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1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up #(2021)

1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up

1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up

  • Title: 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up
  • Author: Julia Eccleshare Quentin Blake
  • ISBN: 9780789318763
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up By Julia Eccleshare Quentin Blake,

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up : by Julia Eccleshare Quentin Blake - 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up, Children s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up This is the best and most authoritative guide to classic and contemporary children s literature today It is the latest in the best selling series and its informative reviews are the key to diffe

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I ve finally made the kids 1001 book list in review list Plus, I ve made all the sub lists.Kids 0 3 Years review list Kids 3 Years review list Kids 5 Years review list Kids 8 Years review list Kids 12 Years review list I ve done my best to find English versions, but if I couldn t prove an English version existed I have listed the original language With all this hunting around I may have messed up at some point, too Let me know Hope this makes it easier for other people to find the books It certa [...]

I ll postpone growing up another decade In the spirit of Peter Pan, I ll remain an enthusiastic reader of children s literature as long as it can give as much delight as it did this afternoon My children and I spent wonderful hours going through this brick of a book, page for page, book for book The initial task was to list five favourites and five books to read during the year, and to give each other suggestions It ended up being than five books each, of course, and after hours of wild discuss [...]

Julia Eccleshare s 1001 Children s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up is a good actually no, pretty well a great , balanced and immensely useable reference guide and of course book selection tool for both English language and international children s books and while I generally agree with most of the inclusions, I would likely have added some and removed others, as these type of tomes are basically always at least somewhat a matter of personal taste and preference And actually, the only real [...]

All rules have exceptions, and here s a stellar example of that principle other titles I ve seen in this series have varied between dull and nauseating, but this one is absolutely terrific.I spent an hour leafing through it this afternoon, and I was blown away by the brilliant selection It s wonderfully balanced, and if the editors have any prejudice I didn t spot what it was They have all the obvious old classics Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Little Women and all the new ones Harry Pott [...]

I think this is a very good list of children s books I really like it much better than the adults version It s much international and lists books from much categories There were however a few things that bother me a bit First, I didn t like that the list loads of books that are very hard to get or only at prices the books are really not worth So what s the sense of listing them if hardly anyone can read them Second, I didn t like that the authors didn t take any interest in the availability of [...]

A feast For anyone who wants to revel in childhood nostalgia, or to find new books to read I am not ashamed to admit that I still read children s books , or to make up a reading wishlist for their kids This book is full of colour illustrations and selections from other languages ones that have been translated into English, of course , which I especially enjoyed I have always wondered what the kids in other countries are reading Gems, gems gems A real joy to read My list of Books I Want to Read t [...]

Oh, no More books I must read

Such a great resource Some of the books listed for 8 12 year olds seem a little TOO old for them to me Little Women At 12 I mean, I read it around then but I think you might have to be a pretty book nerdy 12 year old like I was However, the books from 0 3, 3 and 5 are spot on Classics as well as new favorites, a plot summary, a cover picture, author illustrator info, and an explanation of why it made the cut Wonderful.

This isn t a book you actually read cover to cover it is a reference book That said, I have enjoyed looking through it and I am pleased that I have actually read a good portion of the books listed Yes, there are some books that I would have love to have had included that aren t and some books I wouldn t have listed that are, but it is a good resource I especially enjoy reading the books for the older children, so now I have an even longer To Be Read list.

General Editor, Julia Eccleshare Over 70 contributors, plus special reviews by than 30 well known authorsThis amazing volume is a compilation of 1001 half page some whole page summaries of great children s books, from the earliest picture books through the middle grades and up It has been the source of a number of books I ve read and reviewed this winter, as I ve been perusing the suggestions for the 8 and up age ranges Whatever I can among the books I missed in my own youth, I order from the l [...]

Eccleshare, J Blake, Q 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up New York Universe Publishing Company.Citation by Margie FindleyType of Reference BibliographyCall Number Z1037.A252x 2009Description A collection of bibliographies about the best classic and contemporary children s books.Relevance and Relationship The cost is 24.19 and is a superb selection to other similar titles It is a one stop for selecting the best children s books to read or to help with collection development fo [...]

Lists exist for all kinds of reasons Groceries, things you gotta do, etc And with the proliferation of books about things you need to read, see, do, try and hear before you die, well, we ve got all the advice we need for a while This book is positively gorgeous, with simple, clean layout, and great use of original graphics It s a doorstop of a book, and wouldn t look bad sitting on the shelf And you know, I agree with a lot of the books in there What I disagree with is the way its organized Woul [...]

Something which I think is very important for people to know when commencing this book MANY titles are utterly unobtainable I don t just mean that you won t find them at your local library, I mean that they may not be in any library or for sale on any of the used book websites.For instance, Alvin Says Goodnight is difficult to obtain in any language It is nearly impossible to obtain in English I ve been trying to find one for a couple years now and have finally given up Another example is The Jo [...]

This book did actually change my life Of course, I have the adult version 1001 books you must read before you die too, and I certainly would like to read most of those books, but I never seriously contemplated doing it I heard about this book, had to have it, requested it for Christmas 2009, and then immediately began hatching plans to read all the books, and even started a yahoo group dedicated to reading all the books The only real disappointment with this book is the rather inexplicable inclu [...]

If you are looking for good books for your children or yourself , here is an excellent resource of suggestions While some might wonder whether this list is truly the perfect list of books all children should read, I suggest that it doesn t really matter if you think some don t belong on the list while others do Take the book as it is, a suggestion of good books and find some you think you would enjoy Rebecca H.Click here to find the book at the Prince William County Public Library System.

