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Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography #(2022)

Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography

Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography

  • Title: Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography
  • Author: Muktananda Swami Chidvilasananda Paul Muller-Ortega
  • ISBN: 9780911307818
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography By Muktananda Swami Chidvilasananda Paul Muller-Ortega,

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography : by Muktananda Swami Chidvilasananda Paul Muller-Ortega - Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography, Play of Consciousness A Spiritual Autobiography This best selling spiritual autobiography of Swami Muktananda tells the story of his journey to self realization under the guidance of Bhagawan Nityananda candidly describing his extraordinary experi

Recent Comments "Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography"

If I were asked to name just one book that any spiritual seeker must read at least once then it would definitely be Play of Consciousness My recommendation is not based just on the intellectual and spiritual content of the book, which, by the way, is exceptional, but rather on the the book s inherent ability to kick start one s spiritual journey.I hardly knew anything about Kundalini before reading this book and I would have never believed that people can actually receive Shaktipat just by readi [...]

Swami Muktananda lives in my heart and will forever hold the place of supreme teacher in my life His personal story may not be for everyone, but for anyone who is ready to meet a true teacher, even one who has been gone for the last twenty eight years, this book may ignite an inner revolution Swami Muktananda, known by his devotees and disciples as Baba, came to the United States in the late 1970 s and attracted a huge following of spiritual seekers He was a prolific writer, master story teller [...]

Swami Muktananda was a great leader, and a great instigator to globalising the Siddha Yoga movement in the 1970 s The book was written as a guide to how the Swami became the esteemed leader and the trials and tribulations of getting there Essential reading for those on the path in Siddha Yoga Since his passing, the Siddha Yoga movement is led by Swami Chidvilansananda She has authored many, many books, and is equally as inspiring and effective in challenging the yoga devotee.

It was hard to read at first Lots of words and concepts I wasn t familiar with as a Westerner Especially the whole worship the guru thing, which is a hard concept to swallow as an American The guru thing gets explained later in the book, if you re listening The book got personal and and spiritual until the end which was amazing I ve never read a better description of God.

Extraordinary autobiography of a spiritual master revealing many spiritual secrets that used to be closely guarded.

Play of Consciousness seems to have a big following, but I wasn t too impressed after finishing the book Most of it deals with his search for Truth and devotion to his guru Learned a lot about gurus, but its really not my thing.Still, Muktananda had some good things to share, such as that kriyas and other spiritual phenomena are authentic only when they occur spontaneously So it s not about faking spiritual progression but just letting shakti energy take over Also, shaktipat transmission was int [...]

I attended Darshan with Swami Muktananda and had a meal at several Sydha yoga ashrams Some of the swami s Shakti is in the book However,in the end there wasn t much for me to hold onto here The content is very traditional with a few unexpected remarks and surprises I look it over and reread parts of it from time to time, but I don t feel that it really changed my life The main idea is that you are encouraged to meditate

Interesting but difficult to read Swami uses terms that are a bit hard to understand this is his autobiography, if you are interested in knowing the journey to enlightenment he explains it all here From beginning to end, ups and downs.

Very beautiful.

even though or perhaps because this book was written for insiders of a religion philosophy that is not my own, It was a very interesting read.

Expressing the experience of reading this book into words would only render it in less light than reality I can only express my deepest gratitude to the supreme grace this book has bestowed on me My deepest thank you from the deepest place of love.

good book for who are looking towards spiritual life

A great autobiography of Swami Muktananda which takes one through his journey in his quest of knowledge and spirituality The book is quite accessible for anyone, even the ones without a background in spirituality The book was dictated by Swami Muktananda, and the writer has done a wonderful job in carrying the conviction and the feelings in the stream of words Personally, the book has brought a great peace within me, and I am looking forward to read it from time to time I think it is a great rea [...]

This book is my favorite book I came across this book in the religion section and it had not been read by many people and will not be.This book is a journey of a mystic through meditations and vivid descriptions of his experiences If you read the book with no preconceptions and keep your heart open to reception, you will see this ordinary mystic transform into The One.Muktananda reminds me of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa Muktananda was an illiterate person in formal education, was also very simp [...]

Seldom any spiritual book has explained the secrets of meditation so candidly and with the superlative authority that comes naturally to someone who has experienced them firsthand The book is a loving guide, a powerful treatise on Guru tattva and a vibrant vessel of the spiritual power of Swami Muktananda.Read it to know It

An amazing mind screw of a book Similar to and yet distinct from Yogananda s Autobiography This is definitely NOT scientifically backed meditation, reading at some points like a fantasy novel than anything if you re not open to the possibilities the author takes as givens.

A book that vibrates with higher consciousness, this autobiography of Muktananda can be a life changer Through the pages, Muktananda s touch of grace reaches through the words into the reader s mind and heart.

I learn t about this book when I saw it with a customer I was serving at work He told me that he had read it 11 times and was continuing Naturally I was intrigued.

A must read for any yogi

Looking for a Guru a spiritual master Try this book Baba will tell you, again, if you ve read Autobiography of a Yogi, about the importance of the Guru.

This book changed my Sadhana Changed my LIFE I re read it every time I need the sun to rise

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography : by Muktananda Swami Chidvilasananda Paul Muller-Ortega
    444 Muktananda Swami Chidvilasananda Paul Muller-Ortega
Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography