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Dinner of Herbs #(2022)

Dinner of Herbs

Dinner of Herbs

  • Title: Dinner of Herbs
  • Author: Catherine Cookson
  • ISBN: 9780552125512
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
Dinner of Herbs By Catherine Cookson,

Unlimited Dinner of Herbs - by Catherine Cookson - Dinner of Herbs, Dinner of Herbs A legacy of hatred can be a terrible force in life over which not even an enduring love and all the fruits of material success may prevail Catherine Cookson explores this theme in a major novel that w

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I used to read Catherine Cookson novels as a young girl, and always enjoyed them A Dinner of Herbs was given to me, and I find I still enjoy her strong female characters and stories of hardship, cruelty and love conquering all The tale covers 3 generations of a family living in the harsh conditions of a rural community in Northumberland at the beginning of the nineteenth century It is perhaps interesting to note that the main protagonist in the beginning is a very sensitive if loud mouthed woman [...]

When I was a student I did an exhange to a college in Brussels for 6 months I was 19, staying in appaling student digs and I had no money except for belgian beer and chocolate, obv Luckily for me, Brussels is or was back then overflowing with secondhand english bookshops I don t know why i m telling you this as this isn t one of the books I got from a 2nd hand book shop Anyway, I was poor and had no TV or other distractions from studying and so I was desperate and would read anything going When [...]

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith What a great read and introduction to Catherine Cookson This is a family saga set in the 1800s and spans four generations The characters are well developed and the writing is excellent I didn t want the story to end

Always and forever, my favorite author.

I have read a lot of Catherine Cookson and enjoy them all but this would be her best out of all I have read so far.

Absolutely brilliant story that I really enjoyed Easy to read but very hard to put down.

I put off reading this book for months as it is old written in the 80 s When I finally got to reading it, I was pleasantly surprised The story is very good, about a working family in 18th century England and their hatreds and loves and how they reconciled the two The dialogues were put together quite nicely so much so that the emotions were clearly displayed innuendoes, seething words, loving words, words that brought peace, words that brought understanding, words full of rage 5 superstars for m [...]

My favourite book I have ever read I first read it as a teenager and get as much from it reading it for the 10th time as I did the first time I usually end up sitting up all night to read it Such a well written story of hardship and love, had me laughing one minute and crying the next, it stirs all the emotions and leaves you exhausted at the end I will have to dig it out again, been a while since the last read.

Probably one of my favourite Catherine Cookson books My mum recommended it to me because she thought it was her favourite book she had read I like the way Catherine Cookson writes I love the old time settings she creates and the research she puts into knowing about the era and what went on in those times.

One of my favourite Cookson books of all time It is a long read, but a good one As in most of Cookson s books she writes with strong female characters overcoming some miserable circumstance or misfortune I also love the English accents given her characters If you like books set in old England and well developed characters, you will enjoy books by Catherine Cookson

I read all of Catherine Cookson s books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley I recently re read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed However I m sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

Ms Cookson s books are supreme reading Her biography is extremely interesting She began writing novels in order to help the severe depression she had She ended up writing over 150 books Every book I ve read that she s written has held my interest.

Another great book from this author.Back Cover Blurb Roddy Greenbank was brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the autumn of 1807 Within hours of their arrival, however, the father had met with a violent death and the boy was left with all memory gone.

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One of my favorite Catherine Cookson books.

My Favorite Book of all times so far

I have read this on my kindle and as a book again another book that I have read twice It was also made into a movie

A facsinating story.

i liked it.

I did not like this book at all It was nothing at all to do with the writing The main characters were not likeable or sympathetic at all.

Became a Catherine Cookson fan after reading The Cinder Path Although a long book it could end after part one if you aren t captured into discovering about this family.

read while in jail Actual rating 2.5

Another end of winter read with hubbyd an enjoyable one.

  • Unlimited Dinner of Herbs - by Catherine Cookson
    227 Catherine Cookson
Dinner of Herbs