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Domina #(2021)



  • Title: Domina
  • Author: Barbara Wood María Antonieta Menini
  • ISBN: 9789875661769
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
Domina By Barbara Wood María Antonieta Menini,

Free Download Domina - by Barbara Wood María Antonieta Menini - Domina, Domina Set in London New York and San Francisco from the late nineteenth century through the first decades of the twentieth Domina is the inspiring saga of one woman s personal and professional triumph ag

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5 An Indomitable Spirit Stars for the story and 4.5 Stars for the narration Wow, simply wow If you re looking for something that will truly make you appreciate just how far women and medicine have come, then this incredible story of a female doctor surgeon pioneer, set in London New York, and San Francisco and commencing in the late 19th Century, will no doubt touch your heart and humble you A better argument for the existence of the FDA the US Food Drug Administration which regulates food and d [...]

3.5 5 Fascinating story of a girl who, through many struggles, becomes a doctor in the latter half of the 19th century, when medicine was just emerging from its primitiveness The story takes us from the slums of London, where we meet Samantha, daughter of a zealous Christian preacher, and takes us to New York City, Upstate New York, where she attends medical college, finally to San Francisco, where she opens a charity hospital with the help of her well heeled friends, and muckrakes against paten [...]

Born in London s slums, Samantha Hargrave is determined to become a physician What stands in her way The entire medical establishment Samantha lives in Victorian London, and women are not permitted to enter medical schools.First apprenticing herself to a pharmacist and then to two different physicians, Samantha eventually finds her way into a medical school and receives her certification She moves from London to New York, and from there to San Francisco where she establishes a hospital for women [...]

A fascinating read I learned of the frustrating dilemma society had in the 1800s It was considered immoral for a women to learn about human s bodies thus female doctors were shunned and discouraged , yet modesty kept many women from seeking proper medical help as they would not allow a male doctor to see their bodies I did find Dr Hargrave s gain in status going from having to trick her way into medical school to owning a prosperous, forward thinking hospital in less than a lifetime a bit of a s [...]

I read this book to death when I was little I loved the portayal of a strong woman, reaching her goals and achieving her dreams Now that I found it again, I will see if I still love it as much I read it in dutch though and the cover was much nicer hahahaboekbeschrijvingen wood

I really enjoyed this historical move fictionalizing what it would have been like to be a female doctor in the late 1800s A bit of a soap opera, but super entertaining.

The first time I read this book, which was countless years ago, I absolutely loved it and put it on my Best of all time list Make no mistake this is a very good and engrossing book and Barbara Wood is an amazing writer However, after hundreds of books read, I am much cynical these days, and consequently, I found a few things this go around that were a bit disappointing I found that I never really got to know the heroine Samantha although the entire book is about her She seemed just a bit unreal [...]

The topic of this novel fascinated me It is about a woman determined to become a doctor during the last half of the 1800s It was incredible the barriers she had to break through and the prejudice she had to face to reach for her goal It really made me appreciate the freedom I have as a woman today I didn t have any idea how ignorant people used to be about the workings of the human body, particularly the female body, and the weird things they used to do and think to cure ailments, etc There are [...]

no puedo negar que tiene una trama que te atrapa con facilidad y los ambientes son hermosos, pero lamento muchisimo que tenga un punto de vista tan erroneo y que exponga con tanta naturalidad y firmeza que es muy correcto el aborto, la eutanasia y el adulterio loa medicos deben tener pensamientos y acciones moralmente correctos y pro vida Lo nico correcto de esta novela, es el hecho de que mujeres emprendedoras y rebeldes nos abrieron el camino en las carreras que antes eran nicamente para hombr [...]

I recently found this book again after not having read it since the late 80s What a fabulous re introduction Wood s novel is to me Sometimes you pick up a book you loved as a much younger person and you wonder what you ever saw in it That s not the case with Dominaill an amazing read

Although this is an old book, and out of print I think , I bought a copy years ago and have reread it three times I loved the history of the medical industry, reading about life at the turn of the century, and what women had to do to fight for their rights Loved this book

There were some elements of this book which were way too soap opera y in my opinion, but I LOVED being plunged into the life of a young woman in the late 19th century who wanted to become a doctor It was fascinating to understand better the state of medical knowledge at that point and the obstacles women encountered in getting an education and being involved in the medical community.

I found this book when I was 15 and it turned out to be a wonderful story that showed me that women could achieve anything even when the world was ruled by men I thought Samantha Hargrave showed the men in the story that not only men are good enough to become doctors

Una l stima que la traducci n sea tan penosa Contiene errores gramaticales de importancia La novela es entretenida La historia de superaci n de la protagonista mucho m s interesante que sus historias amorosas aunque creo que la autora no fue consciente de ello.

My absolute favorite book I have read it 3 times

Was f r ein Buch, was f r eine Story Wahnsinn Bis auf ganz wenige und minimale Fehlerchen sind vielleicht bei der bersetzung entstanden , ein wahrhaft grandioses Werk Absolute Empfehlung

Samantha Hargrave, born in the slums of Victorian London, dares to dream of becoming one of the first women doctors and surgeons in America Set in London, New York and San Francisco from the late nineteenth century into the early days of the twentieth, Domina tells the story of a courageous woman with a special gift for healing, who struggles to enter the all male profession of medicine When her ambition meets with hostile rejection in England, Samantha sails to America, where she meets a myster [...]