This is a book that can t seem to decide if it was meant for academics or regular people parents, children, teachers, librarians Most of the books are easily found, but many are not Some are out of print Some are not available at all except in a handful of university libraries scatted around the globe Anyone who actually wants to read all of the titles in this book will be hard pressed to find all of books It was a great idea and has a great base of terrific children s books, but as an academic [...]

Normally, a book of this scope would merit high er ratings from me, but this one is bitterly disappointing in some of the simplest ways Not just omissions of books that should be on the list It is the errors, the typos, the oversights Misspelled authors names names spelled three different ways in one entry Titles of books misreported Where were the bonehead contributors heads when they were compiling this volume Let me know when you find them

This is a delightful book with wonderful suggestions for children of all ages It is a heavy book 960 pages and well worth the time spent in perusing the wonderful descriptions, well written reviews and stunningly beautiful illustrations.This was a joy to read and I m going to buy a copy if I can find one.Highly recommended

A great reference book for parents 1001 books divided by age group Went through the book and realized I had read 135 which leaves many new books to discover Full color features pictures of book covers as well as a write up about each book.

This book was great Now, I did not read all 1001 books, and I m 18 now, so I m technically grown up I got to reconnect with my childhood and have years of memories come flooding back I think I drowned, but I m here now reviewing, so I guess I made it out okay.My happiest memories of books I read back in the early years were The Very Hungry Caterpillar , the Spot books, and The Magic Tree house series I went through the book in sections and wrote down all the books I have already read, and the on [...]

I m not going to include this in my yearly total of books read since really I just turned every page and only read a couple of the pieces No surprises here I went through this book page by page and tallied up every book I ve read in the 1001 My total was 226 This was a pretty atypical selection of must read books at least for an American This was a very international collection and I don t at all feel bad about my total because so many of the books from Sweden or Norway for example are simply bo [...]

Not read cover to cover but finding this very useful as a reference book As a new teacher this is a super book that is giving me ideas of books to put on my bookshelf and share with my class It is also helping me discover new books I had never heard of that I otherwise wouldn t have shared with the children Just amazing

Eccleshare, J 2009 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up New York, NY Universe Pub.Citation Tiffany Morgan Type of Reference Bibliography Call Number Ref 016Content Scope This reference selection includes titles of 1001 children s books The book includes both classic and contemporary children s literature Accuracy Authority Bias This is great for readers of all ages that have that passion for reading and want to make sure they are reading all the Must reads It is the latest in t [...]

Name Brandi Plumlee, LME 508Eccleshare, J Eds 2009 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up New York, NY Universe Pub.Cost 24.14 Barnes and Noble Dewey Call Number Z1037.A255 2009 Library of Congress Reading Level Anyone who enjoys children s books.Category Elementary Level Non fiction Reference BibliographyReview Citation Publishers Weekly 2009 Book Review Review of the book 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up Publishers Weekly, 256 50 , 61 Retrieved on June 16, [...]

Eccleshare, J 2009 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up New York, NY Universe Pub.Citation created by Amber ThompsonCall Number 016Description 960 pages with color illustrations containing 1001 annotations Content Scope Provides an authoritative listing of classic and contemporary children s literature that is categorized by age group and pairs each entry with expert evaluations and reproductions of artwork from the featured titlesAccuracy Authority It is the latest in the best [...]

Out of fairness, I am not rating this book until I have read books from it At this point I have only skimmed the book itself and have focused on the 0 3 year section I will update when I have read .I ve started working through this book with my 2 year old daughter I saw this as a way to find age appropriate books to read together As this book highlights children s stories from all over the world, I thought this would be a good way to find books we might not have otherwise discovered.So far, I h [...]

O.K I didn t really read it, cover to cover But I did kind of devour it And it truly was amazing I could hardly believe it when the librarian insisted that I could take this home for three weeks I kept it for six , that it wasn t a book that had to stay in the library This reference book is filled with hundreds I don t think I m exaggerating of books that I read and loved as a child, or as a reading aloud teacher and parent, and many that I never encountered Each book listed is accompanied by a [...]

I m having a lot of fun flipping through this book which I got from the library I wish my library had some sort of to read list function, but they don t, so I think I ll have to use to list all the interesting children s book that I ve never read and some I d never even heard of before I read A LOT of picture books lately, when I walk into my local library s wonderful children s room, I feel like I ve already checked out all of the books But this book shows me that could not be farther from the [...]

Eccleshare, J 2009 1001 children s books you must read before you grow up New York, NY Universe Pub Citation created by Amanda DaughertyType of reference BibliographyCall number 011.62Cost 36.95Description This book contains a list of classic and contemporary children s literature from around the world as well as reviews, evaluations from critics, and artwork from the book Content Scope Titles range from classical to contemporary works.Accuracy Authority This book is part of the 1001 series publ [...]

EXCELLENT REFERENCE BOOK This was a great bookd very fun to read I really enjoyed reading the foreign book names, then the translations This is an incredibly helpful book when trying to come up with appropriate books for your kids to read While they don t necessarily rate the books, it does do a good job on giving a fair amount of information about the book actually ruining the outcome of some so it s a bit easier making a decision on whether it will be appropriate for certain individuals.This b [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up : by Julia Eccleshare Quentin Blake
    275 Julia Eccleshare Quentin Blake
1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up