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She Wakes #(2021)

She Wakes

She Wakes

  • Title: She Wakes
  • Author: Jack Ketchum
  • ISBN: 9780843954234
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
She Wakes By Jack Ketchum,

[PDF] Download ☆ She Wakes : by Jack Ketchum - She Wakes, She Wakes Greece Ancient land of mystery legend and myth It is here that businessman Jordan Chase visits an historic tomb only to experience a dark vision of the future And it is here amidst the beauty of th

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As far as I know this is Ketchum s only venture into a supernatural horror, it s very good still, though.That was my old review of the book Today I ve reread it Tastes change, mature, evolve Mine seems to be drifting away from horror slowly but surely and never has it been evident than reading She Wakes today This is the book I remember liking, this is the author I ve always been a fan ofd yet the story didn t interest me almost at all Mind you, Ketchum is a very solid writer and all he writes [...]

Ketchum, not one to delve into supernatural too often, goes way out there with a plot that s as unique as it is odd The story itself was intriguing, with a multitude of bizarre circumstances and horrid tortures The ending is a mixture of supernatural elements, old world mythology, ancient battles of good and evil, and the ultimate, get down and dirty, brawl Even though this book excels in its theme and story, it never gets past the mediocre line It held my interest enough to keep me reading, but [...]

Don t be fooled by my rating on this one, that s just my personal enjoyment of the genre, but it s actually pretty good At the end of this edition there s a note where the author criticizes his own work rather harshly, and it was reading that note that I realized how good the book was, mostly because the things he was apologizing for were just little details that didn t affect the overall product at all.I ve been wanting to read something by Ketchum for a while now, and I chose this one over The [...]

Not Ketchum s best Rather clunky, lacking depth and detail.

Unfairly maligned by many, this book is a nice little thrill ride Generally, people pick up a Ketchum novel for the shock value and to see just how far he will push the artistic envelope Many of his books would be pure sleaze if it wasn t for the fact that he is a brilliant writer and capable of mining artistic value out of even the most disturbing subject matter On that account, She Wakes is a disappointment to many, in that it s a bit mainstream than his usual fare still violent as hell, thou [...]

Was really enjoying it, but then things flipped over to the supernatural and it lost some steam Still a worthwhile read though.

Garbage Ketchum s worst by any large unit of measurement you wish to utilise 1 Terrible Foray into the World of the Supernatural for She Wakes.

I ve read a lot of Jack Ketchum s novels, but this is the first story that dabbled in the supernatural Everything else I ve read has been rooted in gritty reality, so I was curious to see how he d approach the otherworldly He didn t let me down His resurrected antagonist, Lelia, taps into ancient mythological powers, but the magic is rooted in current events at the time and fascinating history It all feels real.The narrative bounces back and forth thoughtfully between the perspectives of the var [...]

, The girl next door , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

Having enjoyed the first three Ketchum books I read, this was seriously disappointing and had none of the elements I enjoyed in his previous works The voice of the author was dull and contained none of the texture I d appreciated so much in The Girl Next Door and Red None of the characters felt real or drew me in I hated the way the chapters were short, to the point that some could have fitted into a Tweet I didn t feel excited and thought the first half to two thirds of the book were superfluou [...]

As far as I know, this is Ketchum s first and only foray into supernatural horror Judging by the way this one fell apart at the seams, that s a good thing Ketchum s writing is best when he s ruthlessly documenting events rooted in reality When he starts going supernatural, those razors fail him, making the narrative spin off uncontrollably into bizarre innuendo There s much better Ketchum out there This one s only for completionists.

Aby bylo jasn , jsem velk fanda Jacka Ketchuma Ale touhle knihou jsem se v n prokous val s velkou n mahou A v doslovu jsem pochopil pro Jack Ketchum m l v t dob , na za tku sv kari ry, za sebou u dva propad ky v etn hodn zaj mav ho hororu Ladies Night , tak e se rozhodl, e se sebou mus n co ud lat a zkusil ps t v c jako King Co je v c, kterou bych moment ln nedoporu oval ani Kingovi, o jeho po etn rodin ani nemluv m ili tam m v t d raz na nadp irozeno, je to popsan mnohem opulentn j m a kv tnat [...]