Los inicios de la Medicina, desde la vida de una de las primeras M dicas Es el relato de las dificultades y obst culos que debe vencer Samantha Hargrave en los fines del siglo XIX para estudiar y despues ejercer la medicina, un relato que mezcla la realidad con la ficci n pero que no est nada alejado de la realidad, describe los inicios de la asepcia y el uso de los antibi ticos, los graves errores en los tratamientos por utilizar productos milagrosos y la descripci n de tragedias humanas acaeci [...]

Yes, this is the story of one woman s struggle against ignorance and bigotry in our country However, it is set against American History in the period of demon rum , prohibiton of women professionals imagine a female doctor and women wanting the right to votet so long ago in actual years, dear readers We have come so far and yet there is so much work still to do done.The struggle that our fictional heroine faces in working to eliminate patent medicine those liquid medications for women, in a peri [...]

Interesting book that will keep your attention from beginning to end Very likable characters that are easy to follow So many times a book this long will contain so many characters that it is easy to get lost It is a great book for lovers of historical fiction and medical fiction The book follows the main character, Samantha, as she struggles through a difficult childhood and during her adult life as she seeks to become a doctor and further knowledge about medicine while facing ignorance and prej [...]

I was given a free copy of the audiobook and asked to review it I no longer feel compelled to finish a book if it does not keep my attention, and I enjoyed this book to the last page I liked the characters and found the glimpse into the time period and setting of the book to be interesting and enjoyable There were a few times where the author skipped over major events and took up the story several years later, which felt a little disjointed, and I do wonder if all of the medical advances that to [...]

Ok, two things I started reading this book wanting to like it but assuming I wouldn t Maybe I m just an immature American man, but it was too slow and boring for me Second,I need to be fair and say I only read the prologue, which usually isn t very fair But the thing is, having already read the summary blurbs and a few of the most positive reviews on , I realized that the prologue told the entire story in microcosm With a few additional sentences to properly introduce and conclude out, it could [...]

I liked this book, thinking of Victorian era and how things have changed since then I do wonder though if the time line was compressed for the sake of the story I find it hard to belive that all this happpend in the approximate time span of 16 years From the discovery of keeping things germ free, abdominal surgery, etc There was romance in this book but it centered on Samantha and her great desire to become a doctor One woman who when she put her mind to something she accomplished it, at a time [...]

J ai lu ce livre il y a tr s longtemps, quand mes r ves taient encore possibles Quel bel hommage ces femmes qui se sont battues pour devenir m decin Nous leur devons tant aujourd hui Barbara Wood est cat goris e comme auteure easy reading terme un peu p joratif Mais ce n est pas une Marc L vy, elle a crit un roman qui a n cessit des heures de recherche historique c est un r cit vraisembable avec une belle dose de romantisque d apr s mes souvenirs sans jamais verser dans le mi vre Bref, un livre [...]

Sujuvaa luettavaa, kiehtova tarina l k riksi palavasta tyt st 1800 luvun miehisess maailmassa Vain p henkil n pyhimysm isyys t kki, samoin kuin kirjoittajan tapa j tt asioita roikkumaan esimerkiksi mainittakoon, ett odotin loppuun asti Freddyn ilmestyv n kuvioihin Mutta onnellista loppua kohti mentiin leppoisasti, l ketieteellisill yksityiskohdilla ei m ss ilty liikaa ja vaikka juonenk nteet suosivat tri Hargravea v h n liikaa, piirsi kirja kuitenkin tarkan ja kiehtovan kuvan erilaisesta ja nais [...]

Adoro quest autrice e il suo modo di catapultarti nelle atmosfere magiche e misteriose di mondi e epoche cos lontane da noi Anche quando si cimenta in storie dove l elemento magico e mistico non presente, come questa, dimostra tutto il suo talento e la sua capacit di farti vivere, in modo coinvolgente e indimenticabile, le avventure di questa donna straordinaria, cos forte, coraggiosa e moderna Non si pu non fare il tifo per Samantha nella sua importante battaglia e per il coronamento del suo so [...]

Blogis tudengiraport.wordpress 2 kirjutasin ma pikemalt oma m tetest, aga l hidalt siis soovitan seda raamatut neile, kellele meeldivad j ulised naistegelased, kellele meeldida lugeda ajast, kui k ik polnud nii nagu n d ning sellest, kuidas oma eesm rkideni j udmise nimel on ka reaalselt vaeva vaja n ha ja ei piisa sellest, et sa lihtsalt midagi tahad.

Me ha encantado ver como Samantha lucha por hacerse un hueco como doctora en una sociedad de finales del 1800 Se narra la historia de Samantha desde sus inicios pasando por todas las dificultades que se le presentan tanto para ser medico como en el amor Hay partes en las que se me hac a pesado y no las encontraba necesarias ya que te cuenta su vida entera, y otras en las que conoce a personajes conocidos que me ha encantado Es una mujer admirable que lucha por lo que quiere La adoro3

Born in London, Samantha Hargrave overcomes her motherless plight, attending a young ladies school and eventually making her way to New York, determined to become a doctor in an age where Women were not admitted to medical school Opening a hospital for women, she discovers the sale of opium,cocaine and alcohol laced medicines lauded as cure alls prevents women from going to doctors until it is too late to help them On the way she finds love but her third final love eludes her but

We must never give up on our dreams no matter how hopeless the situation may be We should believe that our dreams are powerful Some people come and then go to teach us the greatest thing in life TO LOVE But then again, we only got ourselves the power to decide what s best and what s not This is a great book I recommend you read this.

  • Free Download Domina - by Barbara Wood María Antonieta Menini
    257 Barbara Wood María Antonieta Menini