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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story #(2022)

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

  • Title: Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
  • Author: Gregg Lewis Deborah Shaw Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780310719038
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story By Gregg Lewis Deborah Shaw Lewis,

¼ Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story ✓ Gregg Lewis Deborah Shaw Lewis - Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story Ben Carson used to be the class dummy Today he is one of the world s most brilliant surgeons Gifted Hands Kids Edition tells the extraordinary true story of an angry young boy from the inner city who

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This was another book that I taught at Oakland Community College Ben Carson flew out of the worst situation in the deepest part of Detroit, becoming an Eagle Scout and ultimately Director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins children s Center He also earned the Presidential Medal of Peace Carson and his wife are paying back big time by means of the Carson scholars Fund with awards that have gone out to 42 states, and probably by now.The book takes the reader through his childhood and reve [...]

I thought I d read this previously, however a friend sent it to me for Christmas and when I started looking over it, none of it looked familiar So I read it properly and certainly was inspired by the story of Ben Carson and his humble beginnings and overcoming prejudice to become a very skilled neurosurgeon, able to restore hope to many families.

The first couple chapters of this book were painful preachy and condescending Luckily I kept going This turned out to be a great book It is a biography of Ben Carson a neruosurgeon It was written for a younger audience What I found most impressive about Dr Carson was his faith in God There were several moments in his life when he needed help and turned to God His faith always resulted in miracles that changed the direction his life would have done otherwise He is the first to admit that all he h [...]

Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story is a true story about the life of noted pediatric surgeon, Ben Carson and his ability to overcome the negative perception of others I originally read this book about five years ago I was moved how Ben Carson overcame being called names by other kids, being raised by a single mother, struggling his first year of medical school to the point that an advisor suggested he quit, and having to work jobs such as that of a crane operator, while still attending Yale with [...]

I really liked this book A touching story of a young man who really learned the lessons of life At the end of his book he tells to Think Big He proceeds to tell you about each of those letters and sends a message that every one is important in life and what you do with that life is up to you His examples are excellent for all teens to read I read this in one afternoon This young man became a neurosurgeon He was raised by a single Mom who was herself a very wise lady He was Black and came up agai [...]

Interesting to know that Dr Ben Carson did not know that he wanted to become a doctor and was just like many other young kids who did not find school exciting However, through the love and support of an awesome mother, she encouraged both of her boys to get a good quality education We follow Ben through the struggles of poverty, embarrassment and living in a single parent home Through all the exposure of music, art, and reading that was given to Dr Carson, he eventually found himself becoming i [...]

This is absolutely captivating my fourth graders imaginations They groan when I have to stop reading Ben Carson embodies many positive character traits The students also love the fact that he was known as the class dummy in fifth grade and that he then goes on to become a famous neurosurgeon Many of my students come from the same backgrounds and they really are inspired by him book almost done with the book sad After finishing my students burst into applause Amazingly, the next day,we were able [...]

autobiographyAges 9 12Paperback AudioI read this story in Middle school and took a trip to Johns hopkins to visit him This book is about Dr.Ben Carson s life and the many struggles he went through as child Growing uop in a single parent home, Ben and his brother were under privilage kids who lived in the inner city and attended public school.Ben who was known as the class dummy was told he would never amount to anything in his life went on to prove those who doubted him wrong Ben Carson became a [...]

I loved this book I think it would be very inspirational to upper elementary students and middle school students especially those who struggle in school Ben Carson learned to overcome his disadvantaged upbringing and racial prejudice mainly by learning to love reading He went from being a struggling student whom others made fun of in 5th grade to the boy at the of his class just a few years later God was also and important part of Ben s life and there are many details on this.

What a book to read on Mother s Day The teachings of his mother that kept Ben Carson on the right path to becoming the world s foremost pediatric neurosurgeon,is remarkably inspiring Add to that his own diligence and hard work, his incredible faith in a living God, and his unbelievable accomplishments, especially in the disjoining of Siamese twins, and I was astonded and grateful for such people in this world.

I read this book about five years ago My book club loved Carson s story, growing up with little means and becoming a world renown surgeon The club members were so encouraged by his story that we grabbed up every copy we could find of his book to give to Girls and Boys Clubs.But after the events of the last 12 months, we re all scratching our heads wondering what went wrong.

Loved this book Very good book to get acquainted with Dr Ben Carson I ended up w a kids version because it was given to my mom to read and I told her I wanted to read it as well I am so glad I did Very inspiring Shows how much you can accomplish if you just trust in God and the gifts God gave you to use to help others I can t wait to get other books by him as well.

My son is going to read this for one of his summer reading books so I thought I would read it too Great book, very inspiring Excited for him to read and then watch the movie together.

What an incredible man

This was a great book and I read it to my kids too Ben Carson is a great guy, I respect him a lot.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this memior Ben Carson is the epitome of good common sense.

Gifted Hands Book Review By Jose Canchola Poor Black kid who lived in Detroit, moved all the time, Father was a bigamist Mother only had a 3rd grade education This book describes the story of the world renown neurosurgeon and a presidential candidate for the 2016 race who defeated all odds and broke the curse of being a poor black kid in the ghetto and wouldn t amount to nothing His name would be Benjamin Solomon Carson In the book Gifted Hands it talks about Ben Carson and his life story and ho [...]

Gifted Hands is a biography about Dr Ben Carson, a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon Dr Carson grew up in poverty, was not only teased and told he was a dummy by those around him, but also wondered if it were true himself His mother decided to turn things around for her children after she left their father, and made them devote their time to reading She found faith in God and used him to guide her way through their childhood Dr Carson and his brother hardly saw their mother because of her dedicat [...]

I was in the airport and needed a book to read I saw this for 6 bucks and picked it up I love inspirational stories of people who have overcome great odds to be where they are I didn t even realize upon my impulse buy that this version is for kids Still, it was a good, thought provoking read It s probably too simple for most adults, but I gave it 5 stars because I feel it would be immensely useful to kids, especially those who have come from backgrounds that did not support success and encourage [...]

Before going into my review, let me say for the record this book has a great message if you work hard, you can do anything Yup, it is inspiring, and I understand why its on so many school reading lists So, with that out of the way, what did I personally think of the book Honestly, I felt like I was reading a book from school It was poorly written, with lots of simple sentences, fragments, and explanation marks I had trouble not rolling my eyes at some of the miracles finding 10 Dreaming the test [...]

It isn t often that I read an autobiographical work about a neurosurgeon from Detroit, let alone a black guy from Detroit I take that back, I never read books about black kids from Detroit becoming prestigious neurosurgeons and performing cutting edge operations that hadn t been accomplished There just aren t many stories out there like this to read Ben Carson is an icon if I ve ever seen one, and it is a shame that his name is not as widely recognized as the latest pop star or athlete This man [...]

My background included many people with skillful hands, only Dr Carson dared to call it a Miracle He often just prayed and expected things to work out The lessons in this book gives a false hope for people believing they are special Dr Carson indirectly refers himself as a holy man that gets help from God in various incidents and successes Although He explaines in early chapters a very relevent qoute to relaying on one s self You are the captain of your own ship , it resonated only in my memory [...]

I loved this small easy to read book about a disadvantaged boy who trusted in his mother s words and believed that God would help him become who he wanted to be This story is inspiring and full of stories that most people can relate to I loved the fact that Ben often turned to God His faith in God which started out with his faith in his mother, is reflected well in this book I loved the simplicity of this man s faith all the while working very hard to be worthy of the gifts God gave him I would [...]

Ben Carson grew up in poverty His mother worked 3 jobs to put food on the table and a roof over their heads When, as a teenager, Ben wanted money for fancy clothes, his mom gave him all the money she made and told him to pay the bills and buy the food He found that there was no extra money No excuses were accepted for bad grades, etc He was in control of his own life Ben was also raised to have great faith which it evident throughout the book I loved this book and will eagerly recommend it to my [...]

Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon Neurosurgeons are smart people, but Ben Carson wasn t always smart In fact, he used to be the class dummy He studied hard that soon, he was one of the best students in school He got many offers to go to different universities He chose Yale The classes were hard and soon he thought he shouldn t be a doctor any He worked hard and soon he graduated and became a neurosurgeon He did many risky surgeries like the Hemispherectomy, cutting half of the brain so the person do [...]

This is a juvenile non fiction book the only one in our library system I didn t know there were other, adult level books , so it is written pretty simply But I loved the story Ben Carson, with his humility, hard work, and faith in God, is an inspiration this has made me want to work harder to develop my talents, and use them to serve and help others I also feel a connection to the story, having lived through the med school and residency craziness I think I would have chosen another version of th [...]

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson is the story of Ben Carson a man who was young growing up with bad grades and not many friends, he was not very popular and kept to himself a lot At the age of thirty three he became director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins University Hospital It speaks on all of his accomplishments and his life having a wife named Candy are the parents of three grown sons and they live in Balti County, Maryland I think this is a good book, because it explains his life very w [...]

I have heard about this book in so many schools that I have been at I finally got to read it for myself, and it is just as inspiring as people say it is The book talks about his hardships as a young boy and that although he had times he struggled he always believed he would make something of himself He got this faith in himself from his mom After a life of poverty and living in high crime areas he pushed himself and became a neurosurgeon This is a great text for all students to read I feel like [...]

In December our family watched the movie by the same name We were so inspired by Dr Carson s life that I sought out his biography for additional details This is the children s version I liked it better than the adult version It was written recently, so it includes events that had not yet occurred when the original biography for adults was written After my boys read it on their own, we read it aloud as a family, which was a great opportunity for discussions of faith values with the children The [...]

This is a revealing biography of the gifted surgeon, Dr Ben Carson, M.D Starting with his youth of stringent upbringing in spite of having a temper, young Ben Carson grew up under the influence of of Christian mother who saw great things for the man What comes through is Ben s strong spirit and eventual embracing of knowledge We see him stumble, be humbled, learn and grow into a man of virtue We also see his great heart and belief in the divine healing that he was given by God This is an uplifti [...]

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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story