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Right Behind You #(2022)

Right Behind You

Right Behind You

  • Title: Right Behind You
  • Author: Gail Giles
  • ISBN: 9780316166362
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
Right Behind You By Gail Giles,

Right Behind You Best Download || [Gail Giles] - Right Behind You, Right Behind You When he was nine Kip set another child on fire Now after years in a juvenile ward he is ready for a fresh start But the ghosts of his past soon demand justice and he must reveal his painful secret

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Right Behind You starts out strong, interesting and well written It is the story of Kip, a guy who set fire to another kid when he was only nice years old The thing is, Kip isn t a psychotic kid He has some anger control issues and some family issues but for the most part, he is a normal kid who through circumstances beyond his control was in a position to set fire to the other kid, and Kip did it without a second thought Until said kid burnt up and Kip s life was forever altered For all of the [...]

When Kip was 9, he set another boy on fire He was young, he was angry, and he didn t really think about the consequences he just lashed out in anger at something the boy had said When Bobby, 7 years old, started screaming and burning, it was already too late Bobby died 2 days later Kip became catatonic When he regained his faculties, he was in an institution for mentally disturbed and violent youth Kip spent several years at the institution, coming to terms with what he did and learning to deal [...]

I didn t know what to expect when I ordered this book, it arrived and I tackled it It s out of my league on what type of book I usually read It s Young Adult, true, but it s not M M either and it s no romance novel either.Basically it s about Kip and I m not going to repeat what the summary already tells you about this book, but rather what it does not It ll go into minute detail on what was going through Kip s mind when he was at the young age of 9 and set that boy on fire A boy his age who liv [...]

This book was fabulous The story handles a very delicate issue of rehabilitation and a person s ability to carry on their life afer committing a horrible act.A year after losing his mother to cancer, 9 year old Kip McFarland s horrible act was that he set a 7 year old boy on fire because he was jealous of the kid s baseball glove How does a child recover from such a terrible thing Well, for Kip, he spends 4 years in a lockdown psychiatric facility and with the love and support of his Dad and ste [...]

The story is located in Alaska Kip is a 9 year old kid who lives with his father in a cabin His mother died with cancer.One day Kip was busy doing some work, his aunt showed up and wanted to take him away from his father and to add to the problem, his friend was irritating him with his brand new baseball glove Too many things going on at the same time for Kip, so he didn t think he grabbed gasoline, spread it in his friend s body and set him on fire.He was sent to a mental hospital where he tal [...]

Kip McFarland is a murderer In Alaska, Kip set a neighbor boy on fire when he was nine years old Kip has spent years in a facility for violent juvenile offenders Kip is 14 years old and is about to be released It is time for Kip McFarland to disappear Starting over again in Indiana with his father and new stepmother, Wade enters school for the first time and tries to move away from his violent past Things seem to be going swimmingly he gets a best friend, a girlfriend, a newfound interest in the [...]

Murderer Murderer Murderer.Those words resonate through Kip McFarland s brain every time his name is spoken.I am a murderer.When Kip was only a kid, homeschooled in Alaska, he set fire and burned another child to death, by accident Accident or no, the death stayed with him for every moment of his life Kip was just getting rid of the aftereffects and the shock of watching his cousin and writhe and scream, but the memory never left him completely The officials had already sent orders for Kip to be [...]

When Kip was a child, he set another little boy on fire because of a baseball glove After spending years in a lockdown mental ward, Kip has a chance at a new life Because the hate of the community pushed out his father and stepmother, Kip and his family move from Alaska to Indiana and change their names Now named Wade, Kip tries to pretend his crime never happened, yet he is consumed by crushing guilt that becomes self destructive.Kip s behavior was spot on with someone feeling the way he does, [...]

Disclosure I blurbed this book From the get go, Giles catapults readers into this story of rage and redemption The book begins with Kip as a child setting his seven year old neighbor in Alaska on fire, then follows his time in a facility for violent juvenile offenders, and his release back out into the world Rather than asking the common question about violent teens why , Giles dares to ask a harder one what now As in her previous novels, Giles spins a page turning tale of psychological suspense [...]

