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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde #(2022)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson François Place
  • ISBN: 9780670888719
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson François Place,

[PDF] Unlimited á The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde : by Robert Louis Stevenson François Place - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde None

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Just finished re reading this book for part of my October spooky reading in preparation of reading Hyde and Lighthousekeeping Still love this novella it s a perfectly crafted story Just wish I could have been a part of the original reading public when this first came out so that I would have been completely surprised by the events of the story October 2015 I read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson today The edition I linked is one from this year is a lovely, cris [...]

La dualidad del bien y del mal, es un tema recurrente en el terreno de la filosof a, teolog a, literatura, psicolog a y la vida en general Es indudable que los seres humanos estamos conformados por virtudes y tambi n por vicios Es impresionante observar que las personas somos capaces de actos heroicos y de feroces atrocidades y que pasamos de la luz a las sombras con la misma facilidad de dar vuelta a la p gina La novela de Stevenson est parcialmente inspirada en la vida de William Deacon Brodie [...]

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde is a very interesting book, a book that experiments with perspective, and narrative For the most part, the book is narrated by a lawyer by the name of Mr Utterson It then transitions to a letter, then a narrative in the form of a diary as it transitions thorough chapters The story and plot would strike many as simple, and incomplete However, this only means that the reader is not fully appreciating the book The climax is the point when it starts to be revealed to the reader [...]

4 stars for the ideas 1 star for the writing.Okay, so I m going to briefly compare this novella to Frankenstein and Dracula, but only to say that like those works, reading the source material sheds an entirely new light on the story and the characters different from what is typically portrayed in film adaptations and pop culture in general That s where the comparison stops, though, because Shelley and Stoker created masterpieces with those novels while I barely could make it through this one.I v [...]

Excelente cl sico que habla sobre el lado bueno y malo del ser humano El Dr Jekyll y Mr Hyde con su lucha interna para ver quien predomina.Lo nico decepcionante del libro es el prologo escrito por Guadalupe Ob n que contiene un gran SPOILER y arruina la sorpresa en la historia, por otro lado me hubiera encantado un desarrollo mas extenso de los personajes Conocerlos y empatizar mas con ellos Lo positivo es que es una lectura r pida de 1 o 2 hrs como m ximo Lo recomiendo.

Pucha, me gust m s Frankestein, si de literatura g tica y rom ntica se trata Pero igual es buena la historia.

So I had to read this book for Uni to do one of my assignments I ve never heard of it before and also didn t know there was a special saying someone acting like JekyllHyde.This book was also my first book about a split personality and mental diseases I wasn t really into these kind of topics and I have to admit a bit scared if it was too much for me to read about such a thing You see I always have a picture in my head of what I hear or read and mostly dream about stuff I ve read during the day, [...]

The book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was an extremely intriguing novel that introduced many horror themes that kept the idea of suspense present the whole time When I was reading this book, I did not want to put the book down The book takes place in London in the late nineteenth century It is primarily about a man named Dr Henry Jekyll, a scientist, and how he transforms into some demonic like monster called Mr Hyde The novel is primarily about the transformations that happen throughout the novel and [...]

If you are one of the blessed few who has never heard of Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde, count yourself lucky and dig into this great piece of Victorian writing as quickly as you can.If, on the other hand, you already know about one of literature s greatest plot twists, it s still worth it to dig into Stevenson s gothic work.Friends and colleagues of Dr Henry Jekyll are concerned The doctor has locked himself into his laboratory and refuses to come out After a series of experiments have led him astray, on [...]

In a way it s too bad that most modern readers know the premise behind The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson We miss a lot of the build up of the mystery the other characters are trying to solve But it s still an enjoyable story.It begins in Victorian era London when a lawyer, Mr Utterson, is taking a walk with his cousin when they pass a door that stirs a memory for the cousin, Mr Enfield Once Enfield was walking in the same area when he witnessed a young girl bein [...]

Great story As I was reading, I was astounded at how little I actually knew of this story Though all of us are familiar with Jekyll and Hyde, my only actual exposure has been through cultural idiom, creative re imaginings, and just that general knowledge we all pick up on things that everyone knows about Actually sitting down and reading this short story, I was acutely aware that the prime mystery that would have confounded original readers, was already known to me, but as it unfolded, I was sti [...]

