves along at a great pace I LIKED the characters except for the pesky Alicia and have quite the crush on Liam.

Bit of a slow start, seems like a little too much teenage drama at first, but then the themes start coming into play and the story picks up fast after that Pretty decent story over all, but not a big build up or climax, and I wasn t fully convinced at the end that the main character really had a good reason for choosing what she did The writing was a bit amateur, especially at the beginning, but it seemed like she got in stride toward the end.

Although the non altered human characters were somewhat two dimensional, I enjoyed reading about the planet of Fremont and those who tried to settle on it The varied ways that the altered teens dealt with prejudice and the emotional aftermath of the war was well written and engaging This was a perfect vacation book.

This wasn t classified as YA, but it could be shelved there easily This book was a bit formulaic than I was expecting, but it was a decent read, and if I stumble across the sequel I may check it out.

The blurb led me slightly astray, as Fremont is far from joyous, socially or ecologically It is, however, an interesting planet.This first novel in the series follows a single point of view, that of Chela, one of the six altered orphans left to be raised by a hostile human community.

Classic conflict between reactionary pure humans and modified humans The main reason I didn t really like it was too much teen angst I avoid many books with teen protagonists for this reason The beginning was fine but Cooper lost me by the half.

Six genetically engineered kids are abandoned and raised on a world colonized by people opposed to genetic modifications Plenty of character development and action as both they and the colonists struggle to come to terms with their abilities.

powerful story of what happens on a remote planet when original humans and the children of altered humans have to find a way to live together in peace compelling story page turner , untenable situation, satisfying resolution.

This book was okay, but it was little slow The way the author described the planet, I thought there would be action pertaining to the various dangers they described, but instead it was mainly about the colony and stuff I was little disappointed In no hurry to read the sequel.

Ooh, another book about mutants I went to the library and picked up this and Dust at the same time And similarly kind of a journey of discovery for an adolescent female protagonist Still reading.

This was an interesting and fast paced story The world of Fremont is both ruthless and beautiful and I loved the mix of action, sci fi elements, and political upheaval Awesome read I couldn t put it down.

I found myself bored with the characters and the storyline quite fast The author had a great plot and characters to work with, but fell short of success I may pick up the sequel to see what happens.

A good coming of age story centering on a young girl who is altered Surprising good, though not amazing.

2.5, meh.

Sold at the word Fremontians.

I don t usually like books with young protagonists, but this was really good, Recommended for anyone interested in what life might be like if people lived on other planets.

Pretty good, a new premise from an author I don t know Feels like YA, the protaganist is a teen girl She is altered, genetically modified to have special skills.

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The Silver Ship and the Sea