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The Truth Teller #(2022)

The Truth Teller

The Truth Teller

  • Title: The Truth Teller
  • Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
  • ISBN: 9781595540478
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
The Truth Teller By Angela Elwell Hunt,

The Truth Teller Best Read || [Angela Elwell Hunt] - The Truth Teller, The Truth Teller A five year old boy can sense who is telling the truthd who isn t It s a gift some will do anything to silence and a mother will do anything to protect Lara Godfrey desperately wants to have a child a

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I m not going to write about what this book is about this is just my feelings on it It ll probably sound a bit mixed up, because that s how I feel about the story.Although I read it in one afternoon, this was a very hard book for me to read Maybe because it was about a mother in imminent danger of losing her child It was well written and in the long run I m glad I read it, but I spent most of the book almost dreading what was coming next while feeling compelled to keep reading to find out what w [...]

Wow I loved this novel Angela Hunt weaves a compelling story about love, grief, science, villians, motherhood, and God Hunt made me think about medical and spiritual ethics I love that she never forgets God and the power he has in our lives She begins the story with a thought provoking quote from the ninth chapter of Paul s letter to the church at Rome Should the thing that was created say to the one who made it, Why have you made me like this God has every right to exercise his judgment and his [...]

You will Love this I did not want to stop reading this book The book shows us just how God is truly in control even when we think things are totally out of control This storyline could easily happen today the way we hear about experiments being done on humans You will find yourself feeling Lara s loss, her hopes, her fears and even share in her tears This is the first book I have read by Angela Hunt except for what she has written with Frank Peretti, Bill Myers and Alton Gansky in the Harbinger [...]

Great book The storyline is full of twists I ve read this book once before but I forgot all about what happened, it was unpredictable until the very end.I would ve given it five stars if there weren t so many in my opinion unnecessary and cruel deaths

The theory that we are devolving from generation to generation was thought provoking.

Such an unusual concept, unbelievable even in the face of science fiction yet Angela Hunt brings us into believing Gentle and loving and full of faith.

I liked this book, but I found Lara s naivety irritating at times, especially since she knew the risks of her situation.

The Truth TellerThe plot line in this novel had so much potential that was unrealized There were so many glaring scientific errors that I could not sink my teeth into this narrative Although I ve read several of Angela Hunt s novels and I m familiar with her plot twists, I was very disappointed with this particular work.

I should start this review by saying that this is not my typical read I m of a historical fiction reader, but I m glad that I did branch out with this one That said, please take my review for what it is.I found the subject matter of The Truth Teller to be very compelling medical ethics, motherhood, science, spirituality, the question of truth and The ideas are woven seamlessly throughout and really added depth to the story.Like I said, I don t have much experience with this genre I ve literall [...]

High points Interesting premise Solid writing style Compelling characters Romance was not overbearing while expected Good discussions of ethical considerations in genetic manipulation, et cetera Low points As the book was written 12 years ago, the author assumed that the average reader knows way less about genetics and IVF than today The entire section leading up to the decision, because so much information had to be downloaded to the reader, felt slow because of this Meh points I think the back [...]

This is Angela Hunt at her best It was suspenseful and very interesting She explores all the aspects of gene manipulation and all that involves Can we create perfect race Should we Angela Hunt makes you think deep about this aspect of a life we are getting to know She makes her characters very believable and you care about them I love Angel Hunt she is a writer that writes about current issues.Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was [...]

I really loved this book It had everything It was very difficult to walk away from this book and go back to the living Story of Lara who lost her husband to cancer and wanted to have his baby The villan Devin who was handsome and wealthy The characters were well developed through out the whole story and the plot was easy to follow It was an interesting read because it dealt with eithics and genitics and how we can play God in those generes The book was Christian themed however, I felt it allowed [...]

This was almost insulting to read I don t seek out Christian books but I generally don t mind them, being a Christian myself, but the portrayal of Christianity as the only truth and the arrogance of the characters due to their beliefs was really distasteful I found it judgmental, at best, and childish at worst The author had some good concepts, but she didn t develop anything to the level necessary for emotional involvement I could have gotten on board with the science fiction if there was consi [...]

I really enjoyed this book It starts with Lara mourning the death of her husband, Michael One of the things he left behind was a deposit in the local cryogenics lab before he was treated for cancer Eventually, she decides to have his baby, but asks her boss s husband, the head of the cryogenics lab a researcher, to check the DNA for markers for the cancer remove them if present Also involved with the researcher is Devin Sloan, a billionaire, who had managed to get some DNA from a newly found 500 [...]

As I have reread my personal collection, I have found previously favorite authors a bit disappointing I did not expect that with Angela Hunt Unlike other authors, I have not found all of her works disappointing Some have been abysmal Others, like this one, soar above the rest and remind me of why I fell in love with her writing to begin with.Hunt develops all of the characters, save a few minor characters, quite well I even forgot the twist at the end.I wish all of her expect the unexpected book [...]

I admit to being a huge fan of Angela Hunt I read one book because I saw the movie, The Note and I loved it Upon learning it was based on an Angela Hunt book, I checked one out of the library to read Each book is unique and interesting The truth teller was fascinating A young womans desire to have a child places her in the hands of people interested in altering the human DNA She does what she can to protect the child from becoming a lab experiment The end totally surprised me, and that is not co [...]

Surprisingly poignant for a piece of Christian fiction I normally find literature saturated with Christian faith to be a bit trite and unrealistic, but I genuinely felt convinced by the humanity of the majority of characters in The Truth Teller, and found myself actually tearing up at the end The plot has a few thin points, but is overall riveting and held up attention I feel that the author did an admirable job of contributing to her genre by drawing the average reader in rather than potentiall [...]

Very interesting Definitely a page turner I found a couple of inconsistencies that caused the forfeit of a five star rating, but overall I thought it was well written I would have liked a little bit character development hard to do, considering the book is already over 400 pages for a couple of the characters The message of the book is a good one I loved the conversations the boy had his character was very likable and sweetly entertaining What a different world it would be if 1 people did not l [...]

Painful at times to read the heartfelt story of a widow who undergoes, what she thinks is IVF from AIH, turns out to be something else entirely This novel takes place during Lara Godfrey s pre pregnancy days until her son is six years old In that time, she has to remain hidden from the so called surrogate father Many people are wrongly influenced by the wealth of this so called surrogate and it ends up being her and her child s responsibility to set things right.

Another Fantastic Read by Angela Hunt.When men attempt to mess with genetics, playing God such as Hitler did, either to create the perfect race or to enable himself to live on this earth for eternity, they will fail.In this case, the male creator was betrayed by his partner in crime The main character decided to have her dead husband s baby with sperm he had deposited in the sperm bank before he died A very unexpected ending.

Never read this author before was given the book in a pile from mother in law A little surprised by the Christian religious context and disturbed by the blatant and flippant suggestion other religious beliefs are wrong pg 289 comment on Buddhist belief But if you can get past that and just consider it a simple piece of fiction it s a quick beach read with an interesting though underdeveloped premise of using science to override nature in a flawed environment.

This was an excellent book that delved into several topics genetic engineering, how we often take things into our own hands instead of trusting God , and how easy it is to choose to live a lie rather than being honest and trusting God for the outcome This is one that I would like to read again some day.

Interesting premise especially since the Human Gnome project Can t seem to make up its mind if it is a Christian Inspirational story or not I somewhat expected it to be It randomly throws out faith issues but doesn t get very deep It s interesting enough to recommend and has somewhat of a surprise ending.

Wow, this was a hard one for me to readt because it was bad, but because I have kiddos and the child in this book was being hunted down by some bad scientists for his extreme gift truth telling he could not tell a lieGood story about how a mother protects her kiddo at all costs, including taking on other identities to keep away from the bad guys Full of suspense.

Very difficult book to read due to the developments in assisted reproductive technologies It seems extremely out of date The entire last half of the book could ve been avoided if they had just used a surrogate mother Good projection of the feminine mind Has a slight christian spiritual bias.

I very rarely make book recommendations But I feel this is a book worth sharing I, like many, have struggled with trying to understand God s ways this fictional book is a beautiful reminder that despite all things, He does see us and He does desire what s best for us.

An excellent read with some science fiction added in for a different flavor I don t know how this woman comes up with her stories but they never leave you disappointed I would say this is a thriller since there are plenty of intense scenes.

I find the four star rating utterly bewildering From errors in science to typos in the book to characters that lacked depth, this book missed the mark The story line had so much promise, but failed to deliver anything that felt like truth.

Interesting I listened to this book, and it seemed to move so slowly I ve been trying to figure out if it was the narrator or the author, but I m not sure Several parts felt redundant or overexplained The premise was interesting and the ending a bit of a surprise.

EXCELLENT a new author for me and every bit as good as Jodi Picoult i loved the twists in this book, and truly enjoyed the mystery, intrigue, and ethical dilemma, set in the Christian paradigm Well done Angela i ll be looking for and reading of your books

  • The Truth Teller Best Read || [Angela Elwell Hunt]
    105 Angela Elwell Hunt
The Truth Teller