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The Seven #(2022)

The Seven

The Seven

  • Title: The Seven
  • Author: Sean Patrick Little
  • ISBN: 9781608440665
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
The Seven By Sean Patrick Little,

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☆ The Seven Ü Sean Patrick Little - The Seven, The Seven Chosen for their unique DNA profiles and taken from their homes as children seven teenagers have endured a decade of experimentation surgeries and gene splicing as part of the world changing projec

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Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadTooIn the first section of the book, Origins, readers meet Holly, Sarah, Andy, John, Kenny, Indigo, and Posey, a group of very unique seventeen year olds.Sarah and Holly are compassionate, Andy is funny, John is analytical, Kenny is brilliant, Indigo is irritable, and Posey is sentimental and loving Since they were taken from their families at seven and raised in the Home with only Dr Cormair, Dr Sebbins, and a crotchety housekeeper, the children have b [...]

I wrote this, my review doesn t count I do think it s a great read, though.

Reading this book felt the same as watching the first X Men movie Everything was a setup for another book Unfortunately, it seems there will never be a sequel.I enjoyed this book very much But I wish I d been able to connect with the characters It was hard, though, because everyone feels incomplete That s probably because once the action starts it never really stops Everything goes from one we need to escape and survive situation to another I left the book feeling like I didn t know anyone It s [...]

It was a beach book type read, the kind you enjoy so long as you keep reminding yourself about the willing suspension of disbelief needed for most scifi fantasy books This books needed lots of it The end where the hacker becomes the Internet by uploading himself after being shot So old and boring But some of the characters were really imaginative, like the speedster with the huge legs or the bird girl It felt like a first novel, but one where there was promise of better things to come.

The Seven is a book about seven children who have been the subjects of experimentation by a mysterious and unknown organization for ten years The story deals with their confusion and resent at their lack of freedom, how they deal with the results of the experimentation and how they use their new found abilities to rebel against those controlling them A very well written book in my opinion, although it had a few unnecessary details.

Handcrafted herosWhen you have unlimited funds in the hands of utterly amoral people what happens A plot to overthrow all the world s governments with generally modified kids The only fly in the ointment The kids.

This book has a lot potential than what came through I thought there was some confusion about the target audience in places and characters tended to have many moments of uncharacteristic insight or dropping the ball It s still a decent read though

I tried to read this and just couldn t get into it The characters felt wooden I think it may have been a mistake to try to tell a story with seven separate protagonists.

Was an ok book that seemed limited to only setting the characters up.

It was an entertaining read but I had some issues with this Mainly that for seven kids who were raised from the age of seven to be super soldiers with super powers they where quite stupid

One timer that, as many have said, has a lot of glaring flaws Really needed a few revisions and some attention to detail for character and story consistency Wouldn t read it again.

I don t understand anything from this book Sure, they explained themselves, but it didn t make any sense in the end to me.

  • ☆ The Seven Ü Sean Patrick Little
    403 Sean Patrick Little
The Seven