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Oracle #(2022)



  • Title: Oracle
  • Author: Mike Resnick JimBurns
  • ISBN: 9781932100761
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
Oracle By Mike Resnick JimBurns,

[PDF] Oracle | by ↠ Mike Resnick JimBurns - Oracle, Oracle Since she was a little girl all humanity has been frightened by Penelope Bailey s awesome psychic talent and her ability to bend events and men to her will Now a grown woman and living on the planet

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Oracle is the second book in the Penelope Bailey trilogy Note While there are no spoilers for this book in this review, this is a sequel to Soothsayer and there will be some spoilers for that one here Oracle is sufficiently developed to be read on it s own, but it much better to read the series in order The Penelope Bailey series is set in the same universe as Resnick s stand alone novel Santiago, a setting where larger than life characters face life not dissimilar to that of the wild west, exce [...]

I read this book because it was the sequel to Soothsayer, but I think I was a lot less interested in it once I realized it took place after Penelope was already an adult I like books about super special children They re fun I remember beginning to read the book and seeing that Penelope now lived apparently by herself sitting around choosing futures by seeing which possible futures exist and then making the one she wants a reality by moving in a certain way as in, she might see three futures, and [...]

The Oracle Penelope, now grown operates her soothsayer activities from a cold and distant home on a remote planet When the powers that be decide she may be affecting their ability to govern how they wish to, various parties are hired for various purposes some to kidnap her, some to kill her But it s not so easy to sneak up on a woman who can not only see, but easily change the future I read this book after tentatively liking some of the ideas in the previous book, but disconnected quickly for tw [...]

This is an excellent continuation to the first book Even though it is a second book in the series, it stands well on it s own because it is removed in time far enough that it can be read without having read the first book But why would you not want to read the first book as well if you are about to read the series.The book is a mix between a western and mystery thriller set in futuristic science fiction world It is a story driven book that doesn t get you attached to any of the characters They a [...]

Science fiction, space travel, aliens, other planets This was okay I did not read the first in the series, so some of the events alluded to in the book did not make too much sense This is a story about a powerful seer, who can see infinite futures and can choose by moving a certain wayoddly enough which future will come to pass This sounds all powerful, but in reality there are too many for her to pay attention to all at once so she is not as omnipotent as others think she is I was surprised at [...]

Not much dramatic tension I already have the sequel The 3 characters aren t very deep, and the Oracle doesn t really have a personality The Inner Frontier isn t that compelling.Resnick avoids breaking his own definition of Oracular power in this book, at least there s a contrived excuse for the Oracle s knowledge, so she doesn t have clarivoyance to go with her precognition, and she does things like turn her head silly, but better than completely glossed over , rather than just deciding how the [...]

The Penelope Bailey trilogy is a well plotted, well written study of a specially gifted person and her interactions with the rest of society, and how society treats her because of her abilities The titles explain the progression as she ages Soothsayer, Oracle, Prophet and the characterizations as Resnick explores those who want to help, exploit, kill, etc are among his most thoughtful They re fast paced, interesting books.

Signed Win CopyWho is Penelope Bailey a.k.a the Oracle and why is everyone after her dead or alive Ever since she was a young girl people fear her psychic abilities and her ability to bend things As an adult living in Hades she becomes a target to a bounty hunter and a rogue cyborg In a game of cat and mouse as Penelope eludes her hunters.Interesting read with a small cameo near the end of the main character as we wait ti see what will happen to her along the way.

Like for the first book of the trilogy, Soothsayer, I found this a well told, quirky tale that somehow disappointed overall The problem I had with the whole series is it is really organised around the work of bounty hunters, which is ultimately less satissfying than something focussed towards human values Worth reading but not what I was hoping given the title.

A Mike Resnick space opera, and he really knows how to do them well This is part of a series, but I don t remember a lot about it except that it centered around a girl with exceptional mental talents.

Mike Resnick is one of those authors I want to like than I do and this book is a perfect example of the problem.The central conflict sounds like it should be good but the characters are flat and there s a lack of any sort of visceral threat so you end up not caring about what happens.

Still don t like the voice used by the author, but might be good in comparison to other space operas I wouldn t know I m curious enough about where the book is going to finish the series Better then the first book Good for a quick skim.

whole thing sort of felt like a prologue for prophet which is a cheap way to write the middle of a trilogystill, though, i ll be starting prophet right now

Oracle is the second book in the Penelope Bailey trilogy The Penelope Bailey series is set in the same universe as Resnick s Santiago books A good read for fans of Space Opera.

I have read this book a long time ago 10 years or nonetheless I vividly remember a lot of the story, so it was a very good book therefore the 4 stars rating.

Just as much as a romp as the first Fun and entertaining, quick read and snappy dialog The book equivalent of a popcorn flick.

More in the Santiago universe You get about what you expect, with a sufficient number of brutal yet somehow funny deaths to keep you entertained Not a good book, but fun and fluffy.

  • [PDF] Oracle | by ↠ Mike Resnick JimBurns
    131 Mike Resnick JimBurns