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Suddenly One Summer #(2021)

Suddenly One Summer

Suddenly One Summer

  • Title: Suddenly One Summer
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9781439101568
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
Suddenly One Summer By Barbara Freethy,

[PDF] Suddenly One Summer | by ✓ Barbara Freethy - Suddenly One Summer, Suddenly One Summer In the California coastal town of Angel s Bay an old legend says that sometimes when they re needed angles from an old shipwreck appear and good triumphs over evil Jenna Davies flees to the close k

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This is my first Barbara Freethy book, but it was not the last I really enjoyed the small ocean town setting and the characters I enjoyed it so much, that I bought and read all the rest of the books in this series and have moved on to her other works.These are romance books, so each book will have a new hero heroine that the focus of the story is on However, the secondary characters are given plenty of story space and large character arcs which are carried from book to book This adds so much dep [...]

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I loved the start to the Angel s Bay series by Barbara Freethy In a small California coastal town, Angel s Bay, the belief in angels that protect the town s inhabitants run deep It is said that when a ship wrecked off the coast in the 1800 s that angel s blessed those that survived and welcomed to heaven those that didn t Now, one hundred and fifty years later, the townsfolk take pride in their beautiful paradise and continue the traditions of their ancestors.Summary Jenna Davies and her daughte [...]

Another 5 star Barbara Freethy book I love how her writing keeps you on the edge of your seat She is usually classified as contemporary romance, but she finds ways to mix elements of mystery and suspense into her stories perfectly This book was the first in her Angel s Bay series At first I thought this was just another contemp romance that took place in a small town, Seems to be the fad lately but I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise A great refreshing read from a different voice in rom [...]

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A good, easy Summer read with romance and mystery Book 1 of a series Looking forward to book 2

Not one of her best Too many people introduced to set up all the coming books And Jenna s story was resolved too quickly But I m interested on Charlotte s story So I ll keep reading.

LOVED THIS BOOK Could not put it down This is, I believe, the second Barbara Freethy book I have read and really enjoyed and will definitely look for by her I totally adored the characters and stepped right into their lives and their dramas Everyone had either a secret they were hell bent on keeping or a past they refused to talk aboutey all seemed to be hiding something or some emotion either in a minor way or, in the case of Jenna and Lexie, in a life or death kinda way It is small town life [...]

I loved this book and am looking forward to the other books in this series This book is a mixture of mystery, suspense, romance and angels Although everything was not tied up at the end, it is the first of a series Yes, it would have be nice to have some questions answered but I didn t feel deprived It just made me anxiously awaiting for the next book in the series, which doesn t come out until April 2010 Darn The wonderment of Lexie s belief in the angels was magical and if you walk away not be [...]

Picked up this book at a thrift store This is the first in the Angel s Bay Series The main character has come to Angel s Bay with a child, hiding from her sister s murderer and who also is the father of the child She isn t looking for attention until she rescues a pregnant teenager from killer herself in the bay A reporter who is doing a job regarding the sightings of angle s in the bay and unusual carvings on the cliff is running and hiding from his own demons The characters are so powerful and [...]

I m not sure what exactly happened but I had a hard time getting into the story It took me up until halfway through the book to really enjoy what I was reading It felt like the author was introducing way too many characters in a short amount of time I realize that this book is the introduction to Angel s Bay and the people that make it a great family oriented community, but it was a little too much.Saying that, I did enjoy Jenna, Lexie and Reid s story I just wished there was of them, but I m h [...]

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Enjoyable book, full of secrets and surprises Personally, I didn t need the suspenseful component, but I suppose I like my small town romances to be small town romances The secondary characters intrigued me than the hero and heroine, probably because as secondary characters, they don t need to be as clear cut Their problems are quite real, quite gray, and still unresolved as the book closed, and I honestly don t know what they should do about them Those are the sort of characters and topics abo [...]

I loved this book I loved getting to know the main characters I loved getting to know the town of Angels Bay and all the secondary characters Its a place that seems like a wonderful place to go to Makes you want to crawl into the book and live there or at least visit.It can be a stand alone book but it is part of a series It will leave you wanting to know the rest of the story I have read this series out of order and its easy to follow along if this isn t the first book in the series you have re [...]

I have read all of Barbara Freethy books and love them all i discovered her on the free books on my kobo and am very grateful I look forward to her new stories with great anticipation Her books are a wonderful way to forget whatever problems you are having and just get lost in her stories I picture myself part of them Thank you for writing such wonderful worlds for me to explore.Lorraine Austin

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I really enjoyed this bookI had never read Barbara Freethy s books before and after having this series recommended I gave it a try Suddenly One Summer revolves around Jenna and Lexie her 7 yr old daughterThere s a mystery surrounding them that becomes the forcus point and a reporter Reid in town doing a story about the angels that reside there I m looking forward to returning to Angel s Bay in the remaining books

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When Jenna Davies s sister Kelly beg her to take her daughter Lexie and keep her safe She is brought to Angel s Bay She saves a lifends friendsnds love and angels who help good triumph over evil A good story It was very heartwarming to read of the relationship between Jenna and Lexie, Jenna and Reid, and Lexie and Reid.

did not finish I m allergic to these kinds of angels, I felt the heroine was a wimp Eight deadly words I don t care what happens to these people.I ve liked other Freethy books but this left me cold I jumped around in the book some looking to get sucked in No luck.

I enjoyed this book so much, that I read the whole series I like the fact that there is romance, but also some mystery Couldn t wait to read the rest and they were equally as good Look forward to of Barbara s books.

I was really enthralled with this book I liked all of the primary and secondary characters The main conflict was resolved in a believable and satisfying manner, however, there were several unresolved sub plots and real cliff hanger I look forward to the next book in the series

I really enjoyed this book Although it s the first book in the series, it s the third one I ve read I have to say, so far anyway, each one can stand alone but it is fun and interesting to read about the different people and the relationships they build through each book.

I picked this up because of the series and I ve not read Freethy before She is wonderfulwell rounded characters, mystery, suspense, family relationships, and some grief yet hope.I m looking forward to all of the Angel Bay novelsis was a great start

Well written and a lot going on in this story Interesting subplots with multiple secondary characters, but I didn t realize when I started this book that none of the secondary plots would be resolved until later books in the series Argh

This was alright It took a long time for the action of the plot to build up, and then the real action was over in 20 pages I finished it, so that says something, but it wasn t great Not really terrible, just not that great.

I liked this book It wasn t a real suspense that I couldn t put down so I could easily read a little and put it down then pick it back up later Great for reading on a trip, airplane, waiting room, etc I won t spoil it for you but the romance was worth reading.

A delightful read for the summer Enjoyed the unique manner in which the heroine arrives in a Pacific coastal town revered for it s angel magic The hero is interested in the angel magic for a different reason, yet it brings the two together.

I couldn t wait to start the next book I Loved it I was even worried when I read what the next book was about and was worried that my questions weren t answered I highly recommend this series Barbara has not disappointed me at all in all of her books.

Enjoyed this first of a new series and my first time reading this author Enjoyed the characters and plot and especially enjoyed the theme of angels Very much looking forward to book 2 in the Angel Bay series.

  • [PDF] Suddenly One Summer | by ✓ Barbara Freethy
    211 Barbara Freethy
Suddenly One Summer