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To Catch A Thief #(2022)

To Catch A Thief

To Catch A Thief

  • Title: To Catch A Thief
  • Author: David Dodge
  • ISBN: 9780856178030
  • Page: 441
  • Format: None
To Catch A Thief By David Dodge,

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Unlimited To Catch A Thief - by David Dodge - To Catch A Thief, To Catch A Thief John Robie is a former jewel thief formerly known as The Cat who now spends his time tending to his Rose garden in France There is a series of jewel robberies on the Riviera that resemble his style

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David Dodge s writing style often reminds me of Montgomery Clift s acting style five minutes into the film or the narrative, you forget either exist Clift s fine performances were often overlooked, because they weren t showy Clift no longer existed, only the character he was portraying And in a David Dodge novel, the writer no longer exists, just the character and story In this case the character is John Robie, or Le Chat, the retired thief As Somerset Maugham noted, the reader should never real [...]

This just became one of my favorite books I ve been trying to get a copy of this book for a long time but could only find old beat up paperbacks by people wanting 50 for them I finally found it on ebay in a fairly new edition and immediately bought it One of my favorite Hitchcock films was based on this book starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelley The author wrote travelogs as well as crime fiction stories in the 40s and 50s and incorporated all of the exotic places he knew in his stories This was [...]

Great fun and a quick read The exotic location, the cast of characters, the tension, the chase, it all adds up to a highly enjoyable thriller with not too much riding on the line, and that lets you enjoy this light tale to the fullest.

3.25 stars liked it A mystery with an intriguing premise, glamorous setting, and relatively well drawn main character, albeit occasionally a little slow moving and with secondary characters that lacked some depth John Robie is an infamous, retired jewel thief now living on the French Riviera where some recent burglaries have created a renewed focus on him To prove his innocence, he involves others to uncover the true culprit Although I have not seen the movie on which the book is based, I envisi [...]

When I saw an original 1952 paperback of one of my favorite Hitchcock films at a flea market for 1, I couldn t resist it The titillating cover illustration shows a bikini and jewel clad blonde kneeling in the sand with her arms crossed behind her head in the classic provocative pose to best display her bazooms Obviously the cover was designed to attract a male reader I was curious to see how closely the movie followed the book, and the answer is not very Hitchcock s screenplay was written by Joh [...]

The novel is set on the fabulous, romantic French Riviera and takes the reader on a journey to the sandy beaches, the gated estates, and the lively casinos Although during the day, bikinis are standard attire, at night, the gowns and the jewels come out and what follows, of course, are the jewel thieves.John Robie, better known as Le Chat, was once a former circus acrobat and the greatest jewel thief to ever roam the cities of the Mediterranean coast There was no wall to high for him to climb No [...]

Great little mystery set among the rich people dripping with diamonds vacationing on the Cote d Azure The novel is loosely based on a real life jewelry thief It had me guessing until the end.

A sleek, classic cat and mouse story, where even a thief has a sense of honor, and loyalty and friendship are equally as important as solving the crime Set on C te d Azur, where the wind clings to the sensuous curves of the Mediterranean coastline and the turquoise depths of the sun kissed bay beckon with adventure and intrigue.

Perhaps not than average book, but it inspired my favorite Hitchcock movie, so I might have compared to much with the filmic adaption.

To catch a thief is very good Just a few minor differences from the Hitchcock movie, but not enough to ruin it If you like Hitchcock and cat burglars you like to catch a thief.

The book is different than the movie, but it is better in some ways If you liked the classic Cary Grant Grace Kelly movie, you will enjoy this story just as much.

The first thing I ll say is the book is very different from the movie This was quite an enjoyable read but I actually think the movie was better in many ways Usually I feel the book is better but I thought in this case, the movie had a ingenious solution However, this was still quite enjoyable to read and because it was so different from the movie, I was kept in suspense.

2008 bookcrossing musings Finished reading this one last night It s a good crime thriller set in France in the 50s with the international rich on holidays Mrs Stevens daughter, Francie does come across as a bit of a bratt, but you can t like all the characters The basic plot follows John Robie, a retired American cat burgular le chat Someone is using his style now to steal very expensive jewellry from the rich on holiday The police have decided he is to blame, and in order to prove that he is in [...]

David Dodge s novel is a fast paced, entertaining page turner that was subsequently turned into a memorable film by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly Now, Jean Buchanan s dramatisation brings it to radio American John Robie is living quietly in the South of France, trying to put his career as a notorious jewel thief behind him However, when a series of huge jewel thefts begins on the Riviera, targeting rich Americans, the police immediately suspect he s returned to his old wa [...]

Enjoyable crime novel set in Cannes in the south of France John Robey, a retired jewel thief now living a respectable life, finds out that someone is stealing jewels and copying his style, so that he comes under suspicion, and sets out to track down the real thief before he himself ends up in prison again if you are familiar with the famous film of the same name, the novel is different in several ways, but still worth reading if you haven t seen the film, read the novel first if you don t want [...]

I can t believe I m saying this, but I enjoyed the book way than Hitchcock s masterful take on it It s a lot less glamorous and way grittier, but just as suspenseful and better paced.The language is way better than most anything on the shelves today, with the French countryside and Riviera coming alive under the writer s masterful handling of the English language John Robbie is a great character and the cast that Dodge assembled to support his story is full of interesting and varied characters [...]

The plot of the book is way involved than the one in the movie It s a good story, well written and suspenseful with a great ending What could you want The author s history in the Cote d Azur in the introduction and the afterword is interesting too Who knew that the novel was based on an actual event I also loved the cover art with Le Chat hiding in the shadows Picturing Cary Grant and Grace Kelly as John Robie and Francie Stevens made it even fun A good read

Interesting story that I mostly enjoyed Unfortunately, I found the Francie character as annoying in the book as she is in the movie, and I thought the story sagged a little in the middle, but the lovely atmosphere of the Riviera goes a long way to make up for those faults Amusing that the book version of John Robie uses a disguise to make himself look paunchy, clumsy and balding as he hunts the thief not hard to understand why they left that part out of the Cary Grant movie.

What a wonderful writer David Dogde was A fantastic read from start to finish all the characters are wonderful and essential to the story I especially liked the fact that I didn t know who the actual thief was until they were unmasked Like the characters I found myself happy at Lepic s failure to catch the thief as much as the characters in the book.

Alfred Hitchcock s To Catch a Thief is one of my all time favorite movies and now one of my favorite books There are, of course, lots of differences between the two but there are lots of similarities also It was a pleasure to read that I have been putting off far too long Now I think I will go watch the movie.

I enjoyed the witty conversation, the interesting characters, and of course the mystery of who is the new Cat I must admit I liked the movie better, but this is well written in a very 50 s style if you know what I mean.Don t forget to watch Cary Grant in the movie version.

David Dodge s most successful book, principally because Alfred Hitchcock picked it up and turned it into a cinematic masterpiece.I like Dodge, one of San Francisco s writers.

Grittier and less glamorous than the Hitchcock film, but still a fun ride Holds up well.

The basis for Hitchcock s classic movie, which is of an inspired by version than a faithful adaptation Read via ILL from Montgomery County Norristown Public Lib.

Great read Can t put it downable.

Bettie s Books

Twistery glamification of cat burglars

Loved the movie, book is pretty close

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  • Unlimited To Catch A Thief - by David Dodge
    441 David Dodge
To Catch A Thief