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In Bed With A Stranger #(2021)

In Bed With A Stranger

In Bed With A Stranger

  • Title: In Bed With A Stranger
  • Author: Mary Wine
  • ISBN: 9780758234636
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
In Bed With A Stranger By Mary Wine,

In Bed With A Stranger Best Read || [Mary Wine] - In Bed With A Stranger, In Bed With A Stranger An Imperfect MatchBrodick McJames is an earl in name only To secure his clan s future he needs an English wife Mary Stanford daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire will suit perfectly He s never met h

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Le pongo 2 porque se lee de forma f cil y gil y no est mal escrito pero la historia me ha defraudado mucho, la verdad y se merece tan solo 1Es la t pica novela de highalanders en la que nada m s acostarse ya se aman hasta el tu tano y l y adem s una vez que lo prueban no hay final Creo que es la primera novela hist rica de la autora, antes era er tica, as que no me ha sorprendido ver que la palabra m s usada es cl toris, Pero las escenas hot son sosas sosas sosas y muchas sin aportar nada.No soy [...]

This is my first read by this author and I was truly pleased Mary Wine made the story come to life through her usage of Scottish brogue She included enough details of everyday life that I could actually see the images and wasn t left wondering what she was talking about I learned about bathing rooms and the most modern conveniences of the times Through her colorful descriptions, the author clearly defined the difference between the English way of life and that of the uncivilized Scots The dialog [...]

This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Brodick McJames, is in need of a wife to secure his lands and even though he is Scothe will need an English wife to do so So he connects with his English neighbor and to get married by proxy to his daughter Mary Anne Cooper, is the illegitimate daughter of Earl of Warwickshire Her mother has been his leman for many years Anne has had to live under the abuse of her father s wife for many years But when her step sister Mary, is called [...]

Anne Copper is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire Annes mother Ivy is The Earls Leman and his wife cold Countess Philipa hates Ivy and her children, especially Anne The Earl returns home from court briefly to announce that his daughter Mary his and Philipa s legitimate daughter is married by proxy to scottish Earl Brodick McJames Phillipa hatches a plan Rather than have her only child forced to bed with a barbaric Scot Phillipa sends Anne in her place Anne has to pretend to be [...]

Summary An Imperfect MatchBrodick McJames is an earl in name only To secure his clan s future he needs an English wife Mary Stanford, daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire, will suit perfectly He s never met her, but what matter She ll grace his bed eventually, and once she bears his child he need see her no .Anne Copper looks just like her noble half sister, but she was born illegitimate, and can never forget it The best she can hope for is to stay a serving girl in her own father s house But wh [...]

In Bed with a Stranger3.5 StarsAs the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire, Anne Copper is forced to serve at the pleasure of his vicious and bitter wife When the Earl s legitimate daughter is promised in marriage to a Scottish noble, Anne is coerced into taking her place As passion draws Anne and Brodrick together, the malicious machinations of a twisted mind strive to tear them apartA steamy romance with a solid plot premise and a wicked stepmother type villainess who is enough to [...]

Being bastard born, Anne is psychologically abused by the mistress of the house, Lady Philipa, her father s wife Her family s safety is used as a tool to keep her honest when she is coerced into taking Lady Philipa s daughter, Mary s place in the forced marriage to a Scot She is supposed to get pregnant and return so Mary can take her place without having to actually give birth to the heir Unfortunately, Anne falls in love with the Scot and vice versa.I absolutely abhorred Philipa and wanted to [...]

For some reason this author works for me It is only my second novel I ve read by her but I enjoy the development and chemistry of the characters plus the interesting plot and the fast pace it was set at The love scenes were a little spicy and graphic than a typical mainstream novel but not too much.

3,5Que inoc ncia gente Filhos ileg timos, casamentos arranjados, trai es e tramas loucasEstou gostando desses livros de poca.

Minus at least one star for the most ridiculous scheme ever and excessive use of the word clitoris At first I thought it was a point of view issue, and that the author was using a description foreign to the actual characters Then they started saying clitoris and fucking as well so that was out of the question Even if it wouldn t have felt anachronistic, than 25 uses of the word in the story was a bit odd It was getting to the point where I was nostalgic for corny descriptions like pleasure nub [...]

Hmmm.This is a story in which an English bastard born female is forced to pretend to be her half sister, Mary, whom is proxy married to a Scot, Broderick The hero is strong, confident and not a thinggg is wrong with him The heroine, is a little meek, but still has some strong female qualities She also gets to know herself, so through her husband This overall was a very loving story, full of extreme sex scenes By extreme I mean they happen frequent with pretty much no detail missing I admit I sk [...]

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In Bed With a Stranger by Mary WineHistorical Romance May 26th, 20094 starsAnna is a reluctant bride and victim to her stepmother s vicious blackmailing In order to save her family, she assumed her half sister s identity and married a Scottish Set in the 1500s, this historical romance is a good read that moves along briskly until the end.I really liked the historical details that peppered this novel The author really did her homework and I learned a lot of new facts and interesting trivia The ba [...]

This is one of the best I ve read in a long time Such a great story and hot hot bedroom scenes

Brodick McJames has need for an English wife, however, the wife of Earl of Warwickshire would never send her daughter to the wilds of Scotland She would send her illegitimate sister i her place Still meeting the terms of the agreement Anna was not what Brodick The fates gives them both something that neither of them expected.