Tosi hankala arvioida kirjaa, jonka p ajatus on niin tuttu Tarinassa ei oikeastaan ole mit n yll tt v tai uutta, koska tiet koko ajan mit lopulta tapahtuu Ei ihan ollut miun makuun, ainakaan ensimm isen lukukerran j lkeen Vaatisi ehk huolellisempaa syventymist.Kieli oli aika raskasta, mutta toisaalta taitavaa ja huoliteltua Tarinassa on varmasti enemm n pieni vivahteita ja yksityiskohtia, kuin mit edes huomasi Kuvailu oli tarkkaa ja kaikki tuntui viimeisen p lle mietitylt.Mutta tarina ei oikein [...]

1 Penguin level32 12 14 30minutes 12 15 35minutes 12 16 30minutes total 95minutes3 A doctor frightening a friend a terrible murder some strange things disappear4 The face was Edward Hyde s I was surprised at this scene Why he was dressed in clothes that were too big for him There are some strange things, so I was interested in that who killed him.5 This story was very interesting The last was surprising I couldn t expect that who was the murder I recommend everyone this book.

Being mostly familiar with the musical Jekyll and Hyde and of course the common knowledge , I was surprised at how short and simple the original tale was Granted it s hard not to love any classic, but I did find it interesting that so much of Jekyll and Hyde knowledge has evolved and expanded from this telling Still a good quick read.

Slow paced, dull and clunky heavy handed moral message.But it s a classic so people pretend to like it.

I had found this book rather difficult to read in the past years due to the language being too heavy laden.Finally the time comes when I completely cherished this timeless masterpiece of the creator of Treasure Island Found this book s name in the list of books that can be completed in less than one hour, and promptly picked it up But unfortunately I have taken than that to complete it What I tremendously admired about the book the ingenious attempt to segregate the good from evil, and the dete [...]

I don t think I d ever read this before, but it s surprisingly good It s odd reading it, knowing exactly what s happening, even though the narrator has no idea I hadn t realised that in the end, the way they find out what was going on, was a deathbed confession it reminds me quite a bit of The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner in that regard Glad I finally read it.

Decent read but kinda boring

4.5 a fine work on the human nature, good and evil and the constraints of society

I need of this story

While I really enjoyed this book it was unexpectedly hard to get through for such a small story It was dense Still super glad I read it.

Nice read, quite scary Well written, read it in one go.

A wonderful classic.

Quit exciting read I love the mystery and uncanny nature of the whole story.

Great book, truly enjoyed it.

In this gothic novella it follows a London laywer named Gabriel John Utterson who takes it upon himself to investigate the strange occurrences that are happening between the mild mannered Dr Jekyll and the loathsome Mr Hyde.This harrowing tale is about the brilliant Dr Henry Jekyll who is trying to understand the aspects of humanity Following up with Dr Jekyll s experiments, he used himself as a guinea pig, in order to study the aspects of the solution that he had created As Mr Hyde appears, he [...]

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a horror and mystery type novel, is about a man named Jekyll who created a potion that would make him able to explore his darker side as well as his inner evil The start of the story begins with a lawyer named Utterson and his friend named Enfield Utterson is known to be a boring and rather quiet man When in the presence of a friend, this changes The story begins with the two walking down a sidewalk in one of the richest areas of their town, which goes to be un named After [...]

I d like to start this off by saying how great a book this is The author does a great job of foreshadowing, describing certain events and settings, and several other writing skills I already knew of the story of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde prior to reading this story so when reading this for the first time I already set certain expectations in my head For those of you who are browsing to find your next book and don t know the story too well it can easily be summarized in a laconic sense It s basically a n [...]

The reason I picked this book from the shelf was because it looked like a really good book Also I have already watched the movie about the book and quite liked it, so I thought the book should be better than the movie.This book is about a lawyer called Mr Utterson who has a friend called Dr Jekyll Mr Utterson and his friend went on a walk one day and they started talking about a guy called Mr Hyde Mr Hyde is a really evil and wicked person, to the extent he killed a man Everyone did not realize [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited á The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde : by Robert Louis Stevenson François Place
    292 Robert Louis Stevenson François Place
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde