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Banners of Silk #(2021)

Banners of Silk

Banners of Silk

  • Title: Banners of Silk
  • Author: Rosalind Laker
  • ISBN: 9780451115454
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
Banners of Silk By Rosalind Laker,

[PDF] Banners of Silk | by ✓ Rosalind Laker - Banners of Silk, Banners of Silk She ruled an empire of elegance Louise Vemet Raised in the slums of Paris Coming of age around the splendor and corruption of the Second Empire She ruled the world of fashion clothing the most fabled

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I love this book and I ve read it at least 3 times Set in post Napoleon era around 1850 in Paris, Laker gives a vivid view of Paris life, society, and Parisian couture I would classify this book as a historical romance epic novel The fictional character,Louise Vernet is an impoverished dress designer The story captures your heart as she attempts to survive and find love Charles Fredrick Worth and the House of Worth was real and his grandson helped the author get the facts straight in this book a [...]

Here is the other Laker book I recently got from PBS swap, the other being Gilded Splendour This cover looks no better in person, whoever thought putting black on a shiny gold background was a good idea, evidently didn t consider that people might want to actually see or read the cover.

What s not to love historic costume, a young woman making her way in the world succeeding I think this was my first Laker book but I soon devoured the library s stock None ever topped this one, probably because the occupations themes in the other books were not as fascinating to me as the fashion historic costume stuff I have a copy of this in my personal collectionally must re read.

I m giving this 4 stars not because it is some great work of literature but it IS an entertaining, historical fiction novel that made for some GREAT summer reading

I found this book in my grandmother s library I first read it in my early 30 s and loved it I pulled it out to see if it survived the test of time What I enjoy most in the story is the clothing weird how clothing fascinates me in reading or movies yet so little in real life So much I didn t remember correctly I still really like it, but this time around I had a harder time reading about Louise s harder times Seems I m getting soft hearted in my old age Did make me wonder how much is real and how [...]

A sweeping tale of a child starting with nothing determinedly using her talents and energy to forge her own atistic and commercial success This is a huge story set in European capitals during the greatest days of hand stitched haute couture It is packed with period detail of dress design, fashion, working practices and home life Our heroine is unlucky in love and you will be waiting for her to be swept off her feet in the best tradition of independent romantic heroines Hugely enjoyable.

Enjoyed the story about the fashion world and the house of worth.

I will start by saying that I stopped reading seriously around the 20% mark and that I skimmed the rest, so there are things I m missing and it s why my review is so short, but I ll explain my reason for skimming so much of the book and why the rating ended up so low I ll admit that I might have to say had I trudged on, but this nearly 500 page book made me feel so weary so early on that I couldn t be bothered to drag my feet through than 200 pages.This is presented as a romance and, frankly, [...]

I must admit that the world of fashion is not a world I follow or have any interest in However, I was enthralled with the world of fashion in this story I did look up Charles Worth on and was happy to see that most of his struggles and innovations recorded there found their way into the story So many firsts in the industry came from this man, whose vision changed the fashion of the day That said, I am super glad that neither hoop skirts nor bustles have ever existed in my lifetime The role of th [...]

Banners of Silk by Roslind LakerVery long audio book but worth it What attracted me to this book is the silk Figured it would be design work and I was right.During Paris civil war and after a woman is befriended and gets a job at a couture house helping with the sewing She meets many people that come in and out of her and her families life over the years Love hearing of all the work and how it was accomplished being that I am a knit and crochet designer, loved the background story and learned so [...]

Trashy good fun And not even all that trashy, really It s about a young seamstress and several other pioneers in Parisian fashion including Charles Worth, who was a real guy and all the attendant Parisian drama Everyday fashion is not really one of my interests as evidenced by the fact that I wear sweatpants whenever I can get away with it and sometimes when I can t but haute couture is beautiful and I really enjoyed reading about the construction of the fancy dresses and how the fashions evolve [...]

Enthralled by the rags to riches story, the historical details, and the fashion story in fact, enthralled by perhaps the first two thirds of the book, and have read some of those chapters than once I found the later chapters and especially the working out of the romance elements tiresome But I would definitely recommend that anybody who likes a literary historical with strong romance elements to sample this book I ll bet you get swept into it The fashion history alone makes it worth the read d [...]

I read this for a History of Fashion class during a time when I inhaled historical romancesedless to say this book wasn t a chore to read and I aced the course That said and as others here have reviewed what s not to like about a romance novel with an engaging and likable heroine trying to make it in the fashion world of Paris in the mid 19th century The couturier Frederick Worth is her BBF for goodness sake Not great literature but if you re a fashion history geek you ll love it.

I enjoyed the historical fiction in this book However, the story rambled on a bit.

I absolutly loved this engrossing book, I could imagine everything in my minds eye with the beautiful descriptive writing.

Romanzo ambientato nell 800 che narra la storia di una sartina che finisce per diventare famosa accanto al leggendario Charles Worth Un bel libro romantico, una storia di riscatto.

About a fashion designer, Worth, in France.

Fasion in the past cenrury and forbidden love A wonderfull story that takes us to the past and shows us how hard it was to get your dream up there in the sky.

I ve acquired this book when I was younger and, I kept re reading it it never failed to spark my interest in fact, I am reading it again right now.

Fashion, sex, war, what s not to like I have a very clear grade school memory of getting caught reading this in class, wrapped in the book cover of my english textbook Heh.

  • [PDF] Banners of Silk | by ✓ Rosalind Laker
    450 Rosalind Laker
Banners of Silk