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Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson #(2021)

Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson

Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson

  • Title: Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson
  • Author: Emily Dickinson Frances Schoonmaker Bolin Chi Chung
  • ISBN: 9780806906355
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson By Emily Dickinson Frances Schoonmaker Bolin Chi Chung,

Free Read Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson - by Emily Dickinson Frances Schoonmaker Bolin Chi Chung - Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson, Poetry for Young People Emily Dickinson Features than of Dickinson s best loved poems including I m nobody who are you and I started early took my dog The choice ofEmily Dickinson is a good one Chi Chung s illustrationse precise and s

Recent Comments "Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson"

This is another excellent book in the Poetry for Young People series I love that this series does not dumb down poetry for young people, but offers excellent poems from some great poets The usual suspects are here, such as Hope is the thing with feathers, A narrow fellow in the grass, and There is no frigate like a book There are several poems that are riddles, which can be fun for children to try to guess These are a couple poems I especially liked I never saw a moor,I never saw the sea,Yet kno [...]

Emily Dickinson wrote hundreds of poems over her lifetime They show up tucked into anthologies or books for adults with page after page to read.This book of poetry is so nice to sit down with The poems reflect nature and farm life The illustrations are lovely The book is large and beautifully arranged.Being for children, some of the words are defined as they are old words unfamiliar to many people today.I found this a wonderful introduction to Dickinson s poetry All of the poems were a delight t [...]

Valuable, as is the entire series The pictures are unfortunately, imo, too pretty suitable for nursery decor, they trivialize the poetry Also unfortunate is that the poems described as riddles are illustrated by the answers.No mention is made of her supposed reluctance to publish the poems The dash at the end of each line is omitted, making for a smoother read, no explanation given for why it sometimes included.In this volume the introduction serves each poem stands alone except for the illustra [...]

Poetry for Young People Emily DickinsonFrances Schoonmaker BolinThis book is a collection of poetry written by the poet Emily Dickinson It includes a total of thirty six poems, an introduction, a bibliography, and an index I found the introduction to be very useful and insightful because it discussed Emily Dickinson s life In this way, this made me feel like I was connected to her poetry, and I felt that I could understand the poetry than I would if I had not read the introduction At the end o [...]

A birthday gift for my grandniece, Ava, who will be 8 years old and demonstrates some poetry writing skills This is a lovely book with a selection of Emily Dickinson poems

A collection of some of Emily s greatest poems The illustrations are pretty and help you understand the poem my two year old likes to sit and listen to me read them and look at the pictures.

Emily Dickinson, a poet that many of us are familiar with, has written many poems that are appropriate and relatable to children The Poetry for Young People series features a collection of her poems that children may enjoy The poems are beautifully written about nature, from the meadows to the sea, animals including birds and dogs, people, insects, the weather and changing seasons and death One poem is actually about poetry itself The illustrations are done by Chi Chung, where many of the images [...]

Summary This collection of poems by Emily Dickinson is light and delightful and the watercolor illustrations add beauty to the page Young readers will experience a variety of topics within this collection, which will hopefully pique the interest of a variety of readers Evaluation The collection of poems begins with an introduction to Emily Dickinson This section gives background about the poet and details about her life, including her writing The 35 poems included in this collection follow the i [...]

Genre PoetryUnique Feature There are many unique features within this book The book offers a compilation of Emily Dickinson poems chosen for a younger audience The poems are listed and organized in a logical manor within the book This organization and flow helps the reader through reading the entire book and guides them from one poem to the next The illustrations that accompany the poems also serve to enrich the reading experience.Grades This book is best used in 5th grade and above This is due [...]

Now I ve read 6 in this series and this is so far the all around best The poetry is classic Emily Dickinson, while still being reasonably suitable for age range that would want a picture book It has a bunch of my old favorites and some new favorites as well The illustrations are very nice and accompany the poems well I was a little bummed that they standardized Emily s capitalization and took out most of her dashes, since those are such a part of her style, but I suppose it s forgivable.

1 N A2 2nd 6th3 This book is filled with lots of poems The poems in this book are longer poems with higher level vocabulary The pictures are very soft and realistic looking and there was a picture for every poem.4 I think that this book has a nice variety of vocabulary and length of poems These poems were longer than i expected them to be The pictures were very well illustrated and the poems were enjoyable to read.5 Poetry, rhyming.

I thought Poetry for Young People was an okay book I didn t really like how the author went about the some of the poems, but the majority of poems were okay I did like the poem about the bee getting a letter from a fly, I thought it was kind of humorous in a way Overall I didn t really like this book as much as other books, but I did think it was okay.

These poems are deep and meaningful and cannot be rushed through There must be a pause for reflection in order to fully grasp them Therefore, I do not think that this book will be appreciated by children The excellence of Emily Dickenson s talent will, for the most part, be wasted on the young.

I thought this book was good because her poem s rhymes and I understood it The reading age would probably be 4th grade and up The poem s were not named but, it was a good book To see what poem s are in this book, read the book to find out

Absolutely loved this book that BTW is not only for young people, but a joy for us older folks, too The illustrations by Chi Chung are INCREDIBLE I borrowed this book from the library, but it is one I may want to buy.

