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Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde #(2021)

Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde

Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde

  • Title: Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde
  • Author: Felix Salten
  • ISBN: 9783596804894
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde By Felix Salten,

Unlimited Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde - by Felix Salten - Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde, Bambi Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde The Prince of the Forest Bambi s life in the woods begins happily There are forest animals to play with Friend Hare the chattery squirrel the noisy screech owl and Bambi s twin cousins frail Gobo

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Book ReviewBambi, a children s young adult book published in 1923 by Felix Salten, is very different than the one we ve seen from Walt Disney Many have seen the cartoon versions, felt sad for the death and know it as a classic growing up book for kids But it s really a whole lot , if you choose to read the original version And for that, it gets 4 of 5 stars for this reader The book is not written as a children s story, i.e for a 4 or 5 year old to look at pictures, read the funny captions and la [...]

This is not Disney This book was incredible The description was so real, the language not dumbed down for kids Yes, the animals talked, but it wasn t cutesy, silly talking It was Watership Down kind of talking I read this to my five and a half year old daughter I m trying to give her the original versions of all of the stories before she sees the Disney versions When the first scary thing happened, I worried that I d made a horrible mistake But, although she was upset, she put it all into perspe [...]

The book, Bambi, is slightly different than its Disney counterpart I know, big surprise There are still many similarities and in general the two versions track The book begins with the birth of Bambi and his all important first relationship with his gentle, loving mother, his childhood friendship with Faline and his early learning about Him who is never named but we know to be man or men, specifically hunters with their third arm In time Bambi becomes aware of the old stag who continues to appea [...]

Most of my generation, when they think of Bambi, think of the sentimental Disney movie But the original book was a serious work Its one of a kind conception and spectacular writing have earned it classic status as the story of a young deer growing to adulthood in his woodland home Salten s writing is compelling, and scenes from the story will stay in the mind long after reading, to be often recalled and savored This Bambi lives a grim and dangerous life, his world filled with blood and fear and [...]

Bambi C u chuy n t ng xanh k v cu c i c a ch h u Bambi, t khi ch c n l m t con h u con ph i s ng d a v o m , cho n khi l m t con h u tr ng th nh v th ng tu ng vua c a r ng xanh c th tr th nh ch h u th ng th i, Bambi ph i tr i qua nh ng cu c phi u l u v nh ng t nh hu ng ng t ngh o chuy n h nh tr nh gi p Bambi h c c b i h c v l ng khi m t n, s th n tr ng trong vi c ti p nh n th ng tin v s c n thi t c a vi c t m hi u t t c kh a c nh c a m t v n , s v t.Kh ng ch l m t cu n ti u thuy t d nh cho thi u [...]

He was very nice to me And I like him so much He s so wonderful and green Can it be true, said the first leaf, can it really be true, that others come to take our places when we re gone and after them still others, and and It is really true, whispered the second leaf We can t even begin to imagine it, it s beyond our powers It makes me very sad, added the first lead.They were silent for a while Then the first leaf said quietly to herself, Why must we fall The second lead asked, What happens to [...]

Disney s Bambi ist wirklich sehr nah an der Geschichte von Felix Salten geblieben Ich kannte die Grundgeschichte also schon.Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, auch das Buch zu lesen Felix Salten schreibt sehr schonungslos und bildlich.

I read two different editions of Salten s Bambi, the first a Pocket Edition published in 1942 The statement after the foreword, which is written by John Galsworthy, added the ephemera of time to my reading In order to cooperate with the government s war effort, this book has been made in strict conformity with WPB regulations restricting the use of certain materials The accession date of the second book is 1988, and is a hard cover copy with beautiful drawings by Kurt Wiese, a German by birth wh [...]

Read my original review at merikthorne 2016.I m quite the fan of Walt Disney s interpretation of Bambi, but was rather hesitant to hear the original tale, due to the many mentionings of its harshness towards the practice of hunting Yet I was surprised to find that it was not a disappointment Felix Salten s Bambi is the tale of a young stag and the future prince of the forest Hidden deep in the woods with his mother, he watches as his animal friends grow and explore All the while, an unknown dang [...]