The book I read was Right Behind You by Gail Giles, which starts with a young 8 year old boy named Kip who lives in Alaska with his father He is also a boy you would probably never meet in real life There is one day where Kip s life will change forever, he was helping his dad with work when a kids named Bobby comes to him showing off his birthday gift Then Kip lights Bobby on fire After that Kip goes to a ward and also has a therapist During his time in the ward many bad things happened to his f [...]

Disturbing but impressive book about a young man s hope to be accepted in society after committing an unspeakable act Right Behind You provides a look into the mind of somebody asking for a chance, and its well written and descriptive text is well worth reading.

3.5 stars.I really enjoyed this book Don t read the book sleeve synopsis if you pick up this edition because it doesn t do it justice and sounds very teeny bopper The premise is great and the pacing remains fairly constant throughout The only thing missing from this was substance The writing felt like summaries of events rather than the events themselves which as the reader makes it harder to really submerge in the story The flow was good too but there was a lot of jumping between events rather [...]

Right Behind You by Gail Giles is a new take into the mind of a child killer Although most novels portraying the stories of child murderers, psychopaths, killers, or criminals use a psychiatric approach, this novel, even though it is fiction, takes its approach by actually using the point of view of the criminal in this case a child murderer When I use the term child murderer , I am not referring to an adult who murders children I m referring to a child, who at a young age murdered another chil [...]

Right Behind You by Gail Giles tells the story of Kip McFarland At nine years old, Kip set his seven year old neighbor on fire because he was jealous of the baseball glove the boy received for his birthday Three days later the boy died and Kip was committed to a juvenile facility for the criminally insane, where he spends the next four years in rehabilitation When Kip is 14, he is finally released, and he, his father, and his stepmother move to a new town, with a new name, to restart their lives [...]

Several things are inexplicably popular, at least allegedly, despite the fact that hardly anybody actually likes them Evidence of this is seen with Fruit Roll Ups nobody eats those any and the Republican Party Another good example is Social Issue Novels, which if awards like the Gateway are to be believed are the absolute most popular class of novel for teenagers This is not true Nobody reads social issue novels Teenagers hate being told what to do with their lives did you really think they woul [...]

How do you define crazy or criminal This book highlights the courage and strength it takes one boy to overcome his past and grow back into a normal societal setting Kip McFarland lost his mother when he was just 9 years old, and blamed her for leaving him and not trying to get hospital care for her cancer Kip s Dad became distant and living in Alaska, Kip wasn t really close to many kids his age The story starts off with a boy lost looking for some kind of happiness He is taunted by his neighbor [...]

Right Behind You is a book about the mind of a child killer A child, who at the age of 9 murdered another child He was too young to go to jail so they put him in a juvenile facility Throughout the book, you will see how much someone s personal decisions affect themselves and their loved ones it also talks about how much someone s personal guilt never completely leaves them The beginning shows that from as early as his childhood, Kip has had a lot of dark feelings, especially about his parents hi [...]

Let me start out by saying that I was prepared to hate this book I have very strongly held opinions on certain things, and one of them is that it s completely unforgiveable for someone to murder a child, even if the perpetrator was a child himself I often cling to my beliefs and stubbornly refuse to be swayed, even, I m ashamed to admit, when someone can logic me out of them This book shook my beliefs.I found myself becoming so sympathetic to Kip Wade, even if I didn t want to There were extenua [...]

I choose to read this book because I thought it was going to be interesting and intense, and I like those kinds of books, and it was an interesting and intense book The genre is young adult, realistic fiction Half of the setting is in Alaska The other half of the book is Wade in indiana and Wade in Texas A wuick description of the main character is that Kip Wade was with his neighbor and his neighbor was showing off his new baseball glove Well Kip got mad and wanted his baseball glove and poored [...]

