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Chantepleure #(2021)



  • Title: Chantepleure
  • Author: LindaRobinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
Chantepleure By LindaRobinson,

Free Download Chantepleure - by LindaRobinson - Chantepleure, Chantepleure Three remarkable women friends who have survived four decades together face a momentous year in their lives Margo Sawyer feels her marriage dissolving and a career that has sustained her less rewardi

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A lyrical, bitter n sweet bouquet of reckoning at the three score mark , the juncture of KR s the time for counting when the dealings done arrived Woest those for whom the tally doesn t add up Repurposing from the path to hell, paved with good intentions, is a ponderous thing the maze of life has suddenly grown an infinitude of multiple new dead ends doors slammed shut forever, avenues of pursuit relegated to unrealised possibility in perpetuity Do you settle with your fools gold and glide meani [...]

I shed real tears while reading Chantepleure, not crocodile tears, the real kind where your throat hurts I should have predicted this given the title of this book, but I didn t I HATED Firefly Lane and didn t give a damn when Kristin Hannah s Kate lay dying I would shave a week off my own life to have one lunch with Linda Robinson s Trish the Dish Lunch would be on me if I could take Robinson s characters out to eat It would be a small price to pay to spend a few minutes enjoying them all toget [...]

For every writer, writing is their joy, and becoming published is the ultimate reward There are books that are bright and entertaining, there are books that are steady and engrossing, and there are books that are quiet and thoughtful, Chantepleur by Linda Robinson is all of those things There s priceless storytelling between the covers of this book that is magical After each visit that I made to these pages, I would think about it all the next day, chewing on thoughts with delight As a reader, t [...]

What a beautifully written book of friendship and love These women experience what life is all about the people and moments that make our time on this earth all worth being here Family does not always mean your immediate relatives One can only hope to have fully realized relationships such as those in Robinson s story Part of life s purpose IS all about passing the baton to those who come up after us My feminist side really appreciated that sentiment and the message I was left with of people bei [...]

Linda weaves an enchanting tale of three devoted friends to whom I related so easily She shares the reality of their lives through splendid detail that brings you right into the story as if you are living it yourself Expect to be entertained, and amazed by this book.

  • Free Download Chantepleure - by LindaRobinson
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