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Fireside #(2022)



  • Title: Fireside
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9780778326175
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
Fireside By Susan Wiggs,

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[PDF] Fireside | by ☆ Susan Wiggs - Fireside, Fireside Bo Crutcher a professional baseball player gets help from Kimberly van Dorn a public relations expert in dealing with both the media and his long lost son AJ While spending the winter with Bo and

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Wiggs writes emotions in a way that allows readers to experience it The in depth story takes readers deep into situations that are not only heartbreaking, but also well researched Wiggs doesn t make up the details that she puts forth as fact At the same time, this is an unforgettable work of fiction, combining the best of both worlds The scenery in the novel was also breathtaking I love how I was able to picture myself in the Catskills, while also being able to let my imagination run wild, placi [...]

Book number five in the Lakeshore Chronicles Series This time we are introduced to Bo Crutcher, baseball player and bachelor about town in quaint Avalon Enter Kimberly van Dorn, left traumatized and very hurt by a love gone wrong Add in a few characters, and you ve got a sweet story Not my favourite in the series I really found the character of Kim to be insincere However, still enjoy coming across the lives of characters from earlier books and seeing how life is changing for them Looking forwa [...]

I enjoyed this book, really, I did, BUT others in the series were better I d say it gets 3.75 stars Bo s coming of age as a parent was well portrayed and I could feel his emotions for AJ growing with each page I think if Bo loved Kim the way I felt like he did, his willingness to marry Yolanda would have been complicated for him ANDwhen things started going better in Mexico, he should have called Kim Anyway, it all came together in the end and their love was redeemed I hope we will meet Yolanda [...]

I can t believe that this book is part of the Lakeshore Chronicles a series that I have enjoyed reading uptil now Fireside was such a disappointment It s almost like I can t recognize this author any Not even the recurrent characters of previous books could enthuse me.The main characters in this one, Kim and Bo, are so flat and without any depth I should give it a 2 out of nostalgia, I suppose, because my heart goes back to the previous Lakeshore Chronicles I m not sure if I ever want to read an [...]

Fireside was my first experience with author Susan Wiggs, and I have to say, I m not impressed Despite a good premise for the plot and a decent effort at redeeming plot twists, this book as a whole doesn t merit even a mediocre rating.The first problem I had with Fireside was its use of similes Yes, illustrative language is important to set the scene, but it shouldn t be so conspicuous and formulaic, not to mention overly abundant Plus, they re almost all references to baseball I understand why [...]

Reviewed by Maria LokkenKimberly Van Dorn is a mess She s flying coach, dressed in a sequin evening gown, wearing four inch strapless heels and accompanied by only one piece of luggage a Judith Leiber handbag Where is she going and what is she running from We know this much, she s just left the eternal sunshine of LA for the frigid winter of Willow Lake in upstate New York A media agent for superstar sports figures, Kimberly has traded in her job for what she believes will be the comfort her mot [...]

Another Lakeshore Chronicles, we focus here on Bo Crutcher, long time wannabe pro baseball players who s been in a small independent team in Avalon He s thrown a curve ball when a hookup when he was a teen sends his son, AJ, to him when she is caught up in a deportation nightmare While waiting for AJ s flight to arrive, she encounters Kimberly Van Dorn, publicist for an NBA star with whom she d also had a personal relationship She s dressed in an evening gown and strappy heels, not really someth [...]

Twelve year old AJ s school day was about to be done in Houston when he was called to the office to find out he wash t able to go home, but instead was going to be flying to New York to meet his father who he had never met before The factory where his mother worked had been raided and she was on the fast track to deportation.AJ s dad, Bo Crutcher, was as overwhelmed as AJ He had just signed a contract in which he was being considered for the Yankees baseball team The timing couldn t be worse for [...]

This was a cute story set back in Avalon But even though it was in the community and there were past characters, it didn t have the same connection as the others as this is the first one without a Bellamy.I did like Kim and Bo, but the story seemed a little contrived for me Bo an almost baseball fan, Kim a sports PR person, and the third person who was just as important in their relationship, AJ, Bo s long lost son The way that AJ and Bo s relationship started and grew was sweet, it mirrored wha [...]

I have never read a Susan Wiggs book I didn t enjoy, and the Lakeshore Chronicles series is one of my favourites This book, no.5 in the series didn t disappoint Not only did we get a feisty young heroine, hunky, if flawed, hero, a troubled boy, a mother who s started a guesthouse and found happiness, but we also get to spend time with continuing characters and stories from earlier books Also, womthing I really like, a bit of a chuckle here and there.I feel this series has something in common wit [...]