Jack Ketchum s fourth novel fifth to be published , She Wakes, has all the hallmarks of a burgeoning writer Mostly the bad ones Let s start with style I read a revised version, different from the originally published one, and with it was an Afterword written by Ketchum In it, he mentions that he no longer lets editors force commas and semicolons into his writing While I agree that long, gratuitous sentences and most structures involve semicolons do not belong in fiction, honestly, Ketchum could [...]

Great story and I loved the usage of the Occult beliefs I really liked the villain Some editing problems in the beginning, but it all ironed out in the end I am a fan of dark, supernatural female villains, and this story gave me a pretty solid one Recommend.

Not Ketchum s usual fare Still pretty good a solid 3 Stars Not anything special, though.

I really enjoy the works of Jack Ketchum.He has this way of taking these awful moments, and making them visceral and real They are stories about people trying to navigate unrelenting awfulness The first half of She Wakes is outstanding Its strange and creepy and enjoyable, but in all honestly, it just started to fall apart for me towards the last third Unlike many of Ketchum s other books, there is a lot of abstract in this one.I am sure there are people who will like this book than I did, and [...]

She Wakes is, apparently, an oddity in Ketchum s body of work It s his only attempt at a supernatural novel, for starters For all the violence and poignancy of his previous two works, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to join that voice with a different sort of subject matter In the end, though, the novel failed in so many different ways And the fact that it failed so spectacularly is another oddity of this book.The story is about a writer, Dodgson, between projects, visiting Greece for an ex [...]

Stephen King recommended author and book He says Who s the scariest guy in America Probably Jack Ketchum and He is, quite simply, one of the best in the business, on par with Clive Barker, James Ellroy, and Thomas Harris and Ketchum has become a kind of hero to those of us who write tales of horror and suspense He is, quite simply, one of the best in the business In EW, 11 11 04, A Dozen Thanks, Pop of King column King says Who s the scariest guy in America Probably Jack Ketchum, the outlaw horr [...]

A nice psycho chick from hell story, with some added depth looking into the soul of the Greek nation as relevant today as when this novel was written Perhaps if we had been able to get to know Lelia the story would have greater impact, and not just the good guys versus an evil biatch Great setting, though And some fun characters

Horrible Nothing happens until page 130hard to get intowould have been only one star bit there were a few good partsVERY FEW DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME Icamnot believe this book won an award I agree with the critics that trashed this book Wish I had quit when I saw how boring it was.When will I learn

I m just now getting into Jack Ketchum I have read Cover and The Girl Next Door This wasn t even close to either of them I enjoyed this book, but sometimes it felt like it was rushed I thought the atmosphere was great, but the characters to me were weak It seemed like he was using Hemingway s The Garden of Eden and The Sun Also Rises to build his characters This one was kind of a let down.

Very lackluster I m very disappointed with this Ketchum novel after being quite entertained by some of his other offerings Maybe because it is a supernatural story I ve never been too fond of those Stay away if the supernatural isn t your thing.

My first try reading this was abandoned But after sitting on my shelf for a year or so, I made another try and got all the way I am not much for supernatural, but this was OK The ending was so fast and furious that I felt somewhat confused as to what was going on.

I chose this book from a good review from a book a day calendar It was touted as a fun scary thriller It s just gory and disgusting I have no idea what the ending was supposed to mean Overall, I was irritated at having spent any time at all on this story.

Not as good as other Ketchum books It lacks any real depth It s not even satisfying as a pulp horror novel Skip this one and go on to any other Ketchum The Girl Next Door, Off Season, The Lost

I disliked this book as soon as I picked it up I just didn t take to the story, didn t like any of the characters, didn t enjoy the way it was written just nothing about it appealed to me I m afraid So I just abandoned it early on in the story Not much else I can say really It happens

As much as I like Jack s writing, this book was a little choppy I had a hard time staying connected to the story At times I didn t even know what was going on One thing I got from the book however, was watch out who you find sexally appealing in a foreign world.

Ketchum generally write horror books based on the messed up thing people can do to one another This was his first, and maybe only, try at a supernatural horror I didn t like it as much Missed it s mark I though.

I love Ketchum, I swear I do However I hated this book I could not get into it at all I really didn t even want to finish reading it, but I am OCD about finishing a book once started I kept hoping it would pick up, but alas I was disappointed.

I couldn t really get into this one, despite multiple tries and ended up putting it down before it was even finished.

  • [PDF] Download ☆ She Wakes : by Jack Ketchum
    166 Jack Ketchum
She Wakes