I m really not completely sure how I feel about this book now that I ve finished it On one hand, it is well written and there are scenes that illustrate the beauty and innocence of nature so vividly that one is able to picture them even without the wonderful illustrations of this particular version Yet, there is also much of this book that deals with the violent and grisly destruction that humans bring to the wildlife of the forest.How this became regarded as a children s story, I m not really s [...]

Muito muito tocante e triste, bem mais que o filme o livro foca muito mais na quest o doa ca adores e no sofrimento dos animais Recomendado mas n o para crian as

I loved this book even than I loved Watership Down, and I loved Watership Down a lot In fact, if anyone out there could tell me some books that realistically portrays the thoughts of non human animals, without personifying them in any way besides giving them verbal language, I d appreciate the reading suggestion Bambi is a delightful book right from the start I spend a lot of time with young children, and the way Bambi was so curious and innocent and annoying to his mother when he was little w [...]

This is a dark and beautiful fable, not at all what I was expecting Much brutal and bloody than modern children s books of course, but also with tons of depth Its themes are timeless enough that any number of allegorical interpretations might apply Apparently the nazis banned the book for being anti fascist The writing itself is subtle and evocative Feel your heart break over a single falling leaf.Like a cross between a woodland fairy tale and Animal Farm, this definitely holds up as a book for [...]

I never thought that a book about a deer in the woods could be such a page turner.One of my friends described the book as beautiful Another told me it was quite good And I first came across it referenced in a YA book when I was in middle school, in which the narrator claimed it was much better than the Disney version I agree with all of the above.I first quickly flipped through to make sure that the animals actually talked, since I have a hard time making it through books without any dialog They [...]

Mesmo j tendo assistido a anima o, nada me preparou para essa hist ria D uma dor no peito acompanhar a vida do Bambi, porque a inoc ncia do primeiro cap tulo vai se perdendo e sendo substitu da por melancolia e solid o, que aparecem no seu auge nas ltimas frases do livro uma transi o tocante, que te acerta em cheio Voc se pega pensando em como a vida c clica, como o Bambi cresceu e, principalmente, como o jeito que ele olhava o mundo mudou.A maneira como retratam os humanos uma coisa parte, porq [...]

Just finished my first re read of this as an adult It was chosen as one of the literature books for our 3rd graders this year and I needed to read it again to prepare myself to read it with my students And it s good I did, as there are scenes that are fairly graphic and now I ll be better able to prepare them.It is spectacularly beautifully written, and I m excited to get to see what my students think

Bambi is about mentoring and the phases of learningd so much I wrote my review on it here tjed mothers mentoring les

Bambin tuntee kaikki, se on suloinen suurisilm inen mets kauris, jolla on punaruskea selk ja valkoisia auringonpilkkuja sel ss n Harvempi on kuitenkin tullut lukeneeksi Felix Saltenin alkuteoksen Unkarilaissyntyinen Salten syntyi Budapestiss , Pestin puolella 1911 ja varttui perheineen Wieniss Salten oli journalisti, pakinoitsija, n ytelm kirjailija, elokuvak sikirjoittaja ja teki my s librettoja Aluksi sotaan innostuneesti suhtautunut is nmaalainen unkarinjuutalainen k ntyi pian kielteisell kan [...]

I have never been a big fan of what Disney movies do to books, but now that I ve finally read Bambi for the first time as an adult, I m even appalled The book is a beautifully written story about Bambi growing up in the forest under the guidance of his mother and surrounded by all the animals of the woods Felix Salten has given the animals the power of communication but they are not anthropomorphized beyond that The author utilizes this power of communication in a wonderfully imagined conversat [...]

