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Adam: The Male Figure in Art #(2022)

Adam: The Male Figure in Art

Adam: The Male Figure in Art

  • Title: Adam: The Male Figure in Art
  • Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780297824374
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
Adam: The Male Figure in Art By Edward Lucie-Smith,

Adam: The Male Figure in Art Best Read || [Edward Lucie-Smith] - Adam: The Male Figure in Art, Adam The Male Figure in Art A fascinating study of the male nude in art the image which provokes the most powerful of taboos but which has dominated the history of art for centuries The myth of Adam the st man is about passin

Recent Comments "Adam: The Male Figure in Art"

This is a confusing one It s not quite clear what exactly the author is writing about The focus is muddy and obscure Another unappealing aspect I ve noticed about this book, is that a lot of the works the author describes in text or mentions in connection to art theory, are not represented in images The images are sometimes by artists not mentioned in text at all, or described only passingly So, in order to understand the text you ll have to look up the images yourself from a third source and th [...]

As the introduction explains the purpose of this book is to discuss the paradoxes inherent in Western attitudes to the image of the nude or naked male although Lucie Smith goes on to say that he will be taking a look at the attitudes of other cultures to the male nude The author then expounds his thoughts through the subsequent nine chapters looking at the male nude from early times to the present day The writing is intelligent and informative as one would expect from such an authority as Edward [...]

Interesting but not a keeper What I disliked about this book is that the author commented on certain works of art and probably didn t get the copyright to publish the print in his book There were pages of other works that the author did not comment about I did find interesting his comments about early anti pornography feminism claiming the portrayal of a naked woman humiliating for women, but they hit a wall when gay artists started doing portrayals of nude men in their art and was directed at o [...]

This was an interesting overview of the metamorphosis of the male image over the ages As another reviewer mentioned, there were also many works mentioned, but not pictured, which would have made it a fuller and comprehensive work If you read it with a browser open, you can track track the images mentioned, but that seems an unnecessary requirement for an art history overview.

  • Adam: The Male Figure in Art Best Read || [Edward Lucie-Smith]
    397 Edward Lucie-Smith
Adam: The Male Figure in Art