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I'm A Turkey! #(2022)

I'm A Turkey!

I'm A Turkey!

  • Title: I'm A Turkey!
  • Author: Jim Arnosky
  • ISBN: 9780439903646
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
I'm A Turkey! By Jim Arnosky,

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↠ I'm A Turkey! ↠ Jim Arnosky - I'm A Turkey!, I m A Turkey A REALLY fun song full of facts about turkeys by award winning naturalist Jim Arnosky As he did in GOBBLE IT UP Jim Arnosky has created a charming picture book from a catchy spoken word song that i

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Positive depictions of this misunderstood bird are hard to come by, so I m pleased to report that this book is a joyous celebration of turkeys without a single peep about Thanksgiving or cranberry sauce The book starts out on a winning note, in which youngsters learn that turkeys, like us, have families I got a turkey dad and a turkey mom I got a turkey brother and sister, too And they have a rich vocabulary of sounds with which to communicate We putt and peep and squawk and squabble Talking tur [...]

An extra half star for a book about turkeys that mention nothing about how they re used by humans 3 stars Also, the story is told with a singing cadence so while normally I hate promotions for anything other than the book on a book s cover, in this case the ability to download the free original song that goes with this book was something I found welcome, even though I didn t take advantage of it.This is a book about wild turkeys It s somewhat informative though for fun than for education, but r [...]

The recording of Arnosky performing this sounds a bit like Pete Seeger doing Talking Union it s spoken rather than sung.And in listening you will hear the problem with this book some of the verses don t work well read aloud, and there is no consistent overall pattern You will really have to work this book to make it work.Despite this, the art is great I mean this is Jim Arnosky and the verses are fun.It would be worth trying with a group Just don t try reading it cold this would need to be pract [...]

A fun little story with great illustrations all about turkeys and how they live.

I love using this book each year in my preschool science class I ve read a lot of the comments here about how there s an odd rhythm to this book, and it is a little odd if you haven t heard Jim Arnosky s recording of the story, which is set to music When I read this book aloud to my class, I walk them through the book first reading the text and explaining any new words, such as Boeing 747 , wary , etc Then we start the book again and this time, I tell the children that this time they will hear t [...]

I did library story times for preschoolers for ten years and this was one of my favorites to use at Thanksgiving time It s short enough to read to younger preschoolers, but it also imparts some true facts about wild turkeys The rhyming text encourages emerging literacy skills and keeps their interest I like the realistic details on the turkeys they are not overly cartoonish like so many depictions of turkeys in picture books.

it s a very cute story about wild turkeys I like that is simply about wild turkeys with some fun facts about them and not centered around eating and breeding them The song is fun and I think kids would like it around thanksgiving time.

This is my go to Thanksgiving book for storytimes If you don t think this book is 5 stars, you haven t heard Jim Arnosky s song that goes with this book What s that in the bushes over there anyway Hilarious

I first ran across the book at the library My sons loved it so much I purchased it My husband, my parents, and myself know this book by heart without looking at it we ve read it so much Lol

A quite book if you need to bring down the energy Good for 4 , but limited story.

Cute, but the verse is really off in than a few places, which makes it a challenging read aloud Maybe the song as sung is better Illustrations are great and highly entertaining funny.

This is, out of the small number of Thanksgiving themed books we ve read this holiday, the best of the best I m not sure if it s really a four star book or if it s shining brighter because of what came before it The text is in rhyme which is preferable to both of us Julia loves when we find a good story that I can read to her and which has a nice, melodic flow to it I can t say I disagree This is about turkeys and how they comminucate, live together, multiply, etc.It s very, very short, there is [...]

I m a Turkey is a fun Thanksgiving holiday book Before Thanksgiving break this book would be fun to read aloud in a classroom The students could interact with the book when the Turkey gobbles This will grab the students attention and they will be eager to participate If my classroom was working on predications in a book I will stop at certain points and ask the class what they think will happen next This will help student learn to make predation when they read independent, which is an important [...]

