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Key West #(2021)

Key West

Key West

  • Title: Key West
  • Author: Lacey Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781419951947
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Trade Paperback
Key West By Lacey Alexander,

Free Download Key West - by Lacey Alexander - Key West, Key West Carrie Marsh is on her honeymoon in Key West alone After the devastation of discovering her fianci with another woman on her wedding day she thought the trip might relax her She has no idea she ll be

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Key West is the third book in the Hot in the City series and every bit as down and dirty as the first two books This is Carrie Marsh s story, Liz s baby sister from French Quarter Carrie is on her honeymoon, but not with her husband In fact, after walking in on the fecker with his pecker in her maid of honor s mouth on their wedding day AT THE CHURCH, no less, Carrie decides well, duh that he isn t the man for her after all Feeling vulnerable and alone and at the urging of her older sisters, she [...]

HOLY CANNOLIS Sit on an iceberg, under a shade tree with an air conditioner blowing on you when you read this one This one to me was nuclear Carrie was all set to get married but caught her fiance and best friend in a very compromising situation So she dumps him and goes to Key West on her Honeymoon Chris works in Key West, having transplanted from up north he is hot, seriously hot Meets Carrie on a party Barge that he works on and the sparks start to fly.if you are squeamish about alot of sex a [...]

When Carrie goes to Key West for her honeymoon alone, she discovers a part of herself that she didn t know existed Bringing her out of her shell is Chris, a man who knows how to give a girl a good time When he realizes that Carrie was supposed to be here with her husband, he tries to mend her broken heart with a series of steamy nights What starts off as lust soon blooms into something far serious, surprising both the characters and me as a reader.Once again, Alexander has a great blend of BDSM [...]

Wow everyone This book is really somethin Talk about your sex fest Jeez Carrie leaves and goes on her honeymoon to Key West WITHOUT her husband why Because she finds him doing naughty things to a bridesmaid on their wedding day The jerk Her first day there she gets talked into a booze cruise by a hot guy named Chris that works at the resort When she arrives to the boat Chris is there Once Carrie has a few rum punch cocktails, Chris is able to convince her to do quite a few devilish things includ [...]

Well, the only thing one can drink while reading Key West is a big ol glass of rum punch recipe is included in the dialog over ice While sitting in a tubful of ice Or perhaps while sitting on a swimsuits optional beach.This book, like the other Hot in the City series books, Sin City and French Quarter, this is a ROMP That means non stop, no holds barred SEX from end to end.Lacey Alexander does provide a storyline and even a happily ever after ending, but don t expect deep, intense drama The 3 st [...]

Good and Trashy That s what I m talkin aboutof course its written in typical Lacey fashion Although her books tend to lack the element of surprise, I m willing to make concessions based on the steam factor What its not lacking is lots of dirty hot kinky sex Get it Read it Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending G [...]

This book is Hot, Hot, Hot The opening starts like many romance stories jilted bride goes on honeymoon anyway, and decides to have a good time Where it goes from there is the realm of Lacey Alexander s very fertile imagination There is a little bit of something for everyone in this book At its heart, it is a m f romance, but Carrie decides to relax and try new experiences, so the reader is treated to encounters including all varieties and combinations of partners I enjoyed the fact that while Ca [...]

This wrapped up the Hot in the City series, which has to be one of the hottest trilogy of books I ve ever read Seriously What I loved about Key West was how connected I felt to the love story from the beginning It wasn t just about sex, which is what Lacey Alexander does best A little embarrassing to admit, but I think what I loved about Chris and Carrie was how they had to work for their physical relationship because of a size issue, if you get my meaning It seemed to make them real It was als [...]

2.5 if that was possibleThe beginning of the book with the heroine slowly learning to shed her inhibitions thanks to her strong and unrequited attraction for Chris was nicely done Then there s a long part where they just try out new experiments, with no real objective, no high point, obviously no character development and even no characterization at all regarding anyone except the heroine, and for her that s already very light.And the ending with its HEA seemed slightly artificial and a let down [...]

My first read of this author and I didn t like her style Average writing quality with a lot of scenes including ff that I skipped that were boring I found myself skipping and towards the end to get it overENES CONTENT many eroticGENRE TONE contemporary lightLENGTH 290 pages

Just not my thing The end Someone else who loves this kind of explore your sexuality erotica might really like it I just think it feels a bit erratic Emotional and connected in the start Then turns kind of soulless in the middle and the then back to connected and emotional I am good with the exploring the limits thing but the tone changes and that throws me out of the story.