Nice collection of Dickinson s poetry, lovely illustrations.

Selected poetry by Emily Dickinson with accompanying beautiful illustrations by Chi Chung.

Grade 3rd and up Summary This book explores the world of the great poet Emily Dickinson She fills ordaniary life with beautiful poetry and grace This book bring a new perspective to the way things are seen, it has than 30 of Dickinson s most beloved poems Dickinson is a poet whose legacy will never die and all could find some form of comfort in this poem book Review This book was different than I imagined and I don t think that it would go well in an elementary classroom You could use some poem [...]

1 no awards 2 3rd grade3 This book contains poems covering a wide range of topics 4 I founded the illstration in the poem book to be very basic The poems themselves were great5.Read a poem every morning and at the end of every day.

N A Pre K 2nd grade SUMMARY This book is composed of some of Emily Dickinson s most well known poems Thirty five poems can be found in this one book, but the pages flow with fluidity The poems are are fluid with no separations as in headers or titles REVIEW I enjoyed how the book was fluid but also how each poem was individualized by a specific picture or illustration Even with no headings or titles there is still a table of contents that can act as a directory for specific poems if necessary IN [...]

In love with these editions So grateful that the local libraries have so many sweet things That being said, wasn t a huge fan of this one I felt like the illustrations weren t up to par with the other collections I ve seen, and I just can t get into the groove of Dickinson s poetry Glad I gave it a shot though.

I very much enjoy this series which features the poetry of well known poetic writers This book, in particular focuses on Emily Dickinson By far my favorite poet, and therefore, I was drawn to this book when I found it on the shelf of the library The beginning of the book focuses on her life, her reclusiveness and her life long calling to work with words.Painfully shy, with a vivid imagination, she wrote of emotions which many wonder how such a shy, inward focused woman could write in such a know [...]

This collection of Emily Dickinson poems is a wonderful resource of poetry for young readers in elementary school There are certain poems, like the rhymes on pages 21 through 29, which either the whole poem or parts of the poem could be read to readers who are below the recommended level, and used as an introduction to complex poetry and as a text to predict predict in terms of figuring out what is being described versus predicting future events Emily Dickinson s subjects are relatively simple, [...]

Dickinson, E 1994 Poetry for young people Emily Dickinson Ill C Chung New York, NY Sterling Publishing Co This book is a collection of Dickinson s poems There are so many lessons that can be taken from this book and can show different types of poetry.The media used by Chung was print.I think this book should be included due to the popularity of Emily Dickinson Also I wish poetry was integrated into my life as a kid It would have helped me succeed later on in school This book could be used over [...]

Excellent introduction to Emily Dickinson for children The poems chosen were for the most part very accessible for the kids and easy to understand and flesh out together, although there were a few that left me scratching my head and moving on because I had no idea what to make of them The pictures were excellent and helped the kids to at least have a starting point of understanding the poem The book includes most of my favorites, including Hope is a thing with feathers, I never saw a moor, There [...]

I think exposing students to classic poets at a young age is very important It gives students different ideas of poetry, especially since it is a hard concept to learn and grasp One of my personal favorite poets is Emily Dickinson Usually her poems are dark and gloomy and have a theme of death, however, since this is a children s book, it was censored by making the illustrations have of a positive tone to them The pages were mostly white, with a picture that was next to the poem which captivate [...]

I vaguely remember reading this book as a child but reading it now I am very fond of it Emily Dickinson is a lovely poet In the beginning of the book I noticed a particular rhythm that would naturally occur as I read the poems but as the book continues she mixed them up a bit There is a nice variation between long poems and short ones which makes it that much enjoyable because you do not get bored with the monotony of the same length poems The illustrations that are accompanying the poems are [...]

I enjoyed lessons on Dickinson in high school and have been meaning to read of her poems for a very long time When I heard about this introductory series to poetry, I was interested to see which of her poems were selected as a starting point for a younger audience As a book lover, I was very happy to see one of my favorite poems included, There is no frigate like a book There are many other books featuring other renowned poets in this series if you are looking for a something literary to read [...]

Emily Dickinson is very well known for her poems and I thought that the poems in this book explained her talent of writing poems well My favorite poem in this book was the one on page 39 about a storm The description of the storm really made me picture it in my head and bring me back to memories as a child I used to love watching storms and I love the way Emily describes the storm in this poem This book is filled with great children s poems

Personal Reaction I really liked this poetry by Emily Dickinson I really loved the variety of style of poems Some rhyme in lines two and four, some rhyme in lines one and four, some do not rhyme at all I like how the poems really relate to nature such as in the poem, Pink, small, and punctual There is also a dictionary so to speak at the end of poems containing words the reader may not know.Purposes Curriculum Poetry unit for developed readers maybe towards the end of Elementary school Rich lan [...]

  • Free Read Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson - by Emily Dickinson Frances Schoonmaker Bolin Chi Chung
    417 Emily Dickinson Frances Schoonmaker Bolin Chi Chung
Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson