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Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child #(2022)

Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child

Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child

  • Title: Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child
  • Author: Katie Allison Granju William Sears Betsy B. Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780671027629
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child By Katie Allison Granju William Sears Betsy B. Kennedy,

There Are Parenting Styles, Which One Are You May , In attachment parenting, the parent s primary objective is to remain emotionally and physically close to their child while protecting their emotional and developmental wellness Instinctive Parenting Source familyeducation A lack of a clear parenting philosophy defines instinctive parenting styles These parents raise their children Parenting Styles Types of Effective Parenting Explained Oct , The styles of parenting that Baumrind outlined vary depending on the main factors Responsiveness and Demandingness The difference in styles was decided based on whether a parent was a high responsive or low responsive parent, and whether they were a high demanding or low demanding parent. Viewing fathers as attachment figures Counseling Today Sep , John Bowlby established attachment theory in the s and s as an addition to psychoanalytic theory Attachment theory is a secure base from which to explore close relationships that can accommodate an extensive variability of methods and findings Attachment theory proposes that affectional bonds are essential to the survival of humans. The Neurobiology of Attachment to Nurturing and Abusive Parenting combines with the transmission of parenting skills across generations to determine one s parental abilities and responses to the baby s behavior This evolutionary based theory was influenced by animal behavior and ethology and presented attachment as instinctive See generally Bowlby John A Secure Base Clinical Applications Brains Do It Lust, Attraction, and Attachment Dana Foundation Jan , Spouses in arranged marriages and long marriages frequently maintain a visible attachment to one another, express feelings of attachment, and display mutual parental duties without displaying or reporting feelings of attraction or sexual desire for this mate Marital or other long term attachment is a hallmark of humanity. How Your Parenting Style Can Affect Your Child s Mental Health Jun , Instinctive parenting in which people parent the way they were raised, good or bad Attachment parenting in which bonding with children is paramount Helicopter parenting in which parents hover like a helicopter, interfering in their kids lives Shame based parenting involves anger, punishment, and shaming The Reasons We Have Sex Psychology Today Jan , Under this broad umbrella, we find love and commitment a way to maintain a secure, deep attachment and expression one of the ultimate ways of communicating, at least with one s Co Sleeping Benefits and Drawbacks A Parent s Guide Jul , Co Sleeping The Pros and Cons of a Family Bed Co sleeping is a controversial topic among parents and pediatricians Here, we explore the drawbacks and benefits of co sleeping, with advice to help Self control Self control, an aspect of inhibitory control, is the ability to regulate one s emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses As an executive function, it is a cognitive process that is necessary for regulating one s behavior in order to achieve specific goals. A related concept in psychology is emotional self regulation Self control is thought to be like a Young people and their parents Supporting families through Changes around this time include a shift in emotional attachment between parents and adolescents As peers become central, striving for autonomy and self reliance increases, and conflict may occur as the young person tests out the boundaries Noller Patton, instinctive desire for parents and children to be reconciled, and with

Unlimited Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child - by Katie Allison Granju William Sears Betsy B. Kennedy - Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child, Attachment Parenting Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child Grow a secure attachment with your children by listening to your heart Popularized by bestselling pediatrician Dr William Sears attachment parenting encourages mothers and fathers to fully accept the

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I would say for the most part I am an attachment parentI co sleepI breastfeed on demandI cloth diaper I carry my baby in a slingbut this book is very judgemental.I use bottles and have used formula when my supply dropped and I needed to cover a few feeding gs here and thered I work this book makes it seem like I m a bad mom for doing those things d some of the languagelling a crib a baby cage really my baby loves napping in his cribybe it s cause this book is from 1999 but it just came off as ex [...]

This book has some great things to say As with pretty much every baby parenting book I read, there are things I agree with and things I don t I don t agree with AP s hardcore stance on things like the family bed, and wish they would calm down their inflammatory vocabulary choices crib babycage p.36 AP is all about breastfeeding on cue or on demand, and pretty much gives the impression that if you don t breastfeed, you re a terrible mother I DO plan to nurse hopefully for at least a year, maybe l [...]

Parenting Family I was so grateful for having read this book before having my baby It helped me to look further into the future, to see the kind of relationship that I hoped for with my child.

I need to stop reading this parenting crap among other problems, it all seems to say the SAME THING and get back to some Victorian novels Back to the library and the to read list.

This book is very judgmental to any parenting practice that does not fall under their strict outline of attachment parenting While I do love and follow some of the guidelines because they feel natural for me, it demonizes every practice that goes against it The tone of the book claims to know what s best for every parent and every baby.

Still need to read Dr sears original, but this is a good AP book Way understanding and less judgy than most Ugh, beyond the sling it has a use what works for your family and there s nothing wrong with working moms disclaimer.

I bought this book looking to understand what exactly attachment parenting means in practice, but I didn t feel like I really learned all that much I found myself skimming the majority of the book, as much time was spent on justifying what I thought was commonsense obvious reasoning behind the different recommendations, and not enough time was spent on the actual recommendations themselves with the continuous cop out that the author does not know your family and therefore cannot make specific re [...]

At first I was a bit turned off by the tone of this book the authors definitely have an agenda and that agenda is to sell you on attachment parenting practices and principles That being said, I think there are some great suggestions for people who want to parent this way From breastfeeding beyond the first year, to the pros and cons of different sling types and baby carriers, this book is chalked full of information It is also contains an enormous amount of outside references and resources If yo [...]

From the title alone it should be clear that this book is encouraging a specific style of parenting If you are new to the foundational principles of gentle parenting, this book will spell them out for you very clearly and will use some research to back up its suggestions Much of the focus of the book is on breastfeeding, baby wearing, and co sleeping sleep training It gives advice in all of these areas It does not, however, do much to address the concerns that have been raised around these issue [...]

This would be a very good introduction to attachment parenting, if it were not for the author s decision to use hilariously loaded language to describe other methods and tools of parenting Some choice examples include, artificial baby milk instead of the neutral and perfectly well understood formula and baby cages to describe cribs This tactic actually weakens her argument and plays into the hands of those who would paint AP parents as extremist That said, if you can read those phrases with a h [...]

This book makes me feel so validated in how I am choosing to parent my son I was concerned I was doing too much especially when hubby says I m spoiling him but this book shows it is a new concept to have your baby away from you so much of the day in baby cages cribs strollers swings It is the historical and natural norm to keep your baby with you constantly Love it Definitely read if you are making decisions on how to raise your child.

This was an interesting intro to attachment parenting While much of it seemed to be common sense and lifted from other resources such as anything by Dr Sears it was a simple and fast read I think this would be a great resource for new parents looking for an explanation of attachment parenting However, for those looking for clear evidence rather than biased anecdotes, another book may be appropriate.

i have to say, i did not set out to be an attachment parent, but it is indeed the way my instincts tell me to parent this book is great it spends a lot of time on the various ways that attachment parenting eases new baby care, and includes well researched sections on feeding, babywearing, cosleeping, and the book was written and organized well and easy to read, even for a new mommy with a choppy reading schedule i highly recommend it.

dr sears popularized the concepts from this book in his attachment parenting series though i respect sears and like his books, i d recommend reading this first it is so well researched and documented the information on breastfeeding alone is worth the purchase of this book she writes with warmth and wisdom and espouses a parenting philosophy that is humane as opposed to other experts who emphasize a strict, power based rewards and punishments system.

I learned so much from this book, but also had the feeling that much of it was something I already knew and felt in my heart, but got reassurance of and research to back it up by reading this book I wish I had read it earlier, when I was still in the stages of early parenting with my first I particularly enjoyed the special articles inserted throughout the book from various authorities in the field.

I absolutely loved this book Being a new parent, I was searching for philosphies that felt natural to my instincts for raising our new little one This book offered many explanations and reasonings to the way I was already parenting What I appreciated most about this book was that it made me question and think about parenting philosophies, without making me feel that there is an absolute right or wrong way In the end, I felt it was a valuable source of information.

Although I generally support an attachment parenting philosophy, I found this book to be another annoying parenting manual less preachy than many others, but preachy nonetheless The book is mainly on breastfeeding with much shorter sections on other aspects of attachment parenting I also think that the book incorrectly de emphasizes stay at home parenting as a significant aspect of attachment parenting.

A nice, easy to read overview of attachment parenting with fabulous information on breastfeeding and recommended resources I am a devoted follower of attachment parenting, but I found Granju s tone a bit off putting at times I wish she would have provided references to a lot of the claims, such as that studies have found correlations between IQ and breastfeeding duration.

I read this when my eldest was a baby There is a lot of good info in this book, but Granju s tone is preachy at times I really cannot see someone new to attachment parenting being convinced by this book if anything, it might be off putting to new parents who are trying to learn about attachment parenting I would recommend any of William and Martha Sears books over this one.

Good introduction to AP Always things to agree with or disagree with, but generally I liked it and it gave me a few things to think about Especially baby wearing loved that information review edit close

I LOVED this book although it was certainly very biased, and the information on circumcision is now outdated the AAP has withdrawn it s support of the cited study The language is a little pushy at times but I still really enjoyed it and found it very informative.

While I agree with many of the concepts this book discusses, I think the authors harp too long on reasons readers might not agree with the concepts presented They are also very judgey and redundant too much theory without any real science to back it up and not enough practicable advice Boo.

The most valuable and interesting parts of this book include the anthropological studies and the book and media resources As a parent, it helps to get a wide range of beliefs and practices in order to think through parenting choices styles.

I m totally sold on attachment parenting after reading this book I want to read on the subject, though, because this book felt very incomplete It talks a lot about breastfeeding nursing It also talks about co sleeping and babywearing, but little about other parenting issues.

this is a good overview of a parenting style that advocates a deep bond between parent child encourages communication yes even with a newborn

Sears book is comprehensive This is sound bite ish.

Not as good instructional as the Dr Sears Attachment Parenting Book though, if you d like to focus on breastfeeding as part of attachment parenting, this is your book.

a good review of the basic principles of attachment parenting a perfect introduction to the practices for a parent to be.

well documentedinterestinggood informationinflammatory language eg baby cage

I love that this book teaches how to meet your baby s needs so that they grow up to be an emotionally sound adult This approach also nurtures the relationship between baby and family.

  • Unlimited Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child - by Katie Allison Granju William Sears Betsy B. Kennedy
    115 Katie Allison Granju William Sears Betsy B. Kennedy
Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child