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Twice a Prince #(2022)

Twice a Prince

Twice a Prince

  • Title: Twice a Prince
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: 9781605042961
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
Twice a Prince By Sherwood Smith,

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Twice a Prince : by Sherwood Smith - Twice a Prince, Twice a Prince Sasha s prince is wicked Sun s is missing they take up the sword L A style Sasharia En Garde Book In the magical world of Khanerenth there s a long way to go before Sasha and her dream prince Je

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The swashbuckling and magic continue.As I said in my review of Once a Princess read that review first , this is the second half of a two volume story If you like YA high fantasies with a solid dose of both action and romance, and with a side dish of humor, I highly recommend this one two punch of Once a Princess Twice a Prince also the same author s Crown Duel and The Trouble with Kings, but those are different reviews, to come one of these times.I found this a highly satisfactory conclusion to [...]

If you ve read the first book and do read the first book , you ll know what you re getting with this one At least, that applies to the first three quarters or so And I mean that in the best possible way because Sasha is as fantastic as ever and Jehan just gets better and better as you get to know him The PoV shifts still grated on me, but the pace and story just barreled along and I could not put it down.But really, it s the last quarter that raised the bar and my rating It s way, way too spoile [...]

Twice a Prince is the sequel to Sherwood Smith s Once a Princess And truly, the two go hand in hand You can t possibly blitz through the first without needing to plunge into the second With her mother a prisoner in the palace, and the man Sasha isn t supposed to love now walking straight into that viper pit himself, our heroine sets out for Ivory Mountain To find her father, whom no one has seen in a decade And to save him with a spell one she hasn t used in a decade In order to free a country o [...]

4 5 4 stars A I really enjoyed this book, the second half, following Once a Princess This review covers both books, with the only difference being my impressions of the two different narrators I don t think a person should read Once a Princess or Twice a Prince as a standalone unless they want to be quite disappointed because its really only half of a bigger book I must thank Sherwood Smith for giving me the chance to listen to both of these audiobooks by generously offering me Audible codes I r [...]

I did add a bit of a review with the rating a while ago, but computer froze or something and I forgot to come back to it Hunh Atanial may have hot flushes, but she doesn t forget things this often Very satisfying continuation conclusion of the story, and I was decidedly pleased not to have to wait usual sequel length time to read it I liked the way all the very different people s contributions to the cause came together no one person could have saved the day on his or her own but everyone was ne [...]

Basically a day after I finished the first book, the second one arrived and I can see now why Sherwood wrote on her LJ that this was actually one big book It starts right after the end of the first one so no explanations for readers who come in later, which I actually prefer in my series books.Sasha remains cautious and the hero keeps kicking himself deservedly for screwing up by keeping too many secrets when he met her Not being a villain he lets her go but sets one of his trusted friends to tr [...]

Who chose the cover art for this duo With Twice a Prince plus Once a Princess, what are readers supposed to think, judging by the covers Teeny bopper bodice rippers, no thank you But seriously These are good They make me think of The Princess Bride But with a LOT LESS KISSING These are not kissing books I mean, we see a few obligatory kisses between swashbuckling and martial artiness, but nothing gross and no, I m not obsessed with kissing, why do you ask Great for all ages However, it irks me h [...]

I liked this book, but the repetitive formula used in half of Sherwood Smith s books thus far, of the prince hero having pretended to be a fool dandy for years and years but ultimately being good and awesome and very intelligent and having a good sense of humor, begins to become a little to predictable Need to change it up Like SENRID Cannot wait to hear on that story front.Yet I digress Apart from wanting a great deal backstory and relationship time, Twice A Prince picks up right where Once [...]

i just didn t like this series as much as others of hers that i ve read i never engaged properly with the characters and i found the first person pov of Sasharia herself annoying.

Not as good as the Court Duel Not a fan of the main character.

Why do bloody events get translated into Great Events in histories Probably because they force summary change But here was the real effect of sudden change the wrenches in the lives of those who would never leave behind records, the people who lived and breathed and hated and loved, feared and fought, the everyday folk whom the balladers inevitably overlooked They might go home and tell the story, and perhaps the sword Ban Kender gripped would be handed down to a grandson, along with the story o [...]

Second book felt balanced than the first one.Sasha was actually thinking with her head and that made her less annoying Jehan was making mistakes other than Sasha related blunders and that made him human There were also balancing thoughts of her mother with her own, much mature and thought out adventure All this as well as things happening without or with minimal involvement from main characters made it a much enjoyable read.

It pains me to only award this book 3 stars, but I have to be honest in my rating Twice a Prince continues the adventures of Sasha, Jehan and company, introduce in Once a Princess The book is sprawling in scope, covering multiple POVs and grand schemes that hold interest throughout And impressively enough, Sherwood Smith neatly addresses a previous criticism I had, with the mix of first and third person voices there s an explanation that kind of makes sense BUT, the book didn t stir me in the wa [...]

This second half of the one book split into two contains all the payoffs earned in book one Without any preamble or story so far the second book picks up exactly where Once a Princess left off Sasha after a brief but pyrotechnic clinch with Prince Jehan departs to find her father, Prince Math Jehan plays his double game a la Scarlet Pimpernel, running with the hare and hunting with the hounds until at last all the separate plot strands Sasha, her mother, King Canary, Prince Math, the power hungr [...]

