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High School Musical: The Junior Novel #(2022)

High School Musical: The Junior Novel

High School Musical: The Junior Novel

  • Title: High School Musical: The Junior Novel
  • Author: N.B. Grace
  • ISBN: 9781423104223
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
High School Musical: The Junior Novel By N.B. Grace,

[PDF] Read ↠ High School Musical: The Junior Novel : by N.B. Grace - High School Musical: The Junior Novel, High School Musical The Junior Novel Until Troy met Gabriella his big dream was to win the basketball championship But ever since they sang karaoke together on New Years Eve Troy cant get his mind off trying out for the lead role in th

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This is a story about two teenage couple in pursueing their dreams.As for me,I do like it as my friends had recommended me this book.It first took place in New Years Eve,at the freestyle club.Until Troy met Gabriella,his big dream was to win the basketball championship.But ever since they sang together on New Years Eve,Troy can t get his mind off trying out for the lead role in the school musical with Gabriella as his partner Gabriella is struggling,too.The Decathlon team could really use her he [...]

I ve read this book when I was 11 or 12, and after I ve watched the movie a dozen of times all I can say is, it was really JUST a printed version of the Disney movie It s just it.Anyway, I really liked the movie that time, and I became a huge fan of Troy and Gabriella But that was years ago High School Musical greatly reminds me of my pre teen years.

This was basically repeating what was said in the movie, but I watched the movie when I was young, so when I read this sometime later, this book told me the feelings and thoughts of the characters I did not perceive those when I was watching the movie, so it helped me a little but apart from that, it was kinda useless So, I wouldn t recommend this to anyone, except for people who are like me

One new years eve troy culdnt wait ot go back ot east high and win the basketball champion ship but he never tught of.nging troy was just an ordanary boy with a big basketball dream gabriella was an ordanary girl with a dream of science but they both didnt tught of inging or toghether well that new years eve they sang toghether and gave eachother there cell phone number at the first day of school gabriella and troy met again on the first class shapay was jelous so she made gabriellas life misere [...]

938th 2011

it s basically the movie like on point so yes of course I loved it

I liked it, but the author made the ending cheesy.

Just as a warning, I did not complete the novel Not that I have any wish to The writing was so unimpressive The author kept putting in larger, fancier words, like cavernous and poignant when it was clear that smaller, plainer words would have done better It felt like I was reading something that was trying to be intelligent and thought provoking than it actually was.The characters felt like archetypes than they did well rounded, likable characters Troy is the stock popular yet unhappy heartth [...]

I m secretly convinced that anyone who does not like High School Musical is actually a robot I mean, who doesn t like High School Musical Everyone likes High School Musical It has all the ingredients for a perfect movie ridiculously attractive guy who just can t make up his mind, pretty smart girl with stage fright, meddling friends who just want them to stick to a very rigid status quo that is so ridiculous it s funny, evil drama bitch who is very pink, obviously gay but not gay because this is [...]

Not very interesting but after I watched movie, I think the story is fun and I am gonna read High school Musical 2 next time The Characters are Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and their friends Chad, Taylor and their classroommates, but not very friendly Troy and Chad are the basketball boys, and Taylor and Gabriella are very goot at Mathematics and Science And in East high school, where they all goes, is not a place where all of the students join together In there, only the friends whose interest [...]

A group of high school students are fighting, loving and getting to know new world over the main roles in a school musical I think this is a very bad example of books based on movies since this book is only okay I do not really know what to say about it, it was so short I barely noticed I read it So I am pretty not sure how to rate this one On the other hand, if you like the concept the movies might be a source of joy to you

my greatest shame is admitting that I read this book along with the revelation that I ve watched this over a thousand times when I was 11 or 10 I m not sure it is also my greatest regret to say that I knew every lyric and every dance move to every song this was a very huge part of my childhoodom what I remember, this book did not differ from the movie itself that d be all.

It s okay book.So So Maybe 3rd grader will lie it But for higher grad No learn book It s about music and love and it happened at high school.I think first book, this one is best book at high school musical series.I like movie than book, it s boring to read book after you watch movie,Cause it s EXACTLY same book

This book was about a boy and girl named Troy Bolton and Gabriella They come form two different worlds Troy is a big time high school basketball player and gabriella is a awesome singer They meet at a party and start to like each other but Gabriellas not the only one who likes troy Sharpay Evans despieses Gabriella and does anything to get her man.

Used to like this book a lot when I was young HSM was such a big part of teen their lives Everyone loved it a lot oh and Vanessa Hudgens was so not my favorite one I liked Sharpay even and this review doesn t make sense I guess I like characters of bad people or who get written like that A little diva.

I read this book when I was in Elementary aka when I was fan girling over HSM, singing Breaking Free at the top of my lungs and memorizing every line of the film due to watching it over and over again So basically, this is my childhood Ola.

The ONLY reason why I give this 5 stars is because High School Musical was and is still my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie thing The possible reason why this book received very low ratings is because it isn t very descriptive and some parts aren t explained.

High School Musical The book of the film is just one long summary of the movie Eventhing that happens in the movie is written in the book The book is missing the spark that the movie has, and the spark is the reason that the movie is amazing and the book is just ok.

This book was Amazing I love all the characters especially Troy Gabriella, they re SO cute Well, without Sharpay I think the story was kind of boring She s the wicked girl there Therefore, she brought something BAD and because of that the storyline become MORE INTERESTING.

i thought that it had too much drama and that they needed scenes.

this book waz kinda crappy

Just as stupid as the movie.but it was fun.

It is the best book ever

it is very nice it teaches me yo be friendly with other kids.

love it

i really liked this book cuz it was fu ll of drama it was pretty good


the movie was also great and i cant wait for hsm3

that u should not be shy when singing or dancing


  • [PDF] Read ↠ High School Musical: The Junior Novel : by N.B. Grace
    118 N.B. Grace
High School Musical: The Junior Novel