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The Screaming Room #(2021)

The Screaming Room

The Screaming Room

  • Title: The Screaming Room
  • Author: Thomas O'Callaghan
  • ISBN: 9780786018123
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
The Screaming Room By Thomas O'Callaghan,

[PDF] The Screaming Room | by ☆ Thomas O'Callaghan - The Screaming Room, The Screaming Room In this riveting new thriller by the acclaimed author of Bone Thief a diabolical killer is terrorizing New York City and it s up to Lieutenant John Driscoll to save the city or die trying Original

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Gruesome, chilling, a killer s game.Driscoll has finally made peace with the ghosts of his past and has accepted things he cannot change And just when it starts getting better, his wife Colette, who was comatose for over six years from an accident that also killed his daughter, takes her last breath And just when John lays her to rest, a serial killer is loose in New York City, leaving gruesome bodies in the most public places possible.What begins as a strange case only gets worse, for bodies a [...]

I actually threw it away, after starting chapter 11 Literally into the garbage can I ve read books than I can ever count My bedtime lullaby is Forensic Files Maybe this says about me than the author, but in any case I couldn t read further.

Enjoyed this book I read the first one when it first can out but could not for the life of me remember the author Then I found a list on about authors of mystery and bam there it as Trying to find out why number 3 is not available when the book said it was due out in 2008.This book is the second in a series by Thomas O Callaghan.The killings are described after the fact by the police who find the bodies It is all tactfully done, however the book is about police procedure Two killers are on a sp [...]

If you love a real good thriller, you ll enjoy the 2nd book in the John Driscoll series In The Screaming Room, someone is targeting tourists in New York City One by one, they re found in landmarks and found scalped like Indians Later on, they find out from blood from a broken toenail that they re dealing with identical fraternal twins, Cassie and Angus Claxonn, who are after them for one reason revenge on the sexual abuse they endured from their dad And that bridges the connection between all of [...]

Ugh I tried really hard to like this book I m a big murder mystery fan and am not too picky about them but this one was just awful I was still confused about the characters in the end I was like wait who is that I couldn t remember Just didn t care for the story line at all and it just wasn t good in general I didn t want to give up on it so I made myself finish it I m just glad I m done and can move on now Not sure I ll read another by this author as this was my first by him.

I loved it An excellent second novel in the series featuring Lt John Driscoll This time Driscoll must stop a killer who is terrorizing New York City with grotesque displays A must for every fan of the mystery thriller genre I m definitely looking forward to the release of the third novel of this series.

It kept me captivated I have always enjoyed mysteryJust read a review that says this is part of a series I seem to miss that detail when getting books LOL It is not necessary to have read the previous book.This book has a lot of detail regarding abuse both sexual and physical so it is not for the faint of heart.

Good book The second in the Driscoll series I didn t like it as much as bone theif I liked how you got to see peeks into what made them killers Though some I imagine wouldn t like that The book moved at a fast pace, which I also like I look forward to books in the series.

A good page turner What even made it enjoyable is that the book takes place in NY and characters find themselves on the Southern State Parkway, BQE and other roads we as suburban NYers are familiar with A quick, easy read that will keep you guessing

Wow, what a ride From the first page on this book held my attention, kept me thinking and hoping it wouldn t end Excellent story, the characters are very real and easy to follow but not so easy that you can think for them Fast paced with great description and situations.

I m not extremely picky when it comes to any sort of police procedural or thriller suspense I go through books too quickly to be so choosy , but this book was awful It just felt like the writer was trying way to hard and he failed I gave it 50 pages but it s going in my donation pile.

Choppy and loopy.

Not sure if the disturbing content played a factor don t think so but it just didn t grab my interest I felt obligated to finish it hoping it would get better but ended up just glad I was done.

This was a good, fast paced read I really liked the storyline and the characters Although I thought the ending could have been a bit stronger, I still liked it.

Cool book.

YAWN Boring book So ticked I didn t give up on it right away I gave it a chance, when I could have read much better

Enjoyed this Bit predictble, but neat character development Will read others by this author

Liked it

  • [PDF] The Screaming Room | by ☆ Thomas O'Callaghan
    456 Thomas O'Callaghan
The Screaming Room