When I picked this book up, I never expected to like the main character, Kip At the time the book opens, Kip, nine, sets his friend Bobbie, seven, on fire over a baseball glove Bobby dies.Kip then becomes a product of the system when he is placed in a facility for violent juvenile offenders Worse, he becomes a product of what he believes other see him as a child murderer and a monster As he matures from child to teenager he uncovers the truth even though he committed an atrocious act, he is not [...]

At the young age of nine years old Kip finds himself feeling empty and jealous after his mothers death Kips seven year old neighbor came over to show him his new baseball glove, Kip set him and the baseball glove on fire out of jealousy, the boy the neighbor died a couple days after that incident Kip was sent to a juvenile facility for the criminally insane where he spent 5 years of his life Now age 14 Kip is ready to try again in the real world, where he will live with his father and step mom, [...]

Gail Giles Right Behind You 282 pp Little, Brown and Company 2007 ISBN 978 0 316 16637 9 7.99 High School Kip McFarland was only nine when he set his neighbor on fire and killed him He didn t know what he was doing in that moment of passion, but he suffered the consequences in a juvenile ward Since being released, Kip s dad has moved them into a different state with different names a fresh start Little does Kip realize that he can t move forward when he hasn t forgiven himself Gail Giles grabs u [...]

While generally I am a big Gail Giles fan, since she seems to be a newer, slightly less sophisticated Robert Cormier, this one was only okay in the end The story is rather fascinating but I wasn t a fan of how it was told by the time I got to the end The solution of healing by hanging out with other broken people just doesn t seem to sit quite right The self questioning of the internal possibility of hurting others was interesting, but Dan Wells seems to go deeper and, better yet, go someplace w [...]

4.25 Really enjoyed this I found the story really engaging The book pulled me right in from start to finish I was never bored while reading this I got so attached to Kip as a character To see his character development was amazing This is a really short and powerful read I think it could give so many people an insight It shows a boy who made a huge mistake and how it affected him and others around him We watch as he is trying to fight in and have a fresh start I would really love to read by Gail [...]

I absolutely loooooove this book Every single bit of it When Kip was nine, he set a seven year old boy on fire From Kip s perspective, it was a spur of the moment kind of decision, but for everyone else, it was satanic After Kip was released from juvenile, he took a different identity It was time he started out fresh But can Kip really leave the past that still haunts him Kip s struggle was so pure and beautifully written It amazes me how his character developed from being unsure and insecure in [...]

Giles does such a good job of portraying kids in emotional pain.ing they deserve bad things to happen to them I liked this one even better than SHATTERING GLASS, which is really saying something She lets us into the mind and the heart of a young man who did something unthinkable as a child But unforgivable Many in their community think so, and so does Kip Even given another chance in a new home he finds ways to continue to punish himself I LOVED the mention of my high school in Merrillville, IN, [...]

This was a really good book with a very interesting story line and shows various points of view It s about a kid named Kip McFarland who lived in Alaska and accidentally set one of his neighbors kid on fire and has to go to a mental facility for the criminal insane He stays at this facility for several years before being cleared to live in normal society again This is the story of Kip and how he became Wade, started his live over in Pennsylvania, broke it down, and started over again in Texas.

I had previously read What Happened To Cass McBride by the same author From the way everyone talked about it, I was expecting it to be intense then it was The summaary of the book grabbed my attention When I was 9 I set my 7 year old neighbor on fire Kip is trying to start fresh in a new town, hoping his past will not catch up to him It was very hard to put down Great reading for a rainy Saturday.

This was definitely Gail Giles s best book, after Shattering Glass Kip McFarland burned another child to death at the age of nine and spent the next several years inside a mental institution Now he s been released, but can he ever release himself from the guilt This topic is definitely relevant in today s world, given all the press about juveniles committing violent crimes, and I thought it was a wonderful journey of guilt, forgiveness and redemption.

First of all I recommend listening to the audio book the narrator Joshua Swanson does a brilliant job.This book started very strong Great plot, well written and an interesting main character Kip is a funny smart ass who loves books.But then the beach part came and the story went downhill I don t get why the author had to force a love story into the book It didn t fit and suddenly the focus was on that.It would have been a great read without the romance As it is, it s just average.

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Right Behind You