Le do en Ene 2011Estuvo bien sobre todo al comienzo pero siento que le falt algo.

I really enjoyed re reading this erotic and sensual love story Great characters and a very mean evil villain who meant harm to our lead female character Anne but it turned to her good Philipa the Countess of Warwickshire s daughter Mary has been betrothed to the Scottish Earl Brodick McJames the Earl of Alcaon Mary doesn t want to marry she is a spoiled old spinster who just want to stay at the court of Queen Elizabeth Tudor Philipa has refused her husbands bed after she gave birth to Mary 26 ye [...]

I was thinking of rating this book three stars because two stars seemed too harsh, but the I thought about it, the I realized that two stars was fair I guess it all depends on what you want from a story If you re just looking for sex scenes loosely strung together with recycled plots, this should suffice On most other levels, it fails The sex dominates the story which is a problem when it s so anachronistic The language is too modern and I got a strong feeling, especially as the story progress [...]

This book is so wrong for me First you can t tell from the description but it takes place during medieval times Don t let the talk of titles make you think it s a Georgian Regency Victorian novel, like I did.Second it s basically a Cinderella retelling complete with evil stepmom, evil stepsister, and a prince er, Earl that whisks her away While of noble blood she keeps doing servant level stuff She even has to leave the castle before a certain time comes because reasons cough Third instalust Sev [...]

I hardly ever give a book 2 stars if I ve finished reading it for the simple reason that if a book annoyed me that much, I would ve dnf ed it long before the end This is the exception and my only excuse for forcing myself right to the bitter end was that I wanted to see how the author would resolve the ridiculous scheme concocted by the heroine s godmother and her insufferable daughter Seriously, how on earth could anyone think that you could just switch brides So if I read this correctly, Lady [...]

Sorprendente passione era partito bene, addirittura avevo riconosciuto qualche elemento della favola di Cenerentola matrigna e sorellastra malvagie, dolce fanciulla costretta a fare da serva con mia grande gioia ma poi, andando avanti, ho cominciato ad arrancare e anche se nel finale si riprende abbastanza da non permettermi di stroncarlo con due stelle mi piacciono sempre i lieti fini in cui i cattivi hanno davvero ci che si meritano XD non modifica sostanzialmente il mio giudizio deludente Il [...]

Overall Rating 3.85 Action 2.5 Emotion 4 Romance 4 Sensuous 4.5 Intrigue 2.5 Medieval Flavor 3 Humor 1 Tears 0What an introduction into the world of Mary Wine Unable to put down In Bed With A Stranger book one in The McJames Clan Trilogy from the first sentence until the last period Book was immediately and constantly engrossing One of the magnificent things about Wine s writing was that she was able to deliver pertinent details quickly, concisely and interestingly.All in all, In Bed With A Stra [...]

I really enjoyed this book The author vividly transported me to Scotland in the early 1600 s I love the descriptions of everyday life in this time period, bath houses, birthing chairs, wedding night soiled sheets being flown for the entire clan to see how horrifying I love the development of the relationship between Brodick and Anne Mutual respect that blossoms into love I really enjoyed the plot Philippa, the stepmother, was one nasty villain The plot kept my interest, the book was fast paced T [...]

This is only the second book by Mary Wine that I ve read and I just wasn t very empressed The characters didn t feel real, they felt flat and underdeveloped This could have been a really emotional book but it just failed to get those emotions to the reader,imo One thing that really bothered me though out the whole book was the plan to have Anne give birth and then hand over the baby to her evil half sister to raise as her own.I know that Anne didn t really have much of a choice in pretending to [...]

Una novela rom ntica m s, se lee muy r pido, tiene un final t pico pero no me gust nada la protagonista, falta de iniciativa casi siempre, totalmente enamorada del protagonista y dispuesta a olvidar la raz n por lo guapo que es una preceptiva que ya me cansa, pero lo que menos me gust fue la pasividad a la hora de aceptar su destino, lo que le sucede y SPOILER No me gusta que est dispuesta a abandonar a su hijo aunque vaya a tener un futuro mejor solo porque sino su querido marido no tendr el di [...]

I m not much into historical romances but I read this one and I thought it was quite good There wasn t too much drama You know right away, from the synopsis, that there are two ideal places that the author might drag out conflict 1 when Anne goes off with the stranger disguised as Mary and 2 when the stranger finds out about the deception But these events weren t drawn out at all The story isn t in the drama but in the way that the characters grow I m warning you now the ending is a bit weird Sl [...]

I had read In the Warrior s Bed , the story of Cullen McJames, prior to reading In Bed with a Stranger which is the story of his older brother Brodick McJames It didn t really matter, but I prefer to read books in sequence.This is another great read from Mary Wine and I will keenly await further releases from this author.My favourite genre, Scottish Warrior weds English blueblood.or so he thinks.Very fast flowing and easy to read More great hot debauching to keep your toes warm on these cold win [...]

I found the beginning to be fairly enjoyable, but eventually it became too cheesy and cringeworthy for me to handle and I lost interest view spoiler For example, Anne was the type of heroine that was SO good that she would make stupid decisions for stupid reasons to sacrifice for others And she does this multiple times Also, the antagonists were pure evil and two dimensional even though I could kind of understand where the anger was coming from I mean, wtf happened with the earl, their father He [...]

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In Bed With A Stranger