You would think because this is a movie people would have read it, but try finding someone who even knows about the existence of this book Like most Disney movies, this is not really the same story Disney kept the environmental themes, but took out the philosophy and changed most of the names For a children s book, this book is deep There are a lot of philosophical type of moments that make you think about life, death, and nature around you At times it s makes you smile and other times you migh [...]

Don t be fooled This is not the Bambi of Disney cartoon fame In fact the author, in his dedication, claimed that this was a book for the outdoorsman Bambi is a happy tale for starts, but then very much becomes a book about nature and the circle of life.

In the copy of Bambi that I read, there is a foreward written a year before the book was published by a John Galsworthy who was given the honor of reading the book in galley proof form I use his words now, Bambi is a delicious book For delicacy of perception and essential truth I hardly know any story of animals that can stand beside this life study of a forest deer Felix Salten is a poet He feels nature deeply, and he loves animalsI particularly recommend it to sportsmen All I can add to that i [...]

Hmmm I bought this book to read to my children because I thought it would be a richer, better story than the Disney movie I grew up with my kids have never seen it The writing is lovely, if heavy on adverbs, and there are some gorgeous descriptions of life in the forest and some profound observations on the harsh realities of the natural world But this is not a children s book My three year old asked repeatedly that I NOT read it My six year old was left with a blank, dissatisfied stare after th [...]

In his forward John Galsworthy describes Bambi as delicious and that is as succinct and apt as any description gets Few books have so immediately resonated like small bells within my heart as rapidly as did this small, perfectly crafted classic This is not the movie though plot wise the two are not so far from each other The tone and the message are both dark and profound it is almost chastening in its severity And all it is is the life of a deer It is a gorgeous read and officially on my list o [...]

This is a very different book than the Disney movie I realise at the time that the Disney animated movie caused something of a kerfuffle, since Bambi s mom is shot off screen In the book, things only start there The novel, while well written, is much violent than one might expect, and is not especially appropriate for many children under 10.I do not recommend that people run out and buy this novel if their children thought Bambi, Farina, and Thumper were cute, the therapy bills will be astronom [...]

I really really liked this book, until I realized that the author has a very atheistic world view In this book, you don t mind, because you don t want the human to shoot any of the deer However, since my dad and brothers are avid hunters, I don t think they at least my brothers, if they read the book appreciate the message As for content, the only thing to take into account is the dying deer and the dead man.

Esta foi a primeira hist ria que me quebrou o cora o Lembro me de chorar at sufocar Tive tanta pena do Bambi e senti me t o impotente Talvez o meu amor pelos animais tenha come ado por causa do Bambi Ler agora a hist ria oficial foi um regresso doce minha inf ncia Adorei

I recently read the book Bambi by Felix Salten, and I highly recommend it as a spring read.Bambi is not just the story of a fawn who looses his mother and must learn to make his way in the world Instead, it is the author s take on what life in the forest must be like through the eyes of deer and other animals There are the obnoxious and vocal birds, the chatty squirrells, the proud owls, and the gentle deer who all interact to create an imaginative community Then there is He the one who brings d [...]

The reasons why this book is so sad 1 No one gets over Gobo s death which makes everyone all sad and unhappy.2 Bambi doesn t even know if he loves Faline any.3 Faline is feeling so droopy and depressed that if she were a human she d probably kill herself4 The old stag dies just when things get worse.5 Bambi has so many happy memories of when he was a fawn right when things are bad, which gives you so much nostalgia that you can hardly keep it together, or maybe it s just me.So, for the most part [...]

I recently went on a short trip to the ocean and stayed at a friend s fabulous 70 s house My room was the Bambi room In it were numerous copies of Bambi both the original Felix Salten and Disney version I have a copy of the Disney version from my childhood but not of the original Laying under my Bambi bedspread with Bambi curtains wafting in the evening breeze, I picked up and reread the original English translation in a 1930 printing with foreword by John Galsworthy and illustrations by Kurt We [...]

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Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde