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Marvellous Hairy #(2022)

Marvellous Hairy

Marvellous Hairy

  • Title: Marvellous Hairy
  • Author: Mark A. Rayner
  • ISBN: 9781926617084
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
Marvellous Hairy By Mark A. Rayner,

✓ Marvellous Hairy Ï Mark A. Rayner - Marvellous Hairy, Marvellous Hairy Marvellous Hairy a novel in five fractals So hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune but if you re a surrealistic artiste with an addiction to Freudian mythology an

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This book was simply a joyous romp about life, love, and of course monkeys When reading it Douglas Adams, Ron Goulart, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr and Fredric Brown all came to mind, and those are not names I throw around lightly the book is that good folks The book starts out at a wedding ceremony that is soon turned into chaos when the Reverend and his accomplice, an aspiring writer, let loose a horde of monkeys and a Komodo Dragon I knew from that completely absurd yet sublime beginning I could well fa [...]

An enjoyable book, with a likable main character and several laugh out loud moments The ensemble cast of eccentric characters reminded me a bit of some of Philip Dick s work, particularly Through a Scanner Darkly.

I won a copy of this book and had it mailed to me by the author directly He also signed my copy Thanks, Mark From.Com and the author s web site, here is a rundown Hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune, but if you re a surrealistic artiste with an addiction to Freudian mythology and guilt free sex, turning into a monkey has its upsides Nick Motbot may be evolving as a novelist, but his friends aren t too sure about his DNA at least, not since Gargantuan Enterp [...]

Simply Fabulist I was somewhat hoping I wouldn t enjoy this book so that I could entitle the review Marvellous Hardly but, alas, it turned out to be a very enjoyable romp through the madcappery of an all too familiar fictitious setting, so, much to my chagrin, I had to think up a whole new review title Thank you, Mark A Rayner, for robbing me of that pithy idea It was going to be really funny.As most of us have, from time to time, you ve likely asked yourself the question What would happen if Ca [...]

An embarrassing number of months ago, a writer named Mark A Rayner, with whom I associate on Twitter, sent me an autographed copy of his novel Marvellous Hairy I was excited to read it as Mark s tweets are always entertaining You can find his website here Then, of course, schoolwork started to pile up and I became unable to read a single thing that wasn t about Modern Human Genetics So, on my recent trip to Michigan I finally opened er up, not at all knowing what to expect At that point, all I r [...]

Marvellous Hairy is a new wave of Fabulist Satire set in the near future, centred around the research being carried out in a frightening behemoth of a corporation called Gargen or Gargantuan Enterprises Gargen specialises, secretly, in the reconstruction of human DNA It is headed by the insipid megalomaniac Ted Shute So begins a glorious adventure of corporate greed, drugs, lascivious sex and the unleashing of one s inner monkey.To say this book is simply funny would be to gloss over it s delici [...]

I was going to describe Mark Rayner s writing as a cross between Phillip K Dick and Douglas Adams, but some dick not Phillip already beat me to it It s right there on the back cover Stole my analogy What a dick So now I m forced to try to describe the weirdness without comparison to well established, popularly understood and accessible weirdness That s going to be difficult And probably weird.As the story unfolds, an unfortunate experimental subject, Nick, is undergoing a transformation into a p [...]

I can t help but see shadows of both Shakespeare s A Midsummer s Night Dream for the cast of Rayner s living characters and Dicken s A Christmas Carol for the dead ones in this great story And I specifically mean shadows, because it s mostly the darker, edgier bits that make it into Marvellous Hairy creating a thoroughly modern tale of genetics, marketing, sex and pheremones that still somehow feels as familiar as any classic fairy tale.Mark Rayner s descriptions are vivid Every character is lar [...]

My God this was a bloody funny book, a funny book with a potentially insanely important message for our greed driven so called civilisation that has buried our inner monkeys so deep that even our dreams are lacking because of it Told through the reflective narrations of Rob Goodman as he tries to save his friend from devolving into his monkey self at the hands of the power hungry Ted Shute as well as his own soul as he tries to undo what his work has helped create In turn Shute is trying to save [...]

I won I m excited to have won this book in a giveaway This book was very different than most others I have read It took me a while before I opened it to begin reading The size of the book was difficult to handle, it was very small The picture on the front of the book didn t intrigue me, and actually scared me a little The story was not what I would have expected by the title or the cover picture It was basically the story of a guy who works for or at least until he quit a scientific corporation [...]

Marvellous Hairy is a weird little beast, a blending of the anything for a laugh mentality of Adams with the experimental abandon of early Philip K Dick Is it satire Science fiction A piercing exploration into the nature of being Good natured sex romp The publisher, Crossing Chaos, has labelled Marvellous Hairy as being Fabulist Satire, which is as good a way as any to say that categorizing Rayner s work is a near hopeless task Read the rest of the review here.

Marvellously manic How can you not enjoy a bawdy tale that includes experimental drugs that turn a guy into an ape, a ghost and crazy kidnappers with a side plot love story thrown in for balance This was a fun read.

This was an interesting story which intertwines alot of seemingly unrelated topics, the releasing of animals at a wedding, the changing of DNA, Two kidnappings and even a ghost very well

A hilarious satire that I couldn t put down You ll never look at our monkey brethren the same way again I laughed myself into a loss of bowel control at one point it s that funny

Review copy from author signed Mark A Rayner is an author with a fantastical sense of humor and a dangerous imagination Part big corporation take down, part scientific bizarro experimentation, this novel is perfect for fans of the strange and unlikely Full of mayhem, madness, and monkey business, Marvellous Hairy takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride through the many layered friendships of Nick, a man who is willing to sell his body to science for a couple of bucks Max, a doctor who tak [...]