Even though it was set in the winter, it was a great beach read.

You learn early in each book of this series who the couple is going to be, and get to watch the relationship develop from both points of view I like that, even if the male point of view is written by a woman.It bothered me that Yolanda did not share anything good about Bo with their son AJ I m sure she was hurt by their history, and understand trying to have her husband be her son s father figure But her son deserved to know that his father did not abandon him, and Yolanda is portrayed as a good [...]

Who would have thought that after the portrayal of Kim as a man stealing slut her character would actually be so likeable Not me that s for sure, but from the very beginning i could understand her better and sympathize with her past I thought the way she handled her relationship with Bo and how she treated AJ was really great in my opinion Bo was not outdone either because he turned out to be such a bold and romantic guy after meeting AJ I was glad he finally understood that the way he was livin [...]

Boy, I ve just got a string of fine but not outstanding books going on Another romance in the Lakeshore Chronicles, Fireside s plot is decent and the characters are interesting.Mostly I d say that this book needed tighter editing Some examples there were some sections where there was an enormous amount of telling, rather than showing Like this, which went on much longer than I ll quote Now Kim understood the reason why Penelope had not urged her to visit Her mother hadn t wanted to burden her wi [...]

d she looked almost pretty, in a chubby way This was when I finally decided I didn t like this book Also, I won t be reading Wiggs again Not just for this comment, but the overall story was contrived and bland, and the characters just sort of faded in and out they didn t have any real depth, they were solely there to move the plot along, or to help the two main characters realize they loved each other As a romance, it was weak and there really wasn t much chemistry.Kim is stunningly beautiful, a [...]

I ve read many of this author s books, but found this book very shallow and her agenda inaccurate I happen to be from Texas City As far as Houston doing immigration sweeps and ripping children out of mothers arms is ludicrous Houston and surrounding areas are sanctuary cities Leave politics to that genre, I do not by books to read political opinions If I wanted thst, I would turn on the news She is so busy trying to beat you over the head with her opinions, the story doesn t flow.

This is the first book I have read after losing my reading partner sister, my best friend It isn t as much fun to read without having her to discuss the book with Fireside is a Lakeside Chronicles book, the story of baseball player Bo Crutcher, his newfound 12 year old son and publicist Kimberly van Dorn The usual characters from Avalon are present, indluding Noah, Sophie, Daisy and Max and the Bellamy family.It was a quick, enjoyable read, even though very predictable.

This is the 5th book in the series I love this series, but this book was slow I did not like the characters for some reason The lead male seemed like a stupid jock and that is not the type I go for.

This was the first of the Lakeshore Chronicles that I read and loved it Then I had to go back and start at the beginning to read all the rest leading up to this one So glad I did Lovely, sweet stories.

Kimberly van Dorn left LA on impulse to go see her mom in Avalon, NY after her boyfriend, LA Laker Lloyd Johnson, and she got into a fight and he punched her She left immediately after the fight and she was still dressed in her couture gown and heels when she arrived in NY Bo Crutcher of Avalon s pro baseball team was at the airport picking up his 12 yr old son The flight had been delayed and Bo offered help to Kimberly but she was in no mood to be nice Her high heels got stuck in the walkway an [...]

Well written, but I struggled to finish It just wasn t up my alley A lot of drama and main characters whose decisions were poor or when they arrived at a better one it was long after they should have For example, an apparently strong female protagonist who only left the abusive ex when he dumped her I have another of this series on my bookshelf but don t know if I will read it before it goes to the used book store.

Susan Wiggs can write pretty predictable stories, but that doesn t make them any less fun to read What I needed right now was a nice, happy ending story and this one fit the bill I ve enjoyed the Lakeshore Chronicles, as the area reminds of me Lake Tahoe, a place I love to visit, so I just keep on reading

Maybe 2.5 stars but no wrote a review and somehow lost it So I ll see if I can rewrite it Bo was a peripheral character in some of the other books, but in this one he did not come across as very likable until past mid book anyway.Some things were glassed over and some were not too interesting Even the love affair did not come across as very heated.

Easy read.

A sweet holiday read, no thinking required.

A good quick read Never before thought of kids left behind because of immigration issues.

Loved Fireside

Two haiku review His son comes to stayShe s fired, comes to visit momCan she work with him I liked little boyBut just didn t feel romanceWell written but meh

The lakeshore chronicles book 5I love baseball so I really liked this book Good family story Would recommend to all enjoy this happy book

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