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Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters #(2021)

Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters

Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters

  • Title: Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters
  • Author: Megan Kelso
  • ISBN: 9781932360547
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters By Megan Kelso,

Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters Best Download || [Megan Kelso] - Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters, Scheherazade Comics About Love Treachery Mothers and Monsters Using the story telling queen as a narrative model this unique collection of work from the most fascinating female graphic artists in the world includes contributions from twenty three artists and pr

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I know anthologies are always a mixed bag This one was justt good I m tempted to give it one star but my love of the concept prevents me from doing so I apparently haven t accepted that the potential of this collection and the reality of it just don t match up not even close.The production values are low I don t know why they just had to choose purple as the color for everything to be printed It feels unnatural for most of the stories Contrast and color saturation are also issues for a few of th [...]

what the fuck

This was ok There are some stories that are not that great, and some that are writing with sketches than comics Was a little disappointed that only the first story was from the Arabian Nights Although not an exact copy of the story, it was quite well done My favourite story was Shit , which accurately captured the neuroticism shared by my spouse of not wanting to do 2 near other people, or in public places.

This book has been on my virtual To read shelf and real bedside table for almost 6 months after a niece gave this to me But am glad I finally got to reading it Each chapter has a different style because this is an anthology and thats the best part about this book The stories vary in their themes too Pick it up if Graphic novels and comic artists and their styles interest you.

As is typical in comic anthologies, some stories are better than others The Pickle Fork and Undertow were two particular favorites in this collection.But the production value of this book is dreadful At least three of the included stories are barely legible and or the artwork is practically invisible Stark stories like One Afternoon or Turtle Pancakes come off well with their bold blacks and whites, but anything with nuance in it like Berlinda s Taste just ends up completely washed up.Shame on t [...]

25% gold, the rest were okay Maybe I m just not an anthology fan

Who was Scheherazade Did she tell stories to an emperor to distract him from cutting off her head I realize that in the modern world one can simply click on and know everything, but I m pretending it s still 1974 These are short comics by women, published by Soft Skull Press in 2004.Are women the greatest comic book artists today Quite possibly, judging from this collection, expertly edited by Megan Kelso nice name It turns out that the cartoon medium is not the best for superhero fantasies Much [...]

For years Kelso wanted to edit an anthology of female cartoonists, but didn t know what would tie it together A few years ago, she noticed an explosion of younger female cartoonists who were really ambitious and promising, and got this idea to work with them as a very active, hands on editor, which is all too rare in comics In Queen Scheherazade of the 1001 Nights, Kelso has found a role model the archetypal female storyteller, cheating death by enthralling her royal captor with new installments [...]

A really lovely collection of comics by women artists The introduction by Kathleen Hanna oh, Bikini Kill, how I miss you sets a lovely tone for how to approach an all women collection in contempory times when it s pretty standardly accepted that vagina bearing folks can draw stories just as well as the penis endowed Yes, the subject matter can be vastly different lots of attention to moments here , and yes, women draw women in so many different ways and they feel honest, like looking into some s [...]

The unifying theme for this comic anthology seemed to be storytelling, specifically in the work of women comic graphic artists While there were a few graphic artists in this anthology whose work I enjoyed, such as the piece from Leela Corman an excerpt from her work, Unterzakhn , Andrice Arp s retelling of a story from The 1001 Nights or Sara Varon s dog who builds a robot, the collection as a whole was lacking There s something almost desperate, and often than not novelizing about forming an a [...]

lots of great little comics from womens and a preface that kathleen hanna seems to have written without her glasses, in 10 minutes, completely high i was irritated when the stories were cut short, but that s probably what they meant to do, considering when they did i went online and bought the comic books that the stories were excerpted from.

This is a good collection of work by female comics artists, with a really diverse group of styles I wish that they d been given a little space to flesh out the stories, I felt like some were cut a little short The one that I am left remembering is when the girl drowns in the ocean The last panel is ingrained in my mind.

I like the concept and the introduction to many new artists However, many of these stories seem incomplete Maybe that is to encourage readers to read but in most cases I was not encouraged Love Ellen Fourney though I don t think, though, that her story here is a good representation of her work.

Meh I think maybe I just don t appreciate the art form Some good stuff, good drawings or story, but a lot scattered, random, clich d, or just dull, combined with zine feeling cruddy print quality I ll give this to anybody who wants it or the library but it s not a keeper.

kind of a mixed bag i m glad i picked it up overall, but it is definitely on the darker side, and lacking a bit of cohesion i found most of the stories really depressing, some better executed than other, and the theme of scherazade was a bit of stretch to say the least beautiful book.

anthology of new ish comics by womena few gems, some silly design grrrrly decisionsa LOT of stories about girls going to extremes to avoid embarrasment or make things right only to get smacked down by other girls bitches

In all honesty I may not finish this book I am currently on page 93 and there are 218 pages I find that the idea of the collection is interesting than the actual stories drawings I may take a day or two and decide if I want to continue.Currently, I am leaning towards a NO.

This book could work as a great introduction for anyone who is interested in lady cartoonists Good mix of established talents and promising newcomers You won t like all of these comics, but you ll fnd a few artists you ll want to follow.

Wavering between two and three stars The title gave me very high hopes I guess some of the comics I d give a 2, and others a 3.

The idea behind the making of this book is awesome The book by itself could have been a lil better

so good

some good, some not so good But interesting and worth your time if you gotta kill some of it.

i keep thinking back to that story written by a mom about balancing motherhood and art making the rest of it is kind of a mixed bag, but i m still glad i read it thanks multcolib

Great book But apparently there was a problem with the printing, so some of the drawings are incomplete.

Some great excerpts but the actual art itself was not always reproduced very well, at least in the copy I had Some of it was a bit hard to see look at.

Unfocussed and a little dull It had its moments, though.

  • Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters Best Download || [Megan Kelso]
    187 Megan Kelso
Scheherazade: Comics About Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters