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Under the Boardwalk #(2021)

Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk

  • Title: Under the Boardwalk
  • Author: Linda Howard Geralyn Dawson Jillian Hunter Miranda Jarrett Mariah Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780671027940
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Under the Boardwalk By Linda Howard Geralyn Dawson Jillian Hunter Miranda Jarrett Mariah Stewart,

[PDF] Under the Boardwalk | by × Linda Howard Geralyn Dawson Jillian Hunter Miranda Jarrett Mariah Stewart - Under the Boardwalk, Under the Boardwalk Today s hottest romance stars make it a summer to remember with a sizzling story collection for sunny days and steamy nights Under the Boardwalk New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard lures a

Recent Comments "Under the Boardwalk"

My favorites in this collection were the Jillian Hunter and the Linda Howard stories The Jillian Hunter story, which I remember is called Ruined , is a somewhat gothic Victorian about a young engaged lady not necessarily happily and her small group of friends and fiance , who get shipwrecked on a small island owned by a reclusive horror novelist Ms Hunter has some very hunky, yummy heroes, and this hero is one of my favorites out of her stories He sees the young woman and decides he wants to kee [...]

5 Novellas includingBlue Moon by Linda HowardCastaway by Geralyn DawsonRuined by Jillian HUnterBuried Treasure by Miranda JarrettSwept Away by Mariah StewartShort novellas that are well written but I didn t really get vested in any of the stories or their characters.

The first story, Blue Moon by Linda Howard, is a solid romantic tale Lilah lives on an island far from the rest of town, keeps to herself, and there are whispers that she s a witch Jackson is the county sheriff called to investigate a potential troublemaker headed for her property The moment Lilah and Jackson touch, they know they are meant to be together One of the nice things that can happen in shorter stories like this is the absolute conviction the two leads can have in each other There does [...]

Blue Moon I liked both Jackson and Lilah Lilah is the kind of resilient, independent woman that I would want to have as a friend Jackson is smart, thoughtful and respectful They both were fleshed out well for a short story and didn t feel like stereotypes at all.The premise that Lilah sees auras and has premonitions is original, especially for 20 years ago when this story was first published It makes the speed with which they fall into bed seem natural, since she knows that he will be her lover [...]

Blue Moon by Linda Howard Linda Howard is a new author to me and I have to say I like her style.Most of the time anthologies aren t my favorite stories because the stories are quite small However I did like her characters and the chemistry between them She made me hungry for of her books Castaway by Geralyn Dawson I thought Hannah and Drew were very quick to kiss and make up Especially after the past they share So to me it wasn t very realistic.Ruined by Jillian Hunter I liked the paranormal el [...]

This book is actually a collection of 5 short stories from some popular authors Three of the stories were historical romances which I am not usually fond of The book might have gotten a higher ranting if they were modern romances I was a little disappointed in the Linda Howard story as it was a murder mystery that was only approx 77 pages long A little too short for my liking and also the couple in the story fell in love in 24 hours Pretty sure that is not that realistic The last story in the bo [...]

I LOVED this series of novellas I started with Mariah Stewart s Swept Away because she is one of my favorite authors I totally fell in love with Jeremy and Jody s jerseyshore romance Ms Stewart does not fail to keep her readers happy Linda Howard s Blue Moon was my second favorite story All 5 short stories were page turners If you are looking for a fast and entertaining book for the beach, Under The Boardwalk will not disappoint

Of the five stories in this book, I only enjoyed the first one, which was by Linda Howard I wasn t so much in the mood for the fluff of the others Maybe if I d read it a different day, the book would have been better Plus I was going to read it as a beach book for SRC, but not a grain of sand on the cover.

Consisted of five short books Blue Moon Linda Howard Castaway Geralyn Dawson Ruined Jillian Hunter Buried Treasure Miranda Jarrett Swept Away Mariah Stewart

8 3 2010 Blue Moon by Linda Howard 8 4 2010 Castaway by Geralyn Dawson8 4 2010 Ruined by Jillian Hunter This was a really great tale.8 4 2010 Buried Treasure by Miranda Jarrett Great story 8 5 2010 Swept Away Mariah Stewart ExcellentThese are all pretty good stories

Only picked this book up because I used to own it but couldn t remember any of the stories There was a reason for that Won t list them all here but it was an interesting diversion for a little while.

Some of the stories were incredible, and others were not so much I did not like the Linda Howard story, but thought that Mariah s was awesome and made the entire book work the purchase and read.

5 short romances.

Cute short stories

linda howard blue moonmariah stewart swept awayjillian hunter ruinedgeralyn dawson castawaymiranda jarrett buried treasure

Typical fluff

A nice bunch of love stories A good light read Probably 3.75 stars than 4 though.

Blue Moon by Linda Howard Sheriff Jackson Brody Delilah Jones Castaway by Geralyn Dawson Ruined by Jillian Hunter Buried Treasure by Miranda Jarrett Swept Away by Mariah Stewart

Got some new authors to read, gd variety


All the stories and authors in this one are great

  • [PDF] Under the Boardwalk | by × Linda Howard Geralyn Dawson Jillian Hunter Miranda Jarrett Mariah Stewart
    194 Linda Howard Geralyn Dawson Jillian Hunter Miranda Jarrett Mariah Stewart
Under the Boardwalk