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The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife #(2022)

The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife

The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife

  • Title: The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife
  • Author: Sharon Kendrick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife By Sharon Kendrick,

Free Download The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife - by Sharon Kendrick - The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife, The Sheikh s Unwilling Wife The sheikh will claim his wifeIt s been five years since Alexa set eyes on Giovanni de Verrazzano five years since she walked out on their pretense of a marriage and took with her a precious secret An

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Wow.having gone from Exposed The Sheikh s Mistress which had a sheikh who sleeps around with women he treats like garbage but judges heroine for taking topless photos because maybe she s given up her greatest virtue aka her hymen, I wondered if the double standard would be any less vicious when applied by an Italian hero At least heroine wasn t actually a virgin here, which these heroes who are so obsessed about DO NOT DESERVE, but she was a pathetic doormat who loved an emotional abusive monste [...]

I ll be completely honest in why I hated this book The Hero Giovanni was an emotionally, mentally, and borderline physically abusive ass Alexa, the love interest, fell into the typical abused woman mindset If she could just love him enough, be good enough, he d change his abusive ways love her back Not to mention she states that her son s having a Dad in his life is MORE important than HER having peace in HER life IE an abusive dad is better than no dad at all In the mean time Gio states again a [...]

I don t like Gio type, which demand they wife have to be virgin otherwise, he have conclusion that she s a slut and then intimidating her with his words It only need 1 person to make someone not virgin no need many men and maybe she did it because many reasonI mean when we love someone, then we have to accept they past the important is that the present and the future to grow our love

Wish I could give this zero stars This story was disgusting and I m than happy to purge my mind of it.

I don t understand why Giovanni left or should I say became cold with Alexa Okay, given that she was not a virgin But I can t find a deeper reasonghhhh And the last part, why why Giovanni doesn t have a line that he said he loves Alexa

No just no.Giovanni had no redeeming characteristics at all As Alexa says So therefore a woman who s not a virgin must be a slut because there s never any room for grey in your world, is there Only black and white Always bending reality to suit your vision of it And he proves it by how he treats the woman who once loved him Even when she realizes why he acts the way he does it still doesn t excuse his actions.

I really struggled to finish this book.The H is mean and shallow I m a fan of jerk Heros, and having read reviews of the book I was expecting him to be cruel However his actions weren t so much the issue as his personality He wasn t a nice guy who made bad decisions, he was just petty.The h was a classic HQ doormat 50 pages in and I had to force myself not to skip over all her quivering, yearning, doe eyes Not only does she never stand up for herself, she never really even verbally spars with th [...]

This book was written by one of my favourite authors and I m afraid I almost put it down and did not finish But I did push though and finish in the end and I was pleased I did, because the second half was much better than the first Usually stories about concealing children from the fathers do not bother me, but this couple were married and that did not sit well with me Especially since the reasons were not fully explained until the second half However it was well written and steamy and emotional [...]

seriously the H is a 1st class a hole and the h is a bonafide fool, imo.

Boring and dull not much to expect other the fact there might have been a secret prince involved.

Not a fan of the Hero Makes the story hard to complete even when it is written well I like the author normally

  • Free Download The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife - by Sharon Kendrick
    259 Sharon Kendrick
The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife