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Dead Midnight #(2021)

Dead Midnight

Dead Midnight

  • Title: Dead Midnight
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9780446612524
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
Dead Midnight By Marcia Muller,

[PDF] Dead Midnight | by ↠ Marcia Muller - Dead Midnight, Dead Midnight Stretching flat across the water the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is a popular spotr jumpers Roger Nagasawa a brilliant employee at a popular Internet magazine is its latest suicide and veteran

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The last couple of books before this one in the series weren t so much to my taste and I stopped reading the series for a while But this one was spot on for me and tough to put down Thankful to have a bit of humor here and there amid the tragedies.

22 in the Sharon McCone series This novel is permeated by Sharon s thoughts of her brother Joey, who has committed suicide, although none the action is directly related to Joey The action is driven by the suicide of Roger Nagasawa, whose parents claim was caused to hid death by working conditions at an online magazine Sharon is supposedly hired to investigate the magazine s working conditions, but the plot is quickly diverted to uncovering criminous goings on A rewarding story if you stick with [...]

If you live in the Bay Area, that s a pretty upsetting cover It s a crystal clear, perfect rendition of the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, with someone going over It speaks of suicide, as the Bridge is the second most popular suicide spot in the world, claiming an average of 30 lives in a year in recent times Frankly, I think it s an irresponsible cover But, it also immediately ties to the plot, sort of Except the suicide that opens the novel occurs on the Bay Bridge Sigh The mystery itself is [...]

A Good Mystery

I m not an objective judge of Marcia Muller s writing this is book 22 in the Sharon McCone series and it would be near impossible for Muller to come up with a plot twist which would alienate me at this point That said, I thought the introduction of a dot com business into this book was likely to make it end up being rather lousy I should really trust Muller than this She s always woven topical themes into her books and it doesn t age them Sharon s been investigating for 25 years now and if anyt [...]

So here s the thing I ve been reading Marcia Muller for nigh on 20 years now but I did take a break For about 5 years I was cruising through the sale books on Nook and I saw a bunch of Muller s titles I suddenly missed Sharon McCone, the hard boiled San Francisco PI and her hippie collective Even though McCone has become a corporate investigator than collective member, she still belongs in that rare category of uncompromising professional females Like V.I Warshawski Like Nina O Reilly LIke Kins [...]

Another great Sharon McCone story.Sharon McCone has decided to throw herself into work so she can get past her brother s suicide, but the wrongful death suit she is working on hits too close to home It s a civil case in which the family of a young zine em ployee claims his suicide was the result of his company s treatment of him In his final journal entry, Roger Nagasawa describes his fatal plunge from the San Francisco Bridge as being swept away from sadness With the help of her friend, J.D Smi [...]

DEAD MIDNIGHT GHoag, TamiPI Sharon McCone is trying to understand her brother Joey s recent suicide Roger Nagasawa, scion of a wealthy Japanese American family, has killed himself Roger s heartbroken parents plan to sue his employer, a hip online magazine, for wrongful death because of rud brutal working conditions As usual in McCone mysteries, greed and corruption lie beneath the surface First, Jody Houston, Roger s friend to whom he d revealed illegal financial activities at the magazine, disa [...]

In the 21st installment of Marcia Muller s Sharon McCone PI series, Dead Midnight, Sharon tackled her toughest case yet After the suicide death of her brother, she plunged herself into work, when the next case hit too close to home She investigated the death of Roger Nagasawa, who was a brilliant employee on an online magazine In his last post, he blamed his death on the treatment of his employers, when he jumped off the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge From there, she learned shocking secrets w [...]

There was a poster up at the library celebrating female mystery writers Sara Paretsky, Sue Grafton, Marcia Muller Hunh Who I had never heard of her, so I promptly checked out this book It s a good mystery, although there were a few too many asides about old cases and I m assuming previous books for my taste You know, where the narrator is describing a part of town, like the Embarcadero and then mentions that s where she was shot in the arm by a drug lord a few years back It was annoying when I h [...]

I didn t know this was a series of detective novels, I picked it up from SOE s book exchange I think I d like to try others This is an interesting story about someone who jumped off the Bay Bridge while working for an on line zine and the family wants to blame the way the company was run to sue them There are good twists though as a reader you cannot solve the mystery you also don t feel like she s pulling something from left field that totally makes you feel you aren t left out in the cold as a [...]

This was my first to read of this character and author I found the book intriguing and easy to read The plot really thickens so one must pay attention to all the characters Sharon McCone gets herself in a murder and also deals with the sucide death of her brother asking why There s mystery and the characters due develop as the book progresses The location is San Francisco which is very appealing for me since I live 90 miles East of SF I have another one of her books already waiting on my nightst [...]

I hadn t read a Marcia Muller novel in years I enjoy them, but for some reason I have to look for her books they don t just fall in my lap like so many others I had forgotten what a good author she was I get so much mediocre material for my kindle, that it is wonderful to read someone who plots so well and handles a number of interesting and complex characters with seeming ease I need to fill in the ones I have missed.

The basic mystery was fascinating what made Roger Nagasawa jump off the Bay Bridge Was it the demanding life of an on line magazine staffer, or did he know the wrong secret Then Sharon s news reporter friend died following the same trail Sharon was.I moved through this book slowly than most of the others It felt like it was padded with too many subplots But as you can see, I still gave it 4 stars.

Sharon McCone mysteries take place in San Francico I ve been reading them since the early 1990s and followed Sharon s adventures in the city and surrounding Bay Area I like novels that take place in San Francisco because I know it so well and can picture the places written about I also like women detectives This one is a good one.

This was yet another well done Muller thriller Sharon McCone is investigating the suicide of a man who was working for and also creating an expose of the same firm The characters are diverse, many unlikable, and catch your interest The minor characters, Sharon s employees, are not really minor and add to the narrative All in all, good reading and a novel that will keep you up late.

Sharon McCone does it again A mix of her staff, friends and clients become vivid in a short space of time haven t we been living with some of them for years Problem may seem simple, problem becomes nigh impossible, problem is solved after life threatening denoument Maybe the body in the freezer was too much No matter, all is well On to the next

I love this series, but had missed this one which has the story of a crucial part so Sharon McCone s personal life Along with solving a complex mystery, Sharon experiences and thinks about the feelings of friends and families of people who have committed,suicide Her insights are thought provoking.

Marcia Muller does it again Entertains and engages the reader at every turn I love how she brings in San Francisco history, and in this book it was a delightful tidbit of history at the Beach Chalet restaurant Made me want to go check out the view Love the Sharon McCone character and I always wonder what she will be up to next Keep em coming Ms Muller

I m not sure why I get so excited when I see a Sharon McCone mystery that I haven t read I don t really care about the characters Maybe the setting and the plot are good enough to get me through I just keep reading them in between really juicy books Three stars is my very, very middle of the road review mark.

I didn t even get this book listed as being read, but I m carrying on making my way through Muller s books with Sharon McCone as the protagonists As I ve said before, part of my interest is that her books are mostly set in San Francisco, which I am familiar with It adds to my enjoyment I m glad she keeps on writing books.

I do not think this was one of the better stories in the series The mystery was a pretty good one but it s not what the protagonist was actually investigating so it sometimes seemed like you were looking at it from a distance I think this removed some of the tension from the story.

Sharon McCone has changed over the course of this series, but not in a negative way she has maintained her ties with those who helped her out in the beginning, and as she has aged, there have been complications in her life, as you would expect Good series well worth reading

There s a lot of jerking from one place or time to another, some of the characters are completely undeveloped Overall, I m not a picky reader, and I like this story okay, but


Dot com mystery

Nicely balanced between the mystery and the personal stories.

Great mystery another Sharon McCone, and a good one Loved it.

I thought the end was a bit pat, or perhaps McCone s acceptance arrived at too soon, but on the whole pretty good With 20 books in the series, they can t all be stellar.

Another good one by this author The stories involve the same detective so I like that concept but it is a different story I plan to read by this author.

  • [PDF] Dead Midnight | by ↠ Marcia Muller
    343 Marcia Muller
Dead Midnight