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Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts) #(2021)

Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts)

Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts)

  • Title: Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts)
  • Author: Kathleen Olmstead Arthur Pober L.M. Montgomery Lucy Corvino
  • ISBN: 9781402711305
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts) By Kathleen Olmstead Arthur Pober L.M. Montgomery Lucy Corvino,

Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts) Best Download || [Kathleen Olmstead Arthur Pober L.M. Montgomery Lucy Corvino] - Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts), Anne of Green Gables Classic Starts Following Sterling s spectacularly successful launch of its children s classic novels books in print to date comes a dazzling new series Classic Starts The stories are abridged the quality i

Recent Comments "Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts)"

A much enjoyed reread of one of the best books from my youth Who cannot love this classic who made a dedicated book lover out of me It was a joy to reconnect I don t want to say much Those who take reading seriously, will know where I come from in my thoughts.

I smiled when I saw a GR s friend re read this book Aw memories with my daughters Good times

Great read with my 9 year old We liked discussing pioneer days and comparing it to present day.

This is one of my favorite books to read It s a great one to go back to.

Summary Anne of Green Gables is about the adventures of spunky, freckled redheaded girl named Anne with an E at Green Gables, a farm near Avonlea, Prince Edward Island in Canada When Anne finds out that the Cuthberts who she is she is staying with desired to adopt a son instead, she seeks their approval and pulls out all the stops to win them over.Characteristics that Support the Genre This story has been passed down through generations and is relatable to everyone Mentor Writing Traits The idea [...]

Anne was not what Matthew and Marilla were expecting They had requested a boy from the orphanage Anne is a breath of fresh air She joy for life shines bright Instead of sending her back to the orphanage, the Cuthbert siblings decide to keep her Writing traits 1 Word choice Anne describes everything around her beautifully Anne s positivity shines through because of the words the author uses.2 Ideas Anne s attitude is a good example for young readers to learn from When faced with disappointment sh [...]

The reason that I only gave this book three stars, is not because I didn t really enjoy it, I did I feel like I could have read the original story, instead of this one I feel that everything happened too fast, and it didn t give you enough time to enjoy the things that happened as they happened But, besides that, I very much liked this book I love the story itself I definitely do not regret reading it

Ador vel

It jumped around in time, meaning it went from her being a kid, to a teenager really fast, but it was pretty good overall.

The protagonist in the story is Anne The antagionist is Gilibert.The setting of the story is in Green Gables.The plot of the story is about a girl nammed Anne she is a orphan There is also a old cupple that need an orphan boy so mrs Rachel sent the orphan they wanted, but it was not a boy it was Anne.When Matthew when to go get the orphan he realised it was a girl not a boy he was so supprised.On the way home Anne would not stop talking Matthew liked that though because he dosen t talk a lot, bu [...]

although I have not liked other books in this series, I have to say that this one was actually very good I am now willing to reread the full Anne of green gables I hated as a child, but I think it may have been because I watched the show first and hated the Anne character so when I read the book, Anne was always Megan Follows which killed the book for me the Anne in this book is very sweet and well intentioned she isn t standoffish or haughty in the same way that the tv character was plus, she i [...]

MA and I finished Anne of Green Gables Classic Starts at bedtime yesterday Note that this is an abridged adaptation from the original book that is for younger kids For this purpose it s pretty good my 5 year old enjoyed the story and was excited to have accomplished a chapter book with no pictures with Mama reading to her.It gets only 3 stars because the abridgment is slightly choppy in the later chapters.

I don t know how I lived through my childhood without ever reading this series This is such a sweet, wholesome story I recommend it to all youngsters, especially girls who have a romantic imagination I am thankful to me dear friend, Lynette, for recommending this series to me Note this book is available as a free download for e readers from gutenberg.

This was a good abridgment of the original book Of course, it cut many details to fit within 150 pages, but the main points of the story were all there Anne s character is still as lovable and spunky in this shortened version Our children loved Anne and I m sure they will love reading the full novel in the future.

This review was written by Natalie, age 6 I liked this book I liked that they let her stay at Green Gables I didn t like that Mathew died because it was sad My favorite character was Anne and I liked her friend Diana.

Actually, didn t read this version, but love the tale, and am five star looking forward to one day enjoying this re tell I re learned that I just enjoy a good story, with warm characters, portrayed in fun and kind lights.

It was exactly like the movie I was expecting a few quotes from the movie to be in there, but besides that it was good.

A nice read aloud abridged version.

This is a great series for young people to read classic books.

I know Anne is supposed to be charming and loveable, but I found her annoying Maybe if I d read it as a kid it would ve been better.

Anne lives in a beautiful house She loves to play with Daina She loves to read She helped Daina s little sister from being really sick She is good at helping people.

Loved it

Just so fun to read the life of this most forth right young lady Ever so exciting

So cute i love the book it is so fun

It was a reread Still love it but I ve kind of outgrown it I used to call it a 5 star read Now it s a 4.

Have to admit I don t cry very much when it comes to reading but this made me cry ever so much Anne s way of talking P I wish I had Anne s personality.

don t give up on all your romance, anne a little of it is a good thing not too much, of course but keep a little of it

I loved this book I have always loved the pioneer days, and this book is like a dream come true for me I give this book 5 star s because I was so intrigued by this book.

Heavily abridged for young readers.

Read with my 3rd grade daughter.

  • Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts) Best Download || [Kathleen Olmstead Arthur Pober L.M. Montgomery Lucy Corvino]
    397 Kathleen Olmstead Arthur Pober L.M. Montgomery Lucy Corvino
Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts)