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Island Fantasy #(2021)

Island Fantasy

Island Fantasy

  • Title: Island Fantasy
  • Author: Kayla Perrin
  • ISBN: 9780373861484
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
Island Fantasy By Kayla Perrin,

Island Fantasy Best Read || [Kayla Perrin] - Island Fantasy, Island Fantasy Shayna Kenton knows heartbreak After she catches her husband cheating on her on their wedding night a reality break in Jamaica is just the pick me up this romance author needs Especially when Shayna

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Conflicting feelings all around.The good Romance with people of color, by a person of color Woo Both Shayna and Donovan are emotionally mature adults that act rationally and do what they feel is right for them, even when family pushes them in another direction The little details are done right and add up Vince has the perfect amount of sliminess Donovan s hot body has a good explanation, and I was even able to guess his sport of choice from the cover photo view spoiler showing the cover to a fri [...]

Another hit from Anna Lowe Kyle, a busy business man, takes a bet from his brother that he can spend 12 days on a remote South Pacific tropical island As he gets off the ferry he runs into a young woman, Hannah, who seems to be in a big hurry They share a ride to the main part of the island where she gets off to head for a boat and he heads to the hotel At first they are at odds with each other but soon Hannah shows Kyle the beauty of being on a quiet beautiful island Each of them learn about wh [...]

A very good get away from it all wish it were real romance novel This book is short and a quick read with all the basic romance ingredients A girl has guyy betrays girlrl goes away to island to recoverrl meets handsome, successful single man who falls madly for herghrl is confusedbut alas, tragedy raers its ugly head and BAM A LIGHT BULB aaahhhh s love.Who doesn t like a happy ending This book gives both the quick escape from reality and a quick brain break that is sometimes needed at the end of [...]

I m a sucker for a happy ending which is why I love romance novels They always end happily ever after Kayla Perrin is such a wonderful writer and it is easy to get lost in the book and feel the same emotions that the characters feel I loved this story even though it was a cliche story about a woman on vacation who meets the man of her dreams It was a great love story, I didn t want it to end

I loved this storyI loved this story and it made me want to read from this writer I liked the characters and I hope some of them get their own story.

Too simply written but every girl loves a love story right Take me to Jamaica please

Shayna was too stubborn lol

  • Island Fantasy Best Read || [Kayla Perrin]
    381 Kayla Perrin
Island Fantasy