Check it out, a novel that makes one question many things in our society today and uses the vehicle of comedy and the bizarre to get us there Laugh while we think, I enjoy that Yes, it is time to release the monkeys Marvellous Hairy is a sincere novel that is totally different than anything I have read in a while It is a seriously disjointed narrative wrapped around a wonderful array of colorful characters that takes the reader on a thought provoking ride through corporate America, greed, and a [...]

A lot of funny, quirky characters in search of a Shakespearean play in a highbrow romp of a sci fi story There s an evil megacorp and a devolving humanoid author as well as many minor dramatic players who find themselves caught up in a midsummer night s kidnapping plot Very witty narration and a lot of action and amusing banter make this a quick read from about a quarter of the way through to the end Many of the characters are taken directly from Midsummer Night s Dream Robin Goodfellow Puck bec [...]

The copy on the back of Marvellous Hairy bills it as a novel about a man who is turning into a monkey However, it goes far beyond that The story revolves around a giant, evil corporation nicknamed Gargantuan Enterprises and the people who want to bring it down, then before you know it, there are ghosts, kidnapping, lizards, sex, and drugs thrown in for good measure.Let me make a confession I don t find monkeys inherently funny Their similarity to humans is amusing, sure, but it s been overdone G [...]

Marvellous Hairy is an odd book Starts out odd, moves to a little bit odder, retains some of that oddness throughout the middle and ends happily ever after, a little oddly Wonderfully odd Bizarre even Think Christopher Moore, think Chuck Palahniuk although not quite as disgusting as Palahniuk No I take that the back In the opening scene, monkey s throw poop at an otherwise normal conservative wedding and a body part eating komodo dragon is released into the audience So parts are disgusting enoug [...]

The reader s point of entry is at a wedding in progress when once the officiation is over, the acting priest a drug addled psychologist ordained by an internet sect calls out release the monkeys From there, the chaotic tale refuses to forfeit its absurdist hi jinx and scrambled episodes The purposely decentered plot involves Nick Motbot, a surrealist novelist whose DNA is being altered by Gargantuan Enterprises so that he regresses to the level of a lower primate Rayner s offhand and quirky narr [...]

If you re a fan of Canadian humor, monkeys, lizards, sex, monkey sex, lizard sex, Shakespeare, satire, crime fiction, eccentric characters, ensemble comedies, or all of the above as I am then Marvellous Hairy is a book for you oo oo oo Here s just a few things this book offers An evil corporation run by a megalomaniac bent on taking over the world a starving writer who deals drugs and lets lecherous scientists shoot him full of a serum that is designed to de evolve human DNA a sexy vixen who may [...]

I knew I wanted to read this book when I heard the author read from it at last summer s WorldCon in Montreal For one thing, the section he read from was set in a drugstore Now, my husband is a pharmacist, and believe me, the vast comedic possibilities of drugstores are a gold mine most satire and humour writers seem to miss The fact that Mark Rayner had recognized this made me respect him instantly The reading only got better from there, by turns funny, absurd, and poignant, and I knew I wanted [...]

This is a delightfully bizarre romp Mark s writing is not unnecessarily embellished, he gets to the point while still being descriptive, and his dialogue sounds like something I d overhear at the Grad Club over at Hated University The story is something that any sci fi loving reader will enjoy, but in some ways it feels like a MacGuffin which is just fine because the characters are so endearing that you are happy to get to know them.On the surface the story is about evil corporate science and ca [...]

Marvellous Hairy is a wonderfully written tale that engrosses you from beginning to end Rayner throws a lot at you, packing the story with characters, subplots, and information, but does so tastefully Instead of being overwhelmed, I was just captivated with Rayner s writing.Rayner packs in the characters in this novel, but gives the reader a guide as to who everyone is at the beginning Much like a Shakespearean play, which I reckon Rayner pulled a lot of inspiration from, a list of characters is [...]

I won this back on and remember when I received it that I wondered why I tried to win it It looked weird and it soudned weird Starting to read didn t help to change the feeling.But when I had read already a lot of it I suddenly noticed that I was actually enjoying the way it was written I still didn t have a clue what I was reading about,but the way it was written was very catchy.And luckily suddenly the story also started to make some sense.I would still say it was a very weird story but I fini [...]

Overall I liked this book As we follow the man character Rob , we meet a lot of very strange people who are all somewhat connected We learn about an evil organization that is doing illegal human testing on Rob s best friend Nick We also learn of other experiments this organization is planning that could potentially ruin the world This is just one of the plots in this book, there are many, but they did come together in the end in the form of revenge The book was very strange, but in a good way It [...]

I feel so badly I have loved Mark A Rayner s other books but this one just didn t grab me I can t tell you how often I nearly put it aside I am glad I finished it The characters did grow on me after than halfway into the book Look, maybe it was just me I kept thinking that this is a guy s book So if you are a guy, maybe you will like this and find the farting around to be great fun.

Marvellous Hariy was an enjoyable journey Mark A Rayner has created a world that Tom Stoppard would love to roam in If you enjoy Neil Gaiman, you will enjoy this five act book with all the laughs of Christopher Moore Check it out

Wow I won this i can t believe it I m looking forward to reading it D D D

Great plot device Sharp wit throughout Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • ✓ Marvellous Hairy Ï Mark A. Rayner
    388 Mark A. Rayner
Marvellous Hairy