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The Blazed Trail #(2022)

The Blazed Trail

The Blazed Trail

  • Title: The Blazed Trail
  • Author: Stewart Edward White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Blazed Trail By Stewart Edward White,

The Blazed Trail Best Read || [Stewart Edward White] - The Blazed Trail, The Blazed Trail Classic western According to Stewart Edward White March September was an American author Born in Grand Rapids Michigan he earned degrees from University of Michigan Ph D M A

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One of my Book Alcove finds For 5 I was glad to try out a new author I was not disappointed in the writing White s novel offers the scent of the outdoors, the urge to get the logs down the river, the emotions of the men while and after they are cooped up in camp for too long in short, it s like going back in time and setting foot in a very rough, colorful camp.

The Blazed Trail, by Stewart Edward White, first published in 1902, is the story of Harry Thorpe, an impoverished rich kid who becomes a lumberjack and rises to be the head of his own firm This is an old fashioned and kind of odd book, both in style way too wordy, though only in spots and in philosophy As far as style goes, it does paint a very good picture of lumber camp life in the 1880s,but even that is oddly paced In many ways it reminded me of Moby Dick, only in that the narrative often sto [...]

My first inclination is to categorize this book as an epic western It is written in the style of a western but tells the story of the men who logged the Michigan forests in the 1880 s I was at first daunted by the length of the book, and it does contain entire chapters devoted to the description of specific logging techniques used at the time However, mid way the story begins to come into it s own and sweeps one into its own current It is an interesting depiction of human nature and the spirit o [...]

Young man thrust into poverty sets out to earn a living in the logging industry while learning same Locates and buys government timber with help of acquired partner Competition and conflict with unscrupulous established company Lots of description of life and work in the woods and wilds of Michigan Some romance, book needed interaction between protagonist and love interest This book is available at Project Gutenberg gutenberg ebooks 3413

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a style of writing that no longer exists.

  • The Blazed Trail Best Read || [Stewart Edward White]
    103 Stewart Edward White
The Blazed Trail