This is the sequel to Once a Princess, and it picks up right where the first one left off, with Sasha on her way to find her father, Sun in the custody of the king, and Jehan trying to hold things together without revealing his secret identity I had hoped this book would be better than it was The story was solid, but the writing style just killed me It was such a juvenile way of writing, very simplistic, and with lots of child like Earth expressions like kissy face It just broke the flow because [...]

3.5 I m reviewing this with Once a Princess, its prequel Smith does a great job writing a complicated fantasy based war story She shows the rational behind the choices of her characters I like watching them really think before they act and doubt their value even as the brave forward to the best of their ability There are quite a few gems of good advice tucked into these books It s also interesting to see the nuanced motivations of each character Sometimes, even bad guys have the potential to be [...]

I love how this story including Once a Princess of which is the first book to this sequel, is almost similar to the Graceling series I forgot how good pirate related novels are especially ones that also include magic and modern world portals since I always read novels about the fae, or vampires, or werewolves and the like This book is a must read, after you ve read Once a Princess of course I was satisfied with the ending, but wish there were a bit romance throughout the story, especially in th [...]

I finally got a hold of my sister s Kindle to finish this story I was glad to finally see the end of Jehan and Sasha s story Once a Princess was a little interesting to me in that the characters were new and being developed, and much of Twice a Prince cruised on the character development that took place in the prequel, focusing instead on wrapping up the story line instead That was a little disappointing to me.Sherwood Smith creates very fascinating characters but sometimes the stories themselv [...]

Since none of this volume took place in our modern world, it does not have the urban fantasy frame that the first volume had Instead, this is high adventure fantasy, with lots of swashbuckling I enjoyed the character development in this book, and almost all of the plot elements finally paid off, with the possible exception of the kid character from the competitions in the first volume Thus, by the end of the story the main plot elements are resolved, but the world remains open for further use, i [...]

Genre Swashbuckling FantasyRollicking fun tale filled with Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Pirates, and Dastardly Plans I had a bit of trouble believing the hero fooled everyone into believing all his diseprate disguises for years at a time and from such a young age but the heroine s voice which was first person point of view for most of the story was so entrancing that I overlooked the ludicrous ness of the situation, and enjoyed it thoroughly The duology reminds me a bit of the Princess Br [...]

I really liked most of this book The series is not my favorite by this author I m a huge fan , and it all comes back to the main protagonists being from current day LA I found the slang to be overused and distracting in most places, although it also made the main protagonist s narrative distinctive I loved the plot and liked its resolution I loved the world Verdict Definitely recommended for fantasy readers and Sherwood Smith fans However, I probably won t revisit this series like I have Crown [...]

I think I liked this one better than Once a Princess , maybe because the characters were all established and it was really about mopping up the problems that had been laid down for them in the first book It was a bit predictable, in that you knew the bad guys would get what they deserved and the good guys would live happily ever after, but it was still enjoyable to see how it came about It wasn t a very long read I did so on a Sunday afternoon but it made for a pleasant couple of hours.

Okay, do not look at the cover Great book and the cover is horrible They are clean and fun to read I would recomend them to any teen girl who wants a little action and romance Very fun to read If I had to start over again I would read all her books in order of publication She has the same world over and over again in many different books and I am all mixed up about a lot of the history that gets mentioned in every book Just sayin.

OK do not look at the cover These are great books and the cover is horrible They are clean and fun to read I would recomend them to any teen girl who wants a little action and romance Very fun to read If I had to start over again I would read all her books in order of publication She has the same world over and over again in many different books and I am all mixed up about a lot of the history that gets mentioned in every book Just say en.

Another enjoyable book by Sherwood Smith It s a good if slightly predicable ending to the En Garde serise I love our prince with his secrets and i also love are L.A kick butt heroine they are perfect for eachother and i think this serise is Smith s best work though i am happy to be proved wrong as i read of her work.

Really good sequel to the first Still as much fun I love her larger than life characters and the great fantasy world she has created.A great entertaining read.Just read this book for the third time in 2 years It s great Excellent sense of humour, great hero Stubborn heroineand excellent subplots.This is a brilliant sequel, but you have to read the first before you read this one.

Amazingly and despite its cover, the book is very clean, as is its predecessor I was very surprised and very entertained Not so swashbuckling as its synopsis leads to believe, but very active Still contained some odd side stories that had me wondering at their purpose, but at least she resolved the story well enough.

Once a Princess Sasharia en Garde , 1 by Sherwood Smith 3.5 stars.Twice a Prince Sasharia en Garde , 2 by Sherwood Smith 3.5 stars.Fun YA fantasy with a dash of romance and action about a modern L.A girl who was brought up in another life in another world and has to return to restore her and her family s rightful reign Two cute, quick reads that don t involve a lot of thinking.

Arg What happened The first book in this series was an entertaining, fun read with surprising twists and turns I can t imagine how Smith produced such a sequel This book had me groaning with the slow pacing I got to the point where I didn t care what was happening with the characters and debated not finishing it It makes me sad when this happens to an author I like

I read this a little while ago and it was a good ending to the story started in Once a Princess It s an ideal light teen romance with a dash of the pirate.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Twice a Prince : by Sherwood Smith
    167 Sherwood Smith
Twice a Prince