Ohhhh Lacey How do you do, what you do, and do it so well What a hot story He is s e x y Definitely my top two of your men can t decide if I like my gruff and tumble Cajan man from French Quarter better, Dawlin You never disappoint and now I m thinking I need to make a trip out to Key West Hot Hot Hot

Carrie has just found her ex fiance getting a blowjob from a bridesmaid on the day of her wedding Ackward So when she storms out her sisters insist that she go on the honeymoon trip anyway Why waste a perfectly good week in Key West Chris is an extremely hot guy that has 2 or 3 jobs to help him pay for his boat He has lived the life as a banker in Cleveland and now he has made a home in Key West They meet when she is exchanging tickets and from then on they can t seem to get each other out of th [...]

This is a really good series that takes you into the life of one of the three Marsh sisters as they break out of their very staid lives The characters are very well realized and draw you into their world which is really just ours The locations are familiar and so make the enjoyment of the book even better I was drawn into the story immediately because it starts strong visual The POV changes between the two main characters so that you know what they are thinking throughout, though for the first h [...]

Somewhere, maybe even hidden deep inside, there is a dirty kinky sex kitten waiting to get out This couldn t be closer to the truth for Carrie Like with the first two Hot in the City books, this one was super charged with everything from multi partners, girl on girl, menage a trois both f,m,f and m,f,m , and sex toys a plenty Most importantly, for me at least, was the freedom to explore all your deepest darkest desires WITH OUT being made to feel like your wrong or dirty I love that in each book [...]

So this was another hot read from Lacey Alexander Similar to the other two books I ve read of hers, a woman blossoms sexually and a self proclaimed bachelor ends up falling hard And while it is somewhat following a formula, the sex is never boring or repetitive Plus, she creates such likable characters I loved Chris, how in awe he was of Carrie, how supportive he was of her exploration of herself Carrie, given what had happened to her before the trip, was ultimately quite carefree about so much [...]

This book was the last in the Hot in the City series, and it was definitely better than the last one, but not as good as the first.So to rank French Quarter Key West Sin City.The main character is the last of the Marsh sisters, once again leaving their fiance this time because he got caught getting service by a bridesmaid Carrie runs off onto what was going to be her honeymoon to take a vacation, finds a hot guy, and we have non stop, balls to the wall, hot sex Plenty of three somes, voyeurism a [...]

Another fun time had in Key West Carrie heads on her honeymoon alone, finds Chris requisite hot guy and scorches the city with all the sex between her Chris all Chris friends Characters were cute, the locale seemed like a ton of fun and a good time was had by all And I mean ALL.Couldn t understand why Carrie had no feelings at all about her to be marriage breaking down on the day, but I guess that would have killed the budding romance on vacation.But really, nothing Otherwise, fun book.

Key WestOk, I think Chris Carrie are my favorite couple of this series Carrie reminds me of many women, myself included who are fairly shy when it comes to wild, experimental sex Chris is a truly sweet understanding guy, who pushes Carries limits without making her feel too self conscious about it I love the way they fall in love I really love all the crazy monkey sex they have all the time This book is definitely erotic won t disappoint if that s what you like Go on and read it, I think you ll [...]

I liked this one the same way I liked the other two From angel to wanton, Carrie was able to shed her inhibitions through Hriz and just to make this review short, all the sex scenes were certifiably burning hot, but there s always something for everyone This novel has the same hedonistic quality, taking erotic delights to a whole new level.

Muy bueno el libro pero es sumamente largo, si queres leerlo mejor tener tiempo sino es imposible terminarlo, capaz ser a mejor que fuese un poco m s breve pero fue divertido todos los temas que abarc.

Too much sex and lack of a plot made this book mediocre for me I don t like F F scenes either so even the brief one, I could do without If you just want sex and some romance, this book s okay Nothing that would upset anyone.

This book was ok, not as good as the previous 2 books, not that I normally complain butthis book was just sex after sex after sex it was on every page, whilst there was a story I did lose interest towards the end.

This book was okay, but for some reason, I liked the first one set in Las Vegas the best of all in the series I guess I just wasn t in to this story line after the others that I had read It was a hot, fast, and mindless read, though, good for a time when that is what you are in the mood for.

Hot Hot Hot Made me want to do things I ve never done before too

Hot hot hot

Not much is said about the physicality of Chris There are details about his personality Carrie is given description because the focus of each Hot in the City book is in the heroine.


Juicy Sexy RomanceA stimulating read.

Very hot and smutty There was every kind of sex one little dirty mind can imagine The story was okay I didn t feel the connection that I felt in the second book.

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Key West