This is the perfect book to open a storytime about food, fun and family because it is all about all three of these concepts Immediately we meet Tom, a wild turkey, who in rhyme introduces us to his family and the other turkeys of his flock of 102 The illustrations are bright, the text has a great read aloud rhythm and the humor is obvious even to my two and three year old audience They giggled and one even stated, Well, that s just silly Very engaging storytime book There was even an opportunity [...]

This is a really neat book that exceeded my expectations There is a ton of interesting turkey tidbits inside about turkey life This would be a really good introductory activity or science lesson, and it can easily be manipulated to cover a variety of topics Personally, I would love this as a Thanksgiving read, as long as it doesn t make for too many picky kids at the dinner table which point a Circle of Life conversation may be in order.

We enjoyed listening to Jim Arnosky sing this song at scholastic arnosky while we followed along with the book The song is fairly short, but teaches children about turkeys The illustrations are fantastic and really show turkeys in all their glory We enjoyed reading this book together.

I m not sure why, but I was not overly impressed by this story It was rhyming and catchy, but I wasn t that thrilled The author talks in the first person voice of a turkey, describing how they fly and their families, etc It would be good for talking about turkeys with young children around Thanksgiving.

This books is short on text, has great pictures with a bent of non fictioness to it However only my Preschool Class at the library seem to get this book I also shared it with a 4 year old class and young 5 s who I thought it work work best at since it was short on text, but that wasn t the case It s hard to find the best audience for some of these books

The author illustrated real facts about Turkey in a natural and in fun way He received a number of awards and honors for his artwork I personally love I am a Turkey because I am a Turkey story provides facts and interesting information about the big American bird For enjoyment, teachers can download and use a song for grape children s attention.

I think my sister would appreciate that the turkeys in this book look pretty realistic That being said, making a turkey seem like your friend might not be the best path to take for a toddler young child right before Thanksgiving dinner so Probably less of an issue in California where wild turkeys don t just roam around the neighborhood.

I always seem to like Jim Arnosky because his books are so much fun to share with little ones This one takes the naturalist illustrations one better by adding fun music has found a nice marketing with the download of the song making using this fun and easy even for non singing teachers.

This was a superb book for a read aloud The kids asked questions, made comments and loved to say gobble gobble when prompted The author made the story into a song, and you can download it for free through scholastic The kids were crazy about listening to the song while I turned the pages Great book for kids.

A jive talking turkey tells us all about what it s like to live in the wild with his flock A nice perspective about turkeys that doesn t even mention Thanksgiving or eating them Big, colorful illustrations cover the entire pages, showing turkeys in a stylized, but still realistic way.Excellent for story times because of the rhyming cadences and appropriately limited text.

Jim Arnosky has created a charming picture book from a catchy, spoken word song that is a favorite in schools everywhere This humorous song, filled with factual information about turkeys is fun for Thanksgiving and all year around I didn t realize it was a song Very simplistic SDC class loved the gobble, gobble

This book was read for Wesley s summer reading club Wesley is my soon to be five year old son This review is what we used for his reading club Cute story Wesley loves stories about turkeys I don t know what it is about turkeys but Wesley loves reading about them I didn t think this book was at his level, but he still enjoyed it.

Kinder Great Read Aloud to discuss elements of fiction Paired this with Arnosky s ALL ABOUT TURKEYS, which is nonfiction, and we compared the two books and why one if fiction and the other nonfiction.

I m downloading the song from scholastic to play to little ones during a Thanksgiving storytime Story and art are simple, but Jim Arnosky singing his folksy turkey song will be a big hit with the younger crowd.

Description This story tells about being a turkey from the turkey s perspective The mood is set through the wonderful use of pictures and word play Implementation ideas This would be a great book around Thanksgiving or to introduce lesson on the author s point of view.

I realize this is written in the voice of a turkey, so atrocious grammar and plot should be forgivable since we can assume turkeys are dumb creatures , but I can t find any enthusiasm or merits to mention for this book.

Meet a turkey Turkey shares a glimpse at his life as a wild turkey This is not a Thanksgiving book, but it s a fun book about turkeys which many people eat during the holidays.Theme ThanksgivingReviewed from a library copy.

  • ↠ I'm A Turkey! ↠ Jim Arnosky
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I